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Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit 2023:

  1. Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade
  2. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
  3. Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar
  4. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender
  5. Cleanblend Commercial Blender

In one of our previous articles, we have mentioned just how awesome we consider smoothies to be and got an opportunity to take a look at some of the blenders aimed at people who enjoy the green variety of this popular meal.

And when we covered some of the features, you should take into consideration that some of the ingredients you may use can be frozen, which means you will need a bit more power and stronger blades.

Well, we are living green stalks behind and moving head-on into the frozen fruit territory. Yes, freezing fruits is very convenient, and it can save you a pile of money in the long run. But, also yes – putting ice into the bowl can cut the lifespan of your blender horribly short.

So, let’s take a look at a couple of products we deem the fittest for this challenging task and try to determine which one of them is the best blender for frozen fruit you can currently find in the stores.

5 Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade – Best Blender Overall

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Vitamix is a name that needs no special introduction in the circles of people who love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer has earned quite a reputation for high-quality products that offer excellent performance and, unfortunately, somewhat dated design.

Vitamix 5200 is a perfect example of everything we just mentioned above. The unit, for the lack of better words, looks like something you would find in an 80s nostalgia store.

But, once you start using the blender on a daily basis, the powerful performance you will get will quickly make you forget how the base looks. And the unit is truly powerful and blends the smoothies with consistency that is hard to find elsewhere on the market.

Everything on display here is set for success – the hardened stainless steel blade is as reliable as it gets, the motor powerful enough to crush the ice without breaking a sweat, and the container packs sweet 64 ounces.

But, that’s not all. You also get some small tweaks like the ability to warm the liquid with friction heat, the self-cleaning feature, and even a special temper designed to lend you a hand with more stubborn blends.

If we had to point out some flaws, that would be the control panel that still relies on the old dial and pulse system that needs some time to be mastered. People at Vitamix like to keep things traditional.


  • Great build quality
  • Excellent performance
  • 64 ounces for medium and large batches
  • Bunch of useful features


  • Dated controls
  • Dated design

2. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender – Best Premium Blender

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Here we have another product coming from Vitamix. The best way we could describe it would be as the blender you would get if you pumped Vitamix 5200 with steroids and give it a couple of months of gym treatment.

All building blocks are the same, but this beast is simply faster, leaner, and overall more reliable. And, keeping in mind how impressed we were with 5200, that is nothing short of extraordinary. But, Series 750 Blender also preserves the same negatives we complained about in the previous review.

Putting the dated design aside (750 does look a bit more streamlined), we are still on the fence about the convoluted dial system we got here. Instructions you get in the package do a poor job of keeping things any more straightforward.

That wouldn’t be that big of a problem if 750 hadn’t cost a small fortune.

But, if you can live with these things, you will get your even better 64-ounce jug, stronger motor, the self-cleaning feature, incredibly silent and consistent performance, and all the things Vitamix became famous for.

Still, we have to give a special shoutout to the sheer variety of kitchen tasks we were able to perform with this beast. Hot soups, baby food, nut butter, grinding, blending, chopping… Frozen fruit smoothies are only a fraction of what Vitamix 750 can do.

If you have enough money to spend, blenders do not get better than this.


  • Stellar performance
  • Versatile features
  • Everything screams quality
  • Powerful motor


  • Steep price
  • Convoluted controls

3. Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar – Best Affordable Blender

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Oster 1200 is not the most powerful got opportunity to use, and you can forget about the whole Pro moniker. So, if you expect some extraordinary performance that will blow you out of the water.

But, if you are looking for an affordable and versatile unit with a couple of neat surprises, this is the purchase for you.

Let’s start with the negatives this time. Oster Blender Pro is slightly underpowered. Not to the point where it will struggle with frozen fruit, but we would keep the ice out of the equation. This problem is only exacerbated by the fact that the stainless steel you will find inside is not exactly a champion in durability.

