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Best Grill Cover 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Grill Cover 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Grill Covers 2023:

  1. Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553
  2. Weber 7107 Grill Cover
  3. Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Grill Cover
  4. iCOVER Small Grill Cover
  5. Grillman Premium (58 Inch) BBQ Grill Cover

Is there anything better than spending a long sunny afternoon in your backyard grilling? Hardly. The recent months have forced us to spend quite a lot of time at home. The smell of freshly grilled meat makes this situation at least a bit more bearable.

But, the problem is that even though the summer is approaching, not all afternoons are that sunny. What does that mean for your grill? Well, you are either going to move it around whenever you see the clouds on the horizon or leave the grill standing in the rain.

But, there is option C. You can simply buy one of the popular grill covers and neatly wrap your unit when you finish cleaning.

Sol, let us take a look at some of the most popular offers on the market and try to find the best grill cover the money can buy. Extending the lifespan of your grill has never been easier.

5 Best Grill Covers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553 – Best Grill Cover Overall

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It doesn’t take more than a passing look at Kingkong 7553 to see we are talking about one incredibly handsome and practical grill cover. Seriously, where to start with the praise?

Well, the build quality actually looks like a good way to go. The whole thing is made from incredibly good-looking polyester fabric that is both incredibly durable as well as practically immune to water and high temperatures.

Sure, if you put enough effort into it, you will be able to drive this bad boy to the tearing point. But you will have to do a lot of heavy lifting.

The quality of base material doesn’t only mean your grill will be perfectly safe in any given condition – the cover is very easy to maintain as well. The unit can be quickly washed with a hose and dries incredibly fast, so no need to worry about this chore.

But that’s not all. The package also includes reliable Velcro straps that will keep the cover firmly in place and a pretty neat 3-piece grilling toolset that will provide absolute beginners with all the essentials they need to get going.

If you are a bit more experienced, however, this toolset will prove to be pretty underwhelming. We would much rather trade it for air vents or some other more useful feature.


  • Durable, water-resistant and good-looking
  • The Velcro straps keep cover firmly in place
  • Good price-value ratio
  • Easy to maintain


  • Grilling toolset is underwhelming

2. Weber 7107 Grill Cover – Best Premium Grill Cover

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Webber 7107 is very similar to the previous product. This time, however, the manufacturer has decided to push all the good ideas we have seen with the previous product at least an inch further. We are happy to report that the gamble has, for the most part, paid off.

Why, for the most part? Well, for instance, we once again have quality polyester fabric as the base material. However, in an obvious effort to make the cover lightweight and easy to use, the manufacturer has sacrificed some of the durability.

Keep the cover open in low temperatures, and the cracks will start appearing sooner than later. Still, it’s important to know that your grill will remain intact in spite of this.

Once we move past this issue, the cover is nothing short of excellent, if not a tad bit expensive (you can easily buy two units for the same money).

The material is form-fitted to easily accommodate most of the grills you can find in the regular backyards, and the Velcro straps are doing an excellent job keeping your unit safely snugged even in the case of the strongest wind.

Integrated pouches that can be used for storing your grilling tools are only icing on the cake. All in all – an excellent cover with a couple of minor flaws.


  • The polyester fabric provides excellent protection
  • Waterproof
  • Neat storage pockets
  • High-quality Velcro straps


  • A bit too expensive
  • Gets damaged on low temperatures

3. Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Grill Cover – Best Affordable Grill Cover

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Classic Accessories 73912 is far from a perfect grill cover. But, you know what? That’s perfectly fine. Not every product needs to try to reach for excellence. This one at least has enough decency to price cheap. Dirty cheap if you ask us.

And that is, at the same time, the biggest benefit this product brings to the table. You would be hard-pressed to find anything decent at this tempting price point.

The biggest quality, however, doesn’t mean the only quality. Yes, this neat piece of fabric does a quite competent job of keeping your grill safe from various elements. Nothing off the charts, of course, but the level of water resistance is actually quite good.

