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Meet Us

Who Are We?

We are a tightly-knit team joined together by a shared mission to bring you closer to your perfect meal. Based in the US, our team consists of people who by day got up to very different things, but at the end of those 24 hours, we all shared the same passion that bound us together – PASSION FOR FOOD.

It motivated us to create, our research project that helped us step aside from our routines, and dedicate to our real call – dissecting cookware and kitchen appliances. Since then, you can find us at our kitchen lab or at the table, enjoying the results of our work. By that, we mean enjoying delicious meals.

We are 100% positive that the only acceptable connotation of the site is food-related, hence the name.

What Do We Really Do?

At first glance, we spend days and days applying our cooking skills to different products in order to produce the best meals. There is, of course, much more to it than what people casually envision. Cooking is more than merely throwing ingredients around and mixing them together. 

And amazing meals are comprised of much more than just ingredients. They are, simply put, everything it took to make them. It’s the knife you use to slice your ingredients, the plate that you serve your entire meal on; then, the skillet you toss vegetables in, and, of course, the sauté pan you sear your food in. It is a never-ending list.

We understand the importance of every inch that goes into making the perfect meal. Another thing we understand – the value of your time. Therefore, we strive to save our readers’ time by selecting and testing out kitchen utensils and appliances through the careful and methodological process. 

Then, we use the data we’ve collected during the research period, as well as during the testing period, to make informed decisions about the best products in a specific category. We don’t settle for average products, and you can expect our buying guides to be exclusively top-notch.

When we are not brainstorming our ideas or doing research at our kitchen lab, we’re trying out new recipes and upgrading our cooking skills – that is the other side of this job.

Therefore, our target audience is not only skillful cooks and chefs but all of the cooking (and eating) aficionados who want to upgrade their kitchen gear or occasionally dabble into this field. We want to satisfy even the most picky eater.

Ultimately, we celebrate good food, and that is something that would be an abstract noun without the best kitchen appliances and cookware!

Do We Have A Profit?

We are partnered with the affiliate marketing network to make a tiny commission every time our readers buy a product through our links. But does this mean the profit drives us? Definitely not.

See, if we reviewed and picked a product that does not fulfill our criteria (and is, therefore, not a reasonable purchase), it would result in dissatisfied readers, financial loss, and our shame. Therefore, our pride lies in the sole fact that we try, test, and recommend only what our team deems best based on honest, in-depth research.

We are confident that’s how success comes, and this is the only possible win-win situation.

How Do We Pick Our Products?

In the beginning, it wasn’t very easy to organize our lists of products for examination efficiently. We wanted to investigate everything at once – bowls, blenders, skillets, potato mashers, grill pans… But it was highly unlikely we’d do so without a well-thought-out plan.

A few classifications later, each member of our team specializes in a particular kind of kitchen tools, and we cooperate to balance them out. We are never out of ideas – this field is such that there are always some products that are new, useful, and make a valuable addition to our readers’ kitchen.

And that brings us back to our core values: quality, excellent performance, and irresistible taste for each category that we pick.

Want To Tell Us Something?

We want to leave a mark on your meals, and we derive great satisfaction in doing so. But what we also want is for the process to be reciprocal, and we are continually looking for new perspectives. 

So, if you have an opinion, a question, or an idea, feel free to contact us and leave your mark at Looking forward to hearing from you!

Until then, bon appétit!