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Best Matcha Tea 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Matcha Tea 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 3 Best Matcha Teas in 2023:

So, you decided to hop on board the matcha train, but you’re wondering which one’s the best matcha tea on the market? My guide will help you make your choice! I remember the first time I tried matcha. I sat there, scratching my head: “Wait, this can’t be what all the hype is about – it tastes like freshly cut grass!”

And while I don’t consider myself a matcha green tea expert, I did have my fair share of matcha over the last couple of years, and picked up a few things along the way, too. I became more aware of what quality matcha tastes like – while it can have a subtle grassy undertone it should never feel like straight-up grass – and how I can recognize it in the never-ending sea of blends that keep popping up every day.

In short, I learned how to recognize the best matcha tea when I see it. Now, here’s the best part: I’m willing to share all that knowledge with you!

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32 Best Matcha Teas In 2023: Detailed Reviews

Here’s the round-up of some of the best matcha tea I’ve tried recently – but before you jump into the world of emerald greens and umami flavor, remember that drinking matcha is a personal experience that highly depends on your palate.

To make matters more complicated, each of the brands listed below brings about a unique flavor profile. Try to keep an open mind here, and I’m sure you’ll find something you like, too!

1. Jade Leaf – Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

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When it comes to the best matcha tea, both ceremonial and culinary-grade, the Jade Leaf seems to be one of the most popular products on the market – and with a good reason, too.

One of the vital things you should know about Jade Leaf’s authentic Japanese matcha is that each batch is tested for safety, integrity, as well as potency and purity so that you can be sure that you’re getting a lab-tested, certified organic product here.

Also, it comes with a Matcha Recipe Guide that will help you figure out how to create health-boosting, delicious recipes at home! I have to say that the color wasn’t as bright and vibrant as I expected it to be – it’s a bit on the brownish side – but then again, this is culinary-grade matcha, so it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

2. Starter Matcha Green Tea Powder 12oz (340g) USDA Organic Matcha

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Next, I’d like to show you a budget-friendly alternative that could work for daily consumption – as long as you don’t drink it in the form of an actual tea, that is. Considering the price, the amount of product you’re getting here is insane!

I believe that the price isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality, but the saying “you get what you paid for” seems to apply in this case, though: Both the flavor and the smell were a bit too grassy for my taste, and with a robust earthy aftertaste.

However, when it comes to baking, using it as natural food coloring, or adding it to smoothies, I can’t complain. It dissolves in liquids well, without forming those dreaded clumps, and overall works fantastic for what it is – a budget-friendly culinary-grade matcha tea powder.

3. Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder USDA Certified

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The uVernal Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is one of those average-quality products that won’t necessarily become your favorite go-to choice, but they’re not all that bad, either.

The main issue I’ve had with them isn’t the quality of the matcha powder itself – it was the somewhat questionable origin and overall lack of information about this product. Neither the grade nor the country of origin was indicated on the package.

However, I quickly realized that this is culinary-grade product – and one that’s made in China, and not Japan. Even though the taste is decent, and not at all bitter, the texture is relatively coarse, doesn’t dissolve in liquids very well, and the color seems off, as well. So, if I were you, I’d stick with adding it to a smoothie and other recipes, rather than drinking it in tea form.

4. Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Jade Leaf went the extra mile to ensure that the matcha stayed as fresh as possible by placing the sealed bag of tea powder inside a tightly-sealed tin can, for a double layer of protection. It’s handy, useful, and reusable – three things I appreciate in product packaging.

As soon as I opened the bag, I was hit with a lovely grassy smell with a hint of sweetness to it, and the powder itself had a finely-ground texture and a beautiful, vibrant green color. More importantly, the aroma was rich without any noticeable bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste – it was love at first sip!

You could complain about the price and the tiny amount you’re getting for the money, but before you do, I’d like to remind you that you’re getting authentic Japanese, ceremonial-grade matcha here – it’s bound to cost more.

5. Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha

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Another fantastic choice for those who prefer to enjoy matcha in its simplest, purest form, instead of “masking” the flavor with smoothies, and other drinks and dishes, is the Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha.

Even if you’re new to matcha, and you’re not sure what to expect taste-wise, I highly recommend that you give this one a try. The taste is rich and grassy, but in a good way – it strikes the perfect balance between sweet and “green”, without any bitterness to it.

