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Best Personal Blender 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Personal Blender 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Personal Blenders 2023:

  1. Magic Bullet Blender
  2. Ninja Personal Blender
  3. Tenswall Personal Blender
  4. Cincred Personal Blender 
  5. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 51101 

It’s early in the morning on a hot summer day, and all you can think about is ice coffee and a healthy breakfast to properly start your day. Unfortunately, you are late for work, and your full-size countertop blender can’t come with you. What a ruined morning!

Fortunately for you, we have found the solution to this problem  –  personal blenders! With these handy units, you don’t ever have to worry about the extra time needed to prepare your favorite drinks. 

That’s because most of these units are specially designed to fit your bag and almost always come with additional parts such as sport lids or extra cups in a variety of sizes. Those parts allow you to transform your personal blender into a travel mug! Useful, right?

To help you start blending creamy smoothies and delicious cocktails right away, we created this list of the current 5 best personal blenders and some guidelines on what to consider before buying one! 

5 Best Personal Blenders In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Magic Bullet Blender – Best Overall

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Magic Bullet personal blender is the best personal blender that we’ve found so far. Not only this blender is very affordable, but it’s also highly efficient!

This blender comes in a very attractive sleek design, and it’s made of high-end plastic and stainless steel. Moreover, it weighs only 4,5 pounds! It’s 2 inches long, 4,5 inches wide, and almost 12 inches high, which makes this blender a little larger than usual personal-size blenders. The only downside in its looks, in our opinion, is the fact that it doesn’t come with additional programs or buttons. On the other hand, it can be turned on and remain on without being held down, which can be quite handy!

It has a 250-watt motor, which is not very powerful, yet it is strong enough to handle ice and frozen fruits if you add an appropriate amount of liquid to the blending container. In fact, we tested this blender, and we were very impressed by its power. It creates the silkiest smoothies with the least fuss! 

There are 6 blades, and they are made of stainless steel and are very firm, so they’re not likely to bend down after a few uses. Furthermore, it is also straightforward to clean because of the cylindrical-shaped blades with no crevices, plus you won’t hurt your hand.

On the other hand, we noticed that it was a little noisy while blending, which could be inconvenient for some people. Nevertheless, it comes with two additional cups of 12 oz and 22 oz, with 4 extra flip tops, and also 2 spare blades, which is very convenient for this price, so don’t miss out!


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Blends smoothly
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Lightweight


  • Low wattage
  • No buttons
  • Noisy

2. Ninja Personal Blender – Our Premium Pick

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It was a close race to the top, but we decided that Ninja’s personal blender is the perfect fit for our runner-up! Yes, it’s a little more expensive than other personal blenders on our list, but there are a few good reasons.

First of all, this blender has a 700-watt motor, which is not very usual for personal blenders. Guess what – it has a relatively low noise level, which is super great considering its power. Some of the finest smoothies that we drank during these tests actually came from this little guy. Moreover, it blends very fast and can even cut through the ice!

Although we have to admit that we didn’t like the buttonless design and the low-capacity cups. Still, there are reasons why this can be a good thing. First of all, you have to hold it while it blends. But this is actually a good thing because this way, you will prevent overheating and motor burning out. 

The second thing is that while it only comes in 16 oz containers, they are sleek and perfectly transportable because they come with tight travel lids, which won’t leak!

Lastly, it is very easy to clean, and the blender parts are also dishwasher-safe! So, if you’re looking for a blender that is both powerful and portable in equal measure, this is the one.


  • Powerful and fast
  • Compact
  • Blends ice
  • Caps that come with the blender are nice
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • No buttons
  • Limited volume

3. Tenswall Personal Blender – Budget-Friendly Choice

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Now, we have to admit we had some trouble finding an affordable yet efficient blender. But you can rest assured that Tenswall personal blender has it all!

First and foremost, this blender is very compact and lightweight. It weighs only 1 pound, and it is 8 inches long and wide and 23 inches high. Although, we didn’t like the cup size as it can only fit 12 oz of liquid. Still, it’s perfect for transport and comes without a cord, so you won’t ever need a power outlet for this model. However, you can charge it with a USB cable, and its batteries can last up to 3 days without recharging and can produce over 20 cups of juice over that period!

This blender comes in a very stylish design, in white color. But the only problem here is that the base doesn’t detach from the bottle, and this doesn’t necessarily need to be a disadvantage, but it can be hard to clean, for example.

It has 6 blades made of stainless steel and a 120-watt motor, which is not very powerful. But, it managed to handle small chunks of ice, which surprised us considering its low power. Just be careful not to overfill it, because it might struggle to blend.

All in all, this blender will do the job for a low price, and it is perfect for carrying around, so you can have a smoothie wherever you go!


  • Very compact
  • Easy to charge
  • 6 stainless steel blades
  • It can handle small chunks of ice


  • Small capacity
  • The motor isn’t very powerful
  • The base doesn’t detach 

4. Cincred Personal Blender – Amongst the top rated

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We also aimed to find a visually appealing personal blender, that is relatively affordable yet does its job. Cincred personal blender was amongst the top-rated on the market, but it’s no wonder considering its features.

This blender comes in a modern yet exquisite design with long, narrow cups that can fit 15 oz of liquid. But what amazed us is that lids are very firm and have convenient handles that are very handy. 

This is a 2,25-pounds, press-and-blend machine, and it has a 250-watt motor that is prone to overheating. During our testing, it couldn’t handle blending the leafy greens, and this was a little drawback for us.

However, it handles frozen ingredients very well, but it can struggle a little when it comes to ice crushing. Also, we needed to shake the container a few times to get all the ingredients to blend well, but this is not much of a problem. But what can be a problem is the quality of the blades. The four-tip stainless steel blades are not very durable, as we managed to bend them after a certain time.