And that’s not all. The manufacturer was kind enough to grace this unit with a couple of smart upgrades that are suspiciously absent, even on some much more expensive models. We are, of course, talking about storage pockets and air vents that add quite a lot of value to this unit.

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that this is still a pure budget unit. The level of protection you are going to get is somewhat compromised, and the fabric will hardly survive a straight year of constant use.

Still, this doesn’t change the fact that 73912 more than over-performs for its modest price tag.


  • Excellent value proposition
  • A lot of useful features
  • Fashionable design
  • Solid protection


  • Not very durable

4. iCOVER Small Grill Cover – Best Small Grill Cover

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Now, this product is incredibly cool. To be deadly serious – we struggled to find some drawbacks to making this review feel unbiased. However, the solution was in front of our eyes.

This cover is actually pretty small. Don’t get us wrong – if you own a two-burner grill, you’ll get a real blast out of this bad boy. But, how many people out there own such small outdoor grills. Yeah, not that many.

The other thing we are not that excited about is the complete absence of soft inner lining. If your grill features a sensitive paint job, the rough material could peel the paint of the unit.

But, from this point on, things only get better. As we already mentioned, the heavy-duty 600D Oxford polyester we have on display here provides excellent protection, keeps the grill entirely safe from water, and looks like it can take years upon years of beating.

The well-thought-out form fitting also makes sure the cover will suit smaller outdoor grills like a well-tailored glove. If that’s not enough, the strong Velcro straps will offer the additional assurance the fabric won’t be gone with the wind.

So, what we have in the end is one near-perfect grill cover that is, unfortunately, too small for a vast majority of users. Still, if you own a smaller grill, this is one incredibly worthwhile purchase.


  • Excellent durability
  • Strong protection against elements
  • Good form-fitting
  • Strong Velcro straps


  • Too rough for some paint jobs

5. Grillman Premium (58 Inch) BBQ Grill Cover – A Cover with Room to Spare

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If the biggest sin of the previous product was too small for the vast majority of products out there, we could easily say this one overcompensates for this issue. We have seen a lot of ginormous grills over our lifetimes.

This cover can easily tuck in all of them and even leave some room for the grilling equipment. So, if you went huge when buying your outdoor grill, this is one of the best options you have on the market.

However, saying this is the only quality the cover brings to the table wouldn’t be entirely fair. For example, the unit is made from heavy-duty PVC-lined Oxford polyester that both protects the grill from the outdoor elements and keeps the paint job intact.

Form-fitting may be a bit loose, but that also means you will be able to use the cover on a wide variety of different brands, which is definitely a plus. Strong Velcro straps will make sure that everything stays tightly packed in the case of strong wind.

We are especially pleased with how the cover performs in the case of rain. We haven’t noticed a single raindrop slipping through.

As for the drawbacks, the cover is incredibly susceptible to fading. We started noticing the first signs only after a couple of weeks of use.


  • Ample size
  • Good value for the money
  • PVC lining
  • Velcro straps are firm
  • Good rain protection


  • Feels a bit loose
  • Susceptible to fading

Why Should You Buy A Grill Cover?

Best Grill Cover Reviews

And now that we have covered our top 5 contenders for the title of the best grill cover on the market, it is time to answer a couple of very important questions. For instance – are these things are even worth the investment?

The answer, in our honest opinion, is straightforward – yes, they are.

You see, outdoor grills are pretty tough units designed for rough outdoor conditions. But, they are not indestructible, and their life expectancy can be cut awfully by things like rain, snow, humidity, dirt, wind, pollution, and even UV rays – in other ways, all the mundane things you can find when you go outside the house.

The grill covers are a simple solution to solve all these problems in one swift stroke.

And let us not forget they are, at the same time, very affordable – especially when we take into consideration the price of outdoor grills.

Doesn’t it sound like a good idea to invest a couple of dollars now to potentially save hundreds of dollars in the future?

So yeah, we say the grill covers make more than a worthwhile investment.

Types Of Grill Cover Materials

Of course, all the good things we said about grill covers depend on their type and quality. And, as you can probably expect, there are grill covers, and then there are grill covers. The feature that has the biggest influence on their quality and overall performance is perhaps the material they are made from.