Moreover, when you whisk it, you get a cup of creamy, vibrant-colored tea with a thick foam – and that’s precisely how matcha green tea is supposed to be! And while it’s not the most affordable matcha tea on the market, I’d say that the overall quality and the exceptional flavor you’re getting here are worth every penny.

6. Tmatcha Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Since we had a few not-so-affordable options in a row, I figured it’s time to get back into the budget-friendly range again – and let me tell you, it doesn’t get more cost-effective than this Tmatcha Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder.

I was surprised with the powder’s fine, clump-free texture – but it was the taste that blew me away. It’s mild and smooth, with a sweet aftertaste, and, most importantly, there’s no intense bitterness to it. If there’s one thing I didn’t quite like, it’s the color. The powder is far from dull-looking, and the color is there, but it’s more of deep green than a vibrant, bright one.

Even though it’s far from being ceremonial-grade matcha, you could probably still drink it straight, as well – but I believe that this powder is made to shine when mixed into your favorite drinks and other yummy recipes.

7. Akira Matcha 30g – Organic Premium Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Opening a tin of Akira Matcha ceremonial-grade tea feels like a full-blown explosion of freshness. Everything from the smooth texture and vibrant green color of the powder to the smell and, most importantly, flavor, is on point here.

Not only was the color vibrant – the fragrance was, too. It was light and grassy, with a perfect touch of earthy to it – if bright green were a fragrance, this is what it would smell like, for sure. The flavor would best be described as smooth, sweet, and with a hint of a nutty aroma to it – you’ll get hooked, I can promise you that!

If you like to drink your matcha straight, this is worth considering, as it makes for a wonderfully frothy, rich cup of tea – but if you’re looking for something cheap to add to your recipes, this isn’t it.

8. Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – Japanese Culinary Grade Matcha

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When it comes to culinary-grade matcha, Kiss Me Organics is a force to be reckoned with, and one of the very few culinary-grade products that can step up and “play the role” of ceremonial-grade ones if you decide to drink it straight.

You can expect the flavor to be rich and robust – although surprisingly not bitter, at all. If you want to tone it down, adding honey or lemon juice always does the trick. The color is not as bright – it’s a more deep green – but it’s lovely, nonetheless.

It dissolves rather well in hot liquids, but anything room-temperature or lower doesn’t get the job done and leaves the matcha grainy. It still mixes well with smoothies, lattes, and other drinks, but drinking it on its own requires slightly more effort on your part.

9. Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend (Green Tea)

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I figured it might be nice to take a break from matcha powder, and introduce you to something entirely different – the Kirkland Signature green tea with matcha blend!

Here, each tea bag contains not only matcha – which is a green tea powder – but regular green tea leaves, as well! It’s a blend that gives you the best of both worlds. If you’re already a fan of green tea, but you’re interested in giving matcha a try, there’s no better way to go about it!

The bags are made of nylon, which should improve water flow throughout the brewing process, and they come with pre-cut slots that help them sit at the edge of the cup. However, while I do get the convenience of it, from an environmental standpoint, I’m not too thrilled about dumping 100 nylon tea bags into the ocean.

10. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha

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Although a highly refined palate might steer away from matcha powders that have anything added to them, drinking a cup of the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha is an experience you wouldn’t want to pass on, for sure!

By combining the beneficial nature of Lion’s Mane mushrooms with the ceremonial-grade matcha tea powder, Four Sigmatic has managed to create a virtually unmatched organic tea blend – and a delicious one, too.

The distinct earthliness might take some getting used to, but it’s an enjoyable and unique experience, nonetheless. Even though it’s not as sweet as some other products you’ll come across, surprisingly enough, there’s no bitterness to it, either.

The product comes sealed inside a metal tin, which is a huge plus when it comes to maintaining freshness, too.

11. Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic – Japanese Premium Culinary Grade

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I’ve heard great things about this product, so, of course, I was excited to give it a try – and I wasn’t disappointed!

The powder has a vibrant color – not too bright, but not too dark, either – and a smooth, almost silky, texture, which made me think that even though it’s culinary-grade, it looks and feels like ceremonial-grade matcha.