Needless to say, it is very straightforward to clean and even dishwasher-safe!


  • Stylish
  • Convenient carrying container
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Good for frozen fruits


  • You need to shake it to get all of the ingredients to blend well
  • It doesn’t blend leafy greens well 
  • Blades can bend

5. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 51101 – Good price for value

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There are a few models that offer a reasonable price for value, and this Hamilton Beach personal blender is definitely one of them! 

This blender is perfect for you if you make a single serving of smoothie every day, and most importantly, it is straightforward to use and isn’t noisy at all! It comes in a pretty purple color, and it is made of high-end plastic. What’s more, the cord wraps around the base, which is very convenient in terms of mobility.

It has a 175-watt motor, and it blends relatively fast for a low-wattage blender. This blender weighs less than 2 pounds, and it is 3,5 inches long and wide and 11 inches high; thus, it’s very compact.  Moreover, it is straightforward to carry around as it can fit any luggage with its 14 oz liquid container.

The 4 small stainless steel blades did an excellent job as they produced some fine, creamy smoothies during our testing time. What we didn’t like, is the fact that the blades are built directly into the blending container and can’t be removed. Other than that, we noticed some leakage during the blending, and the motor did overheat a little, so don’t hold that button for too long.

In the end, if you’re looking for the perfect travel mug, this just might be it!


  • Affordable
  • Not noisy
  • Quality plastic material
  • Cord wraps around the base


  • Blades are built directly into blending container
  • The lid leaks
  • Overheats

What To Consider Before Buying A Personal Blender

Best Personal Blenders Review

So, now that we’re reviewed our top 5 choices above, we can explain what you should consider before making a purchase. Many extra features might catch your eye, but here we included only the essential things that will certainly help you choose the best one for your needs!

1. Size 

Even compact, single-use blenders can vary in size and capacity. From a compact countertop model to one that is so small, it can fit your bag – it all depends on what you’re looking for. All of the blenders from this list come in ‘personal’ size, and they’re perfect because you can drink directly from the container provided! 

Furthermore, some models have larger capacity containers, but they are often not convenient for carrying around. Nevertheless, make sure to always check the size and weight when choosing a blender, as that can be an essential factor in terms of mobility.

2. Power

This factor is significant in terms of creating the perfect creamy smoothie. If you want your smoothie to be able to crash the ice and the frozen fruit, you will need to look for a blender that has a higher wattage. Moreover, the higher the wattage, the more powerful and fast your blender is going to be. 

But because these are compact personal blenders, you can’t expect them to perform with 1000 watts or more. However, even with lower wattage, some of these blenders can still blend frozen fruits and even ice pretty well actually. Nonetheless, we recommend looking for ones that have a minimum power of 170 watts or higher.

3. Blades

The material and the shape of the blades will determine the quality of your smoothie. Low-quality materials will produce unwell mixed liquid and may even leave the parts of the ingredients in small chunks that are hard to swallow. Thus, we recommend buying personal blenders that have stainless steel blades, as they are very durable and straightforward to clean.

4. Ice Crushing

Surprisingly, some personal blenders offer this feature too, even though it is more common in standard high-power blenders. This may be important to you if you’re looking for a small, powerful blender that can provide you with frozen smoothies or cocktails. Some blenders may leave ice shreds or a sad mix of liquid and uncrushed cubes, so you should carefully check the product description and reviews before buying one. 

5. Additional Features

Sports Lids: If you like to take the smoothie with you to the gym or to work, this feature will be handy. So-called ‘sports lids’ fit onto blending cups allowing you to carry the blender container with you and drink directly from it.  

Extra Cups: Some personal blenders may include some extra blending cups in different sizes and shapes.

6. Cleaning

You’ve undoubtedly heard that the best way to prolong your blender’s life is the proper cleaning. Once the liquid dries off, it can be tough to clean and you don’t want the liquid to stick to the inner sides of the blades or your container. That’s why we always recommend cleaning your blender after each use. 

Also, you should look for ones that are straightforward to clean. Moreover, dishwasher-safe parts and removable blades can cut down your cleaning time.   

7. Price

This factor may vary from many different things, such as power, materials used, and many more. There are plenty of efficient and affordable personal blenders on the market, yet it all depends on what you are looking for and with what product you will be satisfied with. 

However, we always recommend investing some extra money when buying any kitchen appliances, as those are likely to last longer. Also, make sure to include all the extra accessories such as sport lids or extra containers in the budget limit you have set.

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Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Purchasing an appliance that gets used as often as a blender can be a tricky task. Moreover, there are a few essential factors you should look out for before buying one, in order to enjoy the best possible smoothies!

We are sure you will choose the one that suits your needs and a personal lifestyle. But we are confident in our choices, and whichever you choose from this list certainly won’t disappoint you! Now, let’s see our recommendations:

Best Overall: Magic Bullet Blender

  • The best personal blender by far is certainly the Magic Bullet Blender. Cleverly designed, this blender is strong enough to handle most of the ingredients, and it is very easy to clean. Moreover, with this blender, you will have the silkiest smoothies! 

Our Premium Pick: Ninja Personal Blender

  • If you’re not on a limited budget, we recommend buying this extraordinary Ninja personal blender. This unit is powerful, fast, and blends everything to perfection!

Budget-Friendly Choice: Tenswall Personal Blender

  • Efficient yet very affordable, Dr.Me personal blender won’t let you down! This blender is very compact and lightweight, thus very easy to carry around. It is a small but powerful unit, and you can recharge it anytime and anywhere!