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Best Donut Maker 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Donut Maker 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Donut Makers 2023:

  1. Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker
  2. Brentwood TS-250 Mini Donut Maker Machine
  3. Sunbeam Fpsbdml920 Full-Size Donut Maker
  4. Chef Buddy Mini Hot Donut Maker
  5. Babycakes DN-6 Mini Donut Maker

Donuts are hard to resist, don’t you agree?

Unfortunately, even though oil-fried donuts are not healthy, they are extremely delicious – you cannot argue that. Luckily for us, with the growing awareness of healthy eating, people have developed dedicated donut makers that produce perfectly round donuts with a hole in the middle. The difference is that these donuts from a donut maker are low fat and thus much healthier for everyone to enjoy.

Besides, these practical gadgets take the second-guessing out of baking your favorite circle ring snacks. Often, donut makers come with a recipe for the best batter too so you need not look for that either. 

We have thus decided to help you find the best donut maker for your home so that you too can enjoy freshly made, light and fluffy, but most of all healthy donuts at the comfort of your home.

Let’s start!

5 Best Donut Makers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker  – A Playful Multitasker

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Practical kitchen gadgets make our life easier but they tend to take up a lot of space. If they serve only one purpose or are used rarely, it’s a true waste of space. Luckily, the Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker solves is a multifunctional three tools in one type of gadget that takes up minimal countertop space. 

You can use it not only to make seven perfectly-shaped donuts, but also as many cupcakes, or twelve delicious cake pops. The interchangeable baking plates are easy to use and change so you’ll have no trouble producing any delicious treats.

It comes with a recipe book and features an indicator light that alerts you when the machine is ready to produce tasty treats. You will have to buy a proper non-9metal utensil to take the donuts out though.

This donut maker offers some great advantages. Its non-stick baking plates clean easily after use. There is a latching handle for extra safety, so even your kids can help you make a sweet snack for them. Moreover,  the rubber feet guarantee stability, so that the machine will stay put no matter what.


  • Quirky design your kids will love
  • The ready light indicates when the baking surface is hot enough
  • The recipe booklet is provided with the device 
  • Capable of making donuts, cupcakes and cake pops
  • Comes with non-stick baking plates
  • A latching handle
  • The convenient cord wrap allows for easier storage


  • It does not come with a utensil to remove the cake pops from the baking plate

2. Chef Buddy Mini Hot Donut Maker  – Simple & Affordable Performer

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If you want a simple device that will neither cost too much nor confuse you with unnecessary bells and whistles make sure you read a few following lines.

Chef Buddy Mini Hot donut maker can bake seven two-inch donuts in each batch. It will take about three minutes to heat up properly. An indicator light will tell you when the machine is ready too. After only two minutes more you can enjoy the first tasty and great-looking donut.

Both the housing and the handle stay cool to touch so you need not worry that you or your kids will get burned when putting in or taking out the batches. The cord is 30 inches long so you’ll have no trouble finding it a perfect spot in your kitchen either.

There is an interesting flip-over feature that allows you to pick the donut maker up halfway through the cooking process and turn it over to make aĺl of the donuts consistent.

The nonstick surface is easily cleaned but the plate is not removable. This donut maker does not feature a locking lid either so make sure you oversee your children when they are using it.


  • Power and ready to cook indicator lights
  • Quick-cooking
  • Cool  to touch housing and handle 
  • 30-inch cord
  • Easy to clean nonstick plate


  • Non-removable plate
  • No locking lid

3. Brentwood TS-250 Mini Donut Maker Machine – Space-Saving & Affordable

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The Brentwood TS-250 Donut maker is yet another machine that turns tiresome donut making into a fun and enjoyable experience. This lightweight donut maker offers 750-watt of electric power and has the capacity of seven delicious donuts at a time. It features both power-on and indicator lights so that you will always manage to bake the donuts properly.

The non-stick coating guarantees superb results as well as super-easy cleaning. After it preheats, it takes only about two minutes to deliver hot & delicious treats so you can bake a bunch of donuts for your friends and family in minimal time.

The Brentwood TS-250 donut maker is safe for kids to use as well as it features a cool-touch handle and housing to prevent any accidental burns. On the downside, it lacks a locking handle.  It can be easily stored due to its compact size and convenient cord wrap.

It is a simple unit with no accessories whatsoever but that explains the low price. It does come with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.


  • One of the smallest donut makers on the list
  • Power and indicator lights to time the cooking process
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • A non-stick surface 
  • Cool-Touch housing and handle
  • One year warranty


  • No accessories
  • Doesn’t feature a locking lid

4. Babycakes DN-6 Mini Donut Maker – User-Friendly and Feature-Packed

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Babycakes DN-6 Mini donut maker delivers six cake-style mini donuts in as little as five minutes. Besides being highly efficient at creating golden and fluffy donuts, it comes with numerous additional features that set it apart and earn it a spot on our top five list.

The non-stick coating enables you to prepare healthier donuts without too much oil. It makes the pans and molds easy to clean as well. The power indicator and ready indicator lights help you determine the right timing so that you can always serve perfectly baked donuts.

For your convenience, the Babycakes DN-6 comes with a recipe book but you also receive a handy fork tool and a wire cooling rack. The cord wrap allows for easy storage too.

This donut maker has a lot of added features, cooks quickly, and produces neat fluffy donuts, but it is not practical for large families or groups of friends as the donuts are rather small in size (about two and a half inches in diameter).

The only complaint is that you need to flip the donuts halfway through baking if you want them to come out golden on both sides. The problem seems to be the top rack as it does not heat as much as the lower one.