On the other hand, the blender does offer very good and reliable performance when it comes to softer ingredients, and the controls are streamlined enough for even the absolute smoothie beginners. And you do get an incredibly useful food processor attachment that pushes the available blending options on the whole other level.

Finally, we would like to point out that this package packs two different jars – the main glass jar that feels very durable and easy to clean, and one additional lidded smoothie to-go cup.

So, although we were dissatisfied with some areas, we can’t deny Oster Blender Pro 1200 creates one incredible value proposition in this modest price range.


  • Affordable price
  • Two different jus
  • A lot of blending options
  • Food processor attachment


  • Slightly underpowered
  • Blades could be stronger

4. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender – Best Blender for Families

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In a sense, Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is very similar to the previous product we covered. They are both very affordable, both excel in a couple of essential areas and, unfortunately, both score a couple of noticeable drawbacks.

In the case of this blender, the drawbacks we are talking about can be easily summed up in three words – poor build quality. Yes, the unit’s base feels incredibly brittle, and you better keep it off the ground. The main jug, although somewhat better, could not be exactly called excellent.

And then, there is the whole Ninja branding, which is simply ridiculous.

Be that as it may, the blender is reasonably powered (1100W), features a reliable stainless steel blade, and one substantial 72-ounce jug that makes sure you will be able to prepare smoothies for the entire family in a single batch.

And not only that, with two lidded 16-ounce cups your kids can bring with them when they are going outside.

In terms of very performance, we have no complaints. Granted something with a bit more “teeth” would deal with harder materials a bit easier, but Ninja Professional Countertop Blender did manage to crush the ice completely every time we used it and remained reasonably silent in the process.

The controls? They are as simple as it gets.

So, there are a lot of good things to be said about this product. But you need to be extremely careful when you use it.


  • Solid performance
  • Spacious main jug
  • Two additional cups
  • Streamlined controls


  • Poor build quality

5. Cleanblend Commercial Blender – The Most Powerful Blender of the Roundup

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Now, this product leaves nothing for guessing in terms of its main selling point. Cleanblend Commercial Blender was designed to be the most powerful blender on the market. And from what we got the opportunity to try – it might actually be that.

So, with a whole 1800 Watts packed in its base, the blender will pulverize any amount of ice you put in its spacious 64-ounce container. And when you take into account that you get as many as 8 high-quality stainless steel blades, we can say that you will be able to grind a couple of household objects as well.

Joking aside, the blender is indeed incredibly powerful, and we really enjoyed using it on harder ingredients like green stalks, frozen fruit, and ice.

The control panel located on the front of the unit uses the old dial system we are not that big fans of, but, at least, the things are kept simple and streamlined. Throw into the equation the high-quality BPA-free pitcher and may start wondering is there anything wrong with this blender.

Unfortunately, there is. Namely, the manufacturer was obviously too preoccupied with making the unit that will be able to crush stones and somehow forgot about regular smoothies. Some of the smaller food particles have a nasty habit of ending trapped in the corners of the container, and, when not burdened with ice, the jug feels very wobbly and insecure.


  • Unprecedented power
  • Great capacity
  • Good build quality
  • Ice-crushing feels great


  • Wobbly container

Things You Should Consider to Find the Best Blender for Frozen Fruit

Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit Review

These were five products competing for the title of the best blender for frozen fruit you can find on the market. We hope you found the reviews informative enough. But which one of these blenders do we consider the best?

Well, in order to compare this product based on something going beyond the overall impression, we will need to break the blenders down to their basic features, look at the alternatives that work better than others, and see how our competitors fare against these requirements.

What you can get from the short buying guide we will present below is the easy way to comprise the list of requirements and find your ideal match even if you don’t agree with the choices we will reveal in the next section.

So, here are the things you should take into consideration to get the best match for your own kitchen.

1. Power

The main difference between blenders for frozen fruit and other similar units you can find on the market is that, instead of chopping ingredients into the fine creamy liquid, they actually need to be able to crush the ice.