So, let us take a quick break at the three most popular options you can find on the market.

  • Polyester – Polyester as a material is very durable and lightweight. So, we can easily write a couple of points in the convenience column. But the perks do not end here – polyester also dries very quickly and produces excellent protection against various elements. Keep in mind, though, that the material is very flammable and not that affordable.
  • Vinyl – The best thing we can say about vinyl is that this material is completely waterproof. Durability, on the other hand, can’t be listed among its strengths. Therefore, keep in mind that if you want to find a unit that will be capable of withstanding a lot of abuse, you will probably need to invest a couple of dollars more.
  • Canvas – If chemically treated can offer solid protection against elements as well as survive quite a lot of beating. Canvas can even be treated to be completely fireproof. Keep in mind, though, that these qualities come hand in hand with quite a lot of weight.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Grill Cover

So, these were the materials. As we already mentioned, they have a massive influence on the performance of one grill. But, they are only one of the essential things you will need to consider before making a purchase. Here, we will take a brief look at a couple of other important features.

1. Size And Shape

Yeah, we know – it looks pretty obvious. Still, you would be surprised by the number of people who fail to give these two features any thought while they are driving to the store. And this issue is more complicated than it looks at first glance.

For instance, if the cover is too big, keeping it together during the storm will prove to be quite the challenge. Going too small… Well, you get the idea. In terms of shape – different grills have different forms. You should make sure that the cover you are going to buy is able to cover your grill in its entirety.

2. Inside Lining

This is yet another feature that often ends up overlooked. Sure, the mission of one grill cover is to protect the grill from outside elements. But not at the cost of damaging the grill surface itself.

And this is the point where the story only begins – inside lining also helps the cover last longer by preventing tears and fading. Also, some lining materials like PVC do an excellent job avoiding the buildup of mildew and mold (unlike wool, for instance).

The bottom line – inside lining is something you should definitely aim for.

3. Durability

Here, the math is very simple – the tougher the cover is, the better are the protection and longevity you are going to get. However, durability should not come at the price of convenience. Remember, convenience is one of the main reasons we are buying grill covers in the first place.

So, do your best to find a unit that is able to fight against outdoor elements but remains lightweight and flexible in the process.

4. Straps

When it comes to the straps, there are no hidden monkey paw clauses you should give too much thought to. It’s always better to have them than not. Why might you ask?

Well, the straps are still, by far, the simplest and the most affordable way of keeping your grill cover firmly in place during a windy day. Until that changes, you should always look for the units that feature this neat addition.

5. Air Vents

Even the most durable materials out there need a steady flow of air to stay in good shape and avoid early degradation due to mildew and rust. Air vents are making sure that even if you strap the hell out of your grill cover, the air will still be able to flow without any interruptions while at the same time keeping the moisture at bay.

A useful feature if there ever was one.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Now that we have covered all five contenders and quickly set up the standards we will use to compare them, it is finally time to let you know which product deserves to carry the title of the best grill cover currently on the market.

Our job was made very hard by the fact that all the units we covered did a pretty good job in their own regard. But, to quote the famous movie – There can be only one! Or, in the case of this review, only three of them.

Best Product Overall: Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553

  • As we already mentioned, all of the covers we have reviewed did a great job of protecting the grills we have used for testing. The thing that sets Kingkong 7553 apart is that it makes the fewest mistakes along the way. Great looks, excellent durability, quality materials, durable straps… Seriously, what else could you ask for?

Premium Pick: Weber 7107 Grill Cover

  • Well, how about everything the previous unit did well but even better and more refined. Sure, this unit features one small drawback – its durability was sacrificed to keep the fabric light. But, if you are not bothered by this fact, and you are ready to make a three-figure investment, you can’t get anything better than this one.

Budget Pick: Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Grill Cover

  • Classic Accessories 73912 may be the cheapest product amongst the contenders, but don’t think even for a second, we are talking about a lousy grill cover. On the contrary, this unit does a great job of keeping your grill safe. The manufacturers were simply smart enough to know what needs to be sacrificed to reach a low price point.