Plus, it’s packed with flavor, with a definite touch of earthy to it – but it’s not overly bitter as some other products I’ve tried – and lends that same richness to all your recipes! One thing I can’t get over is the price tag. Considering the amount you’re getting, and the fact that we’re talking about culinary-grade matcha here, I’d say it’s not worth it for the average consumer.

12. KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder [USDA Organic] Ceremonial Grade

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Kenko is not only one of my personal favorites when it comes to best ceremonial-grade matcha tea powders but one I love for its attractive packaging, too! I dare you to look at that drawing of a fox enjoying a cup of tea, and tell me that you don’t think it’s cute!

It’s no wonder that it quickly became one of the best-selling products around: The powder’s so smooth and finely ground that it leaves nothing but a silky feeling when you rub it between your fingers.

Moreover, the taste is out of this world! Kenko is known for making one of the sweetest matcha powders that you will ever taste, with next to zero bitterness to it, since they use only the youngest, greenest leaves, and focus on maintaining freshness throughout the production process.

I suppose that the only downside here is the price – but you do get your money’s worth!

13. Ito En Traditional Matcha Green Tea

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Drinking matcha – and preparing it, in particular – can be a profoundly comforting experience that gives you a chance to allow harmony and meditation to be a part of your daily life. But what if your daily life is the thing that’s preventing you from dedicating a few minutes of your day to the traditional way of making matcha tea?

Ito En has you covered with their Traditional Matcha Green Tea that comes conveniently wrapped in individual tea bags. You can enjoy your matcha even when you don’t have time for the ceremonial aspect of it.

I’ve read that you can use each tea bag twice, and being the curious person that I am, I gave it a try. All I’m going to say is – don’t waste your time and water on it, because the second cup is pretty much tasteless.

14. Tenzo Tea (Whisk Included in Box)

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If you’re looking to experience the ceremonial aspects of preparing and drinking matcha, though, you should consider becoming a member of the Tenzo Tribe! The Tenzo Tea is high-quality ceremonial-grade matcha that comes with a valuable tool that lets you experience the authentic process of making the tea – a bamboo whisk.

Give your electric frother a break, and go down the traditional road of whisking. You’ll find that it can be a surprisingly calming and enjoyable experience.

More importantly, their matcha has a vibrant, bright green color, whisks into a cup of creamy perfection, and has a flavor to back it up: The tea has a very “natural” aroma – slightly on the earthy side, but without the bitterness and the dirt-like aftertaste.

15. Naoki Matcha (Superior Ceremonial Blend, 40g / 1.4oz )

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Ceremonial-grade matcha tends to be on the pricier side, so, when I first discovered the Naoki Matcha, I was surprised to see that they offer a bit more bang for your buck:

Each tin contains approximately 40 servings, which is more than you’ll get out of most other brands I’ve talked about so far – and for the same price, too.

The powder is finely ground and makes a smooth, emerald-green tea that hits the rich, full-bodied flavor perfectly. It does have a slight bitterness to it, but it’s so subtle, that you learn to enjoy it with time.

The product comes sealed in a bag inside a tin container, and while I appreciate the secure packaging, and the effort to preserve freshness, be sure to open the bag with care – or you might end up spilling your precious matcha powder all over the place.

16. Organic Ceremonial Matcha – Emerald Class

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And since we’re on the cost-effective streak here, I’d like to introduce you to another product you should consider – the Midori Spring Organic Emerald Class Matcha.

Their product comes in highly-practical, 3.52-ounce cans – tightly sealed in a food-grade pouch, of course – which makes maintaining product freshness a breeze. Moreover, it’s the perfect economical solution for the average tea drinker, as the price-per-gram ratio is virtually unbeatable.

The powder itself has a vibrant green color, and the flavor is present in full force, as well. It’s very “green” with a hint of vegetal bitterness to it, but it’s delicious, nonetheless – even if you choose to drink it unsweetened.

That said, if you prefer to drink your matcha straight, there are certainly some higher-quality options out there, but again, if you’re looking for a decent compromise between drinkability and affordability, this one’s hard to beat.

17. DoMatcha – Summer Harvest Green Tea Matcha Powder

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Since the leaves were given an extra season under the sun before they were harvested, the DoMatcha Summer Harvest packs a mighty punch!