That requires a lot of power, so we will put this important feature on the number one spot. Of course, in the case of kitchen appliances, the crushing power is produced by the motor and its wattage.

For instance, everyday blending tasks can be easily performed with a minimum capacity of 500 watts. However, if you want to chop frozen fruit and ice, you will need a motor that sits in the range of at least 1000 – 1500 watts. If you manage to get more than this, even better.

2. Blades

The other thing that impacts the quality of frozen fruit smoothies is the quality of the blade. Softer materials, coupled with rough texture, will produce poorly mixed liquid and leave the ice shards that are hard to swallow.

What you should look for in this case are stainless steel blades that are both durable and easy to maintain.

3. Speed Settings

In order for blades to spin fast enough to draw the frozen ingredients to the bottom of the container and efficiently crush them while there, they need to turn very fast. In any case, faster than you get from the regular smoothie blending speeds.

Therefore, comprehensive speed settings make the third part of this frozen fruit puzzle we set out to solve in the first place. Good blenders should have at least two speeds, one of which allows you to chop the ice.

Ideally, frozen fruit and ice settings should be already indicated and available on the control panel.

4. Capacity

Now that we’ve checked the features necessary for frozen fruit let’s see what makes a good blender in general. The first of these “common” requirements is definitely the capacity.

So, are you living alone, or do you prepare smoothies for the entire family? Having the cup large enough to blend enough fruit for several persons in one run will definitely save you from tiresome in-between cleanups.

Also, some packages feature additional travel mugs that allow you to bring the smoothie with you outside. Do your best to get one – they are more than useful.

5. Ease Of Use

Simpler blenders usually have one simple dial that sets the speed, and a switch that controls the pulse power.

Since we are looking for a unit with more versatility, we need the input method tailor-made for the higher number of available options. Usually, this is accomplished through a simple control panel where each pre-programmed blending option is indicated with a separate button (e.g., cocktails, frozen fruit, etc.).

We see nothing wrong with this system, so no reason to improve it.

6. Ease Of Maintenance

Smoothies are very convenient drinks, you can easily consume on the go and while you are preparing to go to work. Well, this novelty is somewhat ruined if you need to put too much time into the cleaning of the blender.

Because of that, your ideal blender should feature parts that are dishwasher-friendly but also devoid of any narrow and hard to areas that often turn simple cleaning into a chore.

7. Design

When we are talking about design, we don’t mean only about the way the unit looks. Sure, if you can get yourself some stunning piece of hardware, that’s great. But visually speaking, the blender needs to make sense with the rest of your kitchen.

Also, in the case of smaller kitchens, buying a product that’s too large will make efficient use and easy storage nearly impossible. These things may look menial enough, but they can ruin your experience in the long run.

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Final Thoughts and Recommendations

And we have finally come to the point where we need to declare what is the best blender for the frozen fruit of this roundup. Before we do so, we need to make a short disclaimer.

Namely, all the products we covered here were excellent in their own right and managed to offer something unique that will make them appealing to different groups of buyers. So, be sure to check the short buying guide we gave you above and try to find your ideal pick.

But, we are entitled to our own opinion. So, here are the top three blenders for frozen fruit we consider the best.

Best blender overall:  Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade

  • Vitamix is an absolute champion when it comes to kitchen appliances, so it’s no wonder that one of their blenders took the number one spot in this roundup. If you are not bothered with clunky design and dated controls, you will hardly find a more competently made piece of blending hardware.

Best premium blender: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

  • It looks like the only company capable of beating Vitamix in terms of quality is Vitamix itself. And truly, Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender improves upon every good thing we had the opportunity to see with 5200. But, with a price so steep, we have to ask ourselves are these improvements big enough. Still, an excellent premium pick.

Best affordable blender: Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

  • Oster Blender Pro 1200 has a couple of noticeable drawbacks. But the device is so affordable and offers such a good overall performance we are willing to look away from some of these flaws. If you are satisfied with frozen fruit and not hell-bent on crushing ice, you have our recommendation.