  • User-friendly
  • A power indicator and ready indicator light
  • Comes with the fork tool and a cooling rack
  • A cord wrap 
  • Convenient handle
  • Easy to clean non-stick coating


  • The donuts are small in size so you need quite a lot
  • Top-level does not heat well enough

5. Sunbeam Fpsbdml920 Full-Size Donut Maker – Fun-Looking But Serious At Baking

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The unique, fun, donut-shaped design is sure to wow your kids and brings some laughs to the donut-making process. A bright yellow large replica of the ring-shaped donut with sprinkles on top is really a thing of wonder. However, the Sunbeam donut maker has much more to it than the good looks. 

Firstly, it is capable of producing five donuts larger than mini size but not quite full-size either. It is user-friendly and features both warm-up and ready light that signal the right time to start baking. It can even work upright, so it is a perfect addition to any space-limited kitchen too.

A lid latch closes and seals the lid securely making the machine safe to be used by kids. The non-stick coating makes the pans easy to clean so you need not stress out – your children can do that on their own as well.

This Sunbeam FPSBDML920 comes with a recipe booklet, but even though the donuts turn out tasty they take more than five minutes to bake. It actually takes about eight minutes for golden brown donuts.


  • Fun design
  • Kid-friendly
  • Easy to use 
  • Non- stick, easy to clean coating
  • Features the warm-up and ready signal lights
  • Lid latch for safety and convenient storage


  • The donuts are not regular sized
  • It takes more time than other donut makers on our list

What Is A Donut Maker And Why You Need One?

Best Donut Makers Review

You surely know what donuts are, don’t you?

A donut is a super-popular sweet bakery product that no one can resist. At least, we haven’t met such a person yet.

Donuts are sold and eaten all over the world no matter the nation or culture. They are favorite snacks or desserts for millions of kids and adults all over the globe. You can buy them in a bakery, supermarket, or cafe, but you can also make them in the cozy atmosphere of your home.

There are numerous recipes and methods, but one thing is certain – fried donuts are so last century. Modern housewives make no-fry donuts by relying on dedicated donut makers. They spend minimum time and effort too.

Donut makers are special countertop kitchen appliances that enable you to make perfectly-shaped uniform donuts in a matter of minutes. These sweet delicacies will have much less fat and thus be a much healthier dessert or snack for your kids and other family members or guests.

How To Choose The Best Donut Maker

There are a few things you need to consider when shopping for a donut maker. Let’s see what those are!

1. Size & Capacity

When considering size and capacity you have to pay attention to two things – cooking surface dimensions and the actual size of the donuts. Typically donut makers can bake from five to twelve donuts at a time. Usually, the higher the number of donuts, the smaller they are in size. Therefore, you need to consider the donut diameter too and it should be somewhere around 4-6 cms.  

2. Versatility

Some donut makers come with a single cooking surface, while some come with different detachable panels. First offer only traditional ring donuts, while later are more versatile and often enable you to enjoy not only different types or sizes of donuts but also delicious and highly popular cake pops or crunchy waffles as well.

3. Cooking Speed

The next thing to consider is the cooking speed of your donut maker or how long it takes for it to produce a batch of your sweet donuts. If you enjoy hot freshly baked donuts you want to be able to enjoy them ASAP, right?

Most often the process lasts somewhere between 3 to 5 minutes. Cooking time depends on your dough too, especially how dense it is. You also need to count in a few minutes for your donut maker to heat up.

Make sure that the donut maker you buy has two heating elements located both on the top and at the bottom. In this way, you will not have to turn the donuts manually while they are baking. It will save both your time and effort.

4. Ease Of Use

The last but not the least criteria you need to consider is the ease of use of a donut maker. Donut makers share a common purpose – to simplify and speed up the donut-making process. Therefore, most of them enable you to produce a bunch of sweet donuts with minimum effort. 

Non-stick coating cooking surface increases the simplicity and efficiency of the donut-making process, but it also enables you to prepare healthier donuts. You will find out more about that in the next section!

5. Non-Stick Coating

Most donut makers feature a non-stick coating cooking surface. A non-stick coating brings quite a few benefits to the table. First and foremost, it enables you to produce healthier donuts with minimal amounts of oil or even completely without oil. Less oil means fewer calories and a thinner waist.

Besides, non-stick coating guarantees that the donuts will come out undamaged and attractive looking. You need to respect one rule though – never use metallic spatulas or you risk damaging and scratching a non-stick coating.

Interesting Donut Facts

Nobody really knows the true origin of donuts, but here are a few things we do know:

  • At first, donuts were shaped as long twists of dough.
  • The first donut recipe was published in an English cookbook in 1803. 
  • In 1847, Hansen Gregory, an American ship captain, made the first round donut with a hole.
  • Americans eat more than 10 billion donuts every year. 
  • Americans even dedicated a holiday to their favorite treat so they now celebrate National Donut Day every first Friday of June.
  • Canada has the highest number of donut shops per capita.
  • The largest donut was made in America in 1993 and it weighed 1.69-tonne and measured 4.9 meters in diameter.
  • John Haight holds the Guinness World record for the fastest donut eating. He ate 29 donuts in only six minutes.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Are you ready to start baking tasty donuts in your cozy kitchen?

We are sure you can choose on your own now, but we still must say that Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker is definitely the best choice you can make. It is the most versatile machine on our list and offers more than just making donuts.

If you want to stick to the donuts, you can opt for a budget-friendly Brentwood TS-250 Mini Donut Maker Machine too as it delivers delicious ring-shaped treats with minimal effort.

Your kids would probably choose a fun, donut-shaped Sunbeam Fpsbdml920 Full Size, Donut Maker. Therefore, if you plan to leave the donut-making to them while you enjoy on your sofa, opt for this model.

Any donut maker from the list will do though, so hurry up and start munching fluffy donuts!