I know you’ll be looking for a noticeable difference in taste, and while an experienced palate might pick up on the slight note of bitterness, there’s not much else that gives it away. The flavor would be best described as rich and earthy, and even though you can drink it straight, I think its flavor profile is better suited for blended beverages.

I was pleasantly surprised by how bright green the powder is, too – it will undoubtedly bring a refreshing, green hue to any recipe! One thing I should warn you about here is that this one is a real pain to blend, so if you use a regular spoon to mix it, you might be in for quite a workout.

18. MatchaBar Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Have you been to one of the MatchaBar cafés, feel in love with the matcha they serve there and wish that you could drink something as good as that at home, too? Well, now you can!

The founders of MatchaBar launched their own ceremonial-grade matcha green tea powder, so, now you have a chance to enjoy a lovely cup of your favorite tea in the comfort of your home. How amazing is that?

The tea has a smooth flavor with a touch of natural sweetness to it, a lovely, green color, and a fresh, earthy smell that hits you as soon as you pop the can open. The aftertaste does have a hint of bitterness, and even though it’s barely noticeable – especially when added to blended beverages – I figured it’s something worth mentioning here.

19. Tea Forte USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

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If you’re new to matcha, and you’re not quite ready to drink it straight, you might find that this Tea Forte starter-size pack is the perfect choice for you.

It’s an affordable culinary-grade option that will give you a little taste of what matcha is all about before you commit to the high-quality (and often expensive) stuff. The taste is good, although a bit bitter, but it’s easy to “mask” it by adding some honey to it.

And while I do prefer cans over bags when it comes to storing my matcha, I’m still glad that it comes in a resealable pouch – something’s better than nothing, right? I noticed that it doesn’t blend very well, though. There’s always a lot of build-up at the bottom of the cup, no matter how vigorously you mix it. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s worth noting.

20. Baahtcha – USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Now, to prove you that it’s sometimes possible to find quality matcha at reasonable – and even budget-friendly – prices, I’d like to introduce you to this ceremonial-grade matcha by Baahtcha. Seriously, it doesn’t get much more affordable than this value-size, 2.47-ounce pack!

And look how cute the packaging is, too! Plus, it comes with a handy, little measuring spoon, which helps you keep an eye on portion control. Trust me; you don’t want to go overboard with this caffeine-infused energy bomb!

The Baahtcha is a finely ground, deep green powder that dissolves effortlessly without forming any clumps, and gives a beautiful, frothy finish – and, most importantly, it tastes great, too. It’s earthy and refreshing, but it doesn’t have a strong, bitter aftertaste, which is always a plus.

There’s undoubtedly higher quality, ceremonial-grade matcha out there – but not at this price!

21. Zenato Matcha Green Tea Powder Culinary 100% USDA Organic

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The Zenato matcha is another decent option for adding a powerful, antioxidant punch to your breakfast smoothies and reaping all the benefits of drinking the best matcha tea without spending tons of cash.

I loved the texture and the smell right off the bat – opening the resealable bag it comes in felt like unleashing a wave of freshness into the room.

The taste was surprisingly pleasant, as well. I wouldn’t call it “excellent”, because there are better-tasting matcha powders out there, but considering the price, the amount you’re getting for your money, and the fact that this is, after all, a culinary-grade option, the taste is more than okay – mild, without the grassy, bitter aftertaste.

I can’t find anything wrong with it – the color, the texture, and the smell are all there – but for some reason, it didn’t blow me away.

22. Matcha Green Tea Powder – USDA Organic Culinary Grade Matcha Powder 30g (1.06oz)

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Do you guys remember Kenko, and their cute, cartoony packaging? Well, here’s another one of their products that’s worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in giving the brand a try while sticking to the budget-friendly, culinary-grade range of products.

The flavor would be best described as smooth and vegetal, with a subtle kick of bitterness at the end, which, surprisingly enough, I found to be quite enjoyable. The signature sweetness is still there, too, which makes this an excellent addition to your morning cup of matcha latte.

However, I did have a harder time getting it to dissolve without clumping, even when I was using hot water, and mixing it vigorously. Considering that this is culinary-grade matcha, though, I wouldn’t hold this against it – it’s probably going to end up in your blender, anyway.

23. Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Image Credit:

The next one up is culinary-grade, organic matcha by Aprika Life – a relatively new brand that’s quickly gathering fans in the matcha-drinking community.

Their matcha powder has a very bright green color, which was a surprise, considering that this is a culinary-grade product, a fragrance that closely resembles dried greens, and a grassy taste with both a touch of sweetness, as well as some light bitterness to it. The latter is quite subtle, though, and doesn’t affect the overall experience.

Now, here’s the thing: I do think that this is the right choice if you want to make some matcha-infused baking goods, as well as other sweet, or savory recipes. However, since I found the texture to be somewhat chalky, and noticed that it doesn’t froth up as much, I wouldn’t recommend this for beverages, such as smoothies or lattes.

24. Green Foods Organic Matcha, 11oz

Image Credit:

Okay, if you’re not the only matcha fan in your household, you might think that a massive, 11-ounce packaging, such as the Green Foods one I have here, is the best solution for you. While I can’t help but agree with you on that one, there’s one thing I’d like to point out about this product: It’s not pure organic matcha.

The ingredients list includes brown rice solids, which, I imagine, serve as fillers here. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a precise rice-to-matcha ratio, as I couldn’t find any specific info about it anywhere on the label.

By the looks of it, this is more rice powder, than it is green tea powder – both the serving size (two teaspoons, as opposed to half a teaspoon of quality matcha) and the “muddy” flavor prove my theory. So, the bottom line is: If you’re looking to buy matcha for matcha’s sake, you’ll end up disappointed – this is a “supplement drink”, at best.

25. VeroTeas Matcha Green Tea Powder

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If there’s one thing that anyone can tell you about matcha – besides the amazing antioxidant properties, of course – is that works as a fantastic alternative to coffee. It pumps you full of energy – but without the jitters.

What if you prefer to keep your drinks decaf, though? If that’s the case, then you certainly need to give this decaffeinated ceremonial-grade matcha by VeroTeas a try!

It has a rich, aromatic flavor that’s accompanied by a sweet and vegetable fragrance, and I highly recommend it for not only sipping in tea form but adding it to various blended beverages, too, as it dissolves well, and has zero bitterness to it.

That said, if you’re highly sensitive to caffeine, you might want to watch your dosage and serving sizes. Although it’s labeled as “decaf”, it’s not entirely caffeine-free.

26. Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder

Image Credit:

I already introduced you to one of the best matcha tea powders the brand Kiss Me Organics has to offer, but it was a culinary-grade one, so I figured it might be time to show you how it performed in the high-quality, ceremony-grade range of products.

The matcha comes in a small metal tin with a screw-on lid, but to further maintain its freshness, it’s sealed inside a foil bag.

The color is a vibrant green, and the taste matches it perfectly – “fresh” is the best way to describe it. And although it does have a bit of a grassy finish, I’d say that’s the beauty of it. I didn’t expect the can to be so small, considering the price, but that’s on me – I should’ve paid more attention to the product description.

27. RSP Matcha Bomb (150g)

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As I pointed out earlier, the best matcha tea is known for providing a sustained energy boost throughout the day. If that’s one of the main reasons why you’re drinking it, in the first place, the Matcha Bomb by RSP Nutrition could become your new personal favorite!

Their secret is in their formula – each serving combines two grams of organic matcha, which is naturally highly caffeinated, with five grams of MCT powder (medium-chain triglycerides). As a result, you get an energy boost, alertness, and razor-sharp focus with each scoop.

And it has a lovely vanilla chai flavor with no traces of bitterness, too! However, I should point out that you’re getting 20 servings here, which, considering the price is a reasonably small amount – even if you limit your consumption to a cup a day.

28. Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha – Gold Class

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The next product I’d like to show you – and likely one of the best matcha tea powders on the market – is the first-harvest, ceremonial-grade Midori Spring Matcha. I can already hear all the refined palates out there rejoicing at the thought of the fines and freshness that only first-harvest tea leaves have to offer!

As one might expect, the color of this matcha powder is the most vibrant emerald green I’ve seen so far – and the taste? It’s out of this world! It’s rich, fresh, with a smooth, earthy note, and a perfect touch of sweetness to it.

The price is a bit overwhelming, but maybe you could make it your weekend treat, and find something more budget-friendly for daily use. Besides, this matcha tea is meant to be savored and enjoyed with every sip, not chugged down on your way to work!

29. On-The-Go Jade Monk Matcha Green Tea – Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere

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Although there’s a reason why most high-quality matcha powders come tightly sealed in metal containers, I think everyone will agree with me that they’re not particularly convenient for bringing your matcha with you as a mid-day pick-me-up.

It seems that Jade Monk thought of that, and addressed the issue by launching the On-The-Go Simply Matcha – single-serve stick packs that allow you to enjoy your instant matcha drink anytime, anywhere!

Pour one of these in your water bottle, give it a good shake and you’re good to go! Even though the ones I tried were unsweetened and unflavored, the tea had a naturally sweet taste, so there’s no need to add any more sugar to it.

If your lifestyle tends to be hectic, this might be the solution you’re looking for – and a perfect addition to your office, too!

30. Ippodo Matcha – Light – Ikuyo-no-Mukashi (40g)

Image Credit:

Ikuyo-no-Mukashi is, by far, one of the best matcha tea powders Ippodo has to offer to those who consider themselves to be newcomers looking to develop their matcha palate. There are two things you’ll notice about it right off the bat – the vivid green color, and the sweet, grassy smell that closely resembles that of seaweed.

The flavor could be best described as full-bodied and rich, yet smooth and balanced, at the same time – there’s nothing overly herbal, acidic, or strong about it. Also, there’s a subtle sweetness to it, which is why serving it with sweets is highly recommended.

And even though it’s widely considered as one of Ippodo’s mid-level, reasonably priced products, I know that it still may be a bit too pricey for the average user’s daily consumption. If you do decide to treat yourself with a can of Ikuyo-no-Mukashi, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

31. REPUBLIC OF TEA Matcha Powder, 1.5 OZ

Image Credit:

I’m not entirely sure what to say about the Republic of Tea Matcha Powder. Did it blow me away? No, not really. But was it straight-up bad, low-quality tea? Again – no, not really.

Drinking it was a decent enough experience, and even though there’s nothing wrong with this culinary-grade matcha powder – not that I could pinpoint, anyway – overall, it left me wanting more. I did have one major flavor-related complaint, though: There is no flavor.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, as there is some flavor. Otherwise, drinking it would be entirely pointless. However, it’s way too weak for my taste – it’s like having a watered-down cup of regular green tea with a hint of matcha to it.

As you can imagine, once it’s blended in a beverage, such as a latte or a smoothie, it’s almost entirely lost in the mix.

32. Matcha Teabags MatchaDNA Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea

Image Credit:

Remember when I talked about finding something that the entire household of matcha drinkers could enjoy without burning a hole in your family budget? Well, I think we have our winner in the cost-effective, value-pack range – what you’re looking at here is one hundred MatchaDNA tea bags with a budget-friendly price tag!

Plus, they’re handy to have on the go, as you can bring a few tea bags with you, and not worry about making a mess by using loose powder. Considering the price, I knew that there had to be some trade-off here. I was worried that the distinct matcha flavor might be the first thing to go – and, unfortunately, I was partially right:

The refreshing, smooth taste is there – although a bit mild – but the long steeping process makes it hard to get anything resembling tea unless you squeeze it out of the bags.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

I know that it’s a cliché thing to say, but choosing the best matcha tea out of the bunch was one of the hardest choices I had to make, and it’s not only because the options are endless but because choosing between culinary and ceremonial-grade products felt like I was comparing apples and oranges.

I still managed to pick my top three favorites, though:

Top Pick: Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha – Gold Class

  • If the best of the best is what you’re after, the Midori Spring Gold Class Matcha is it. It doesn’t get much better than this – texture, color, fragrance, or flavor-wise!

Runner-Up: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha

  • Considering all the benefits it has to offer, it was hard not to include this one in my top three. If you want to live your life to the fullest, this is one you should try!

Budget-Friendly Pick: Kenko Matcha Green Tea Powder – Organic Culinary Grade Matcha

  • Spending a small fortune to reap the health benefits isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, spending less cash works, too – and this Kenko culinary-grade matcha is a perfect example of that!

If one of these brands finds its way to your favorite mug, feel free to let me know in the comments below!