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Best Side By Side Refrigerator 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Side By Side Refrigerator 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Side By Side Refrigerators 2023:

  1. Frigidaire FFSS2615TS 36-Inch Side by Side Refrigerator
  2. GE PSS28KSHSS Side Refrigerator
  3. Avanti RMS550PS Side-By-Side Refrigerator/Freezer
  4. FRIGIDAIRE FFSS2315TS 33 Inch Side Refrigerator
  5. GE GSS25GMHES Side Refrigerator

Almost everything that goes around in your home starts with that big and bulky appliance in your kitchen. Quick grab-and-go breakfasts, Sunday lunches with the family, dinners in front of the TV – all of it. 

So, yes, getting a new fridge is a pretty big deal. 

French doors typically hog all the glory – you probably have one sitting in the kitchen as we speak. But if you’re shopping for a new fridge, don’t overlook the humble side-by-side: 

It may not be as fancy-looking as your French door fridge, but it comes with a hard-to-beat convenience of keeping all your food – fresh and frozen – at eye level. 

So, if you’re looking for the best side by side refrigerator that will get a permanent spot in your family’s kitchen, stick around – we have a couple of highly reliable options in mind! 

5 Best Side By Side Refrigerators In 2023: Detailed Reviews 

Whether your fridge died or you’re remodeling your kitchen and need a new side-by-side refrigerator that will fit right in, we have you covered. 

Let’s get to our best side by side refrigerator reviews!

1. Frigidaire FFSS2615TS 36-Inch Side by Side Refrigerator – Best Side-By-Side Refrigerator 

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Nailing the balance between functionality and price, this Frigidaire proves that you can still get all the convenient features and extras without breaking the bank. 

Plus, it has what it takes to meet most people’s needs – from couples to large families, and everyone in between. The capacity of 25.5 cubic feet total – 16.5 cubic feet in the fridge and 9 cubic feet in the freezer – is more than enough for the average household. 

Inside the refrigerator section, you’ll find adjustable glass shelves, two crisper drawers, one pull-out snack or deli drawer, as well as multiple door bins, two of which are height-adjustable gallon ones. 

Surprisingly enough, the freezer section features door bins, too – albeit fixed – and has a total of three shelves. Also, it comes with a handy pull-out bin on the bottom. Unfortunately, though, none of the freezer’s storage areas are adjustable. 

Did we forget to mention that it has both an ice maker and a through-door water dispenser? Better yet, you can choose between cubes and crushed ice at a push of a button!

Again, our only complaint is that the freezer shelves aren’t adjustable – but other than that, you’re getting a pretty good refrigerator for your buck. 


  • Spacious, 25.5 cubic feet capacity  
  • Highly-adjustable glass shelves 
  • Two crisper drawers and one deli drawer 
  • Door bins on both sides 
  • Height-adjustable gallon door bins  
  • Built-in ice maker and water dispenser 
  • Interior LED lighting  


  • The freezer shelves and door bins aren’t adjustable

2. GE PSS28KSHSS Side Refrigerator – Our Premium Pick 

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This GE side by side refrigerator is one that we would, without a doubt, recommend to those in need of a large-capacity fridge: 

With the fridge and freezer sections combined, this GE family-sized appliance has a mind-blowing capacity of 28.4 cubic feet! 

What’s more, the intuitive interior design, with glass shelves in both sections, allows you to get the most out of this spacious unit. 

The fridge has adjustable shelves, humidity-controlled crispers, one deli drawer, and clear door bins. You’ll find three pull-out bins and three-door bins in the freezer unit, too, aside from the glass shelves mentioned previously.

Even more so, it comes with a few premium-feeling touches, too: 

You get a Quick Ice setting on the ice and water dispenser that allows you to speed up the ice-making process by up to 50 percent, extra-bright, angled LED interior lighting, and the Turbo Cool setting that prolongs the freshness of your groceries. 

Plus, it features a door alarm that notifies you if you don’t close the refrigerator doors properly.  

However, considering that the ice maker has a 10-pound capacity, it does take up a good portion of the freezer unit. Also, this isn’t exactly a budget-friendly option.


  • Large, 28.4-cubic-foot capacity 
  • LED interior lighting in both sections 
  • Glass shelves and door bins in both the fridge and freezer units 
  • Alarm notification when the door isn’t closed 
  • Four temperature-controlling sensors 
  • Built-in ice maker with Quick Ice setting 


  • The ice maker takes up freezer space
  • It’s expensive 

3. FRIGIDAIRE FFSS2315TS 33 Inch Side Refrigerator – Best Budget-Friendly Refrigerator 

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Our next pick is almost identical to the first Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator we showed you. However, this one’s 33 inches wide and has a storage capacity of 22.1 cubic feet, which makes it suitable for couples and small families. 

Don’t get us wrong; this is by no means a small refrigerator: 

While it’s relatively slim – and the right choice if you don’t have much clearance in your kitchen – it doesn’t lack shelf space to accommodate your food. 

Also, considering that we’re still talking about a full-sized refrigerator here, the price is hard to beat. 

The fridge’s interior offers quite a few handy storage options along with LED lighting. You’ll get glass shelves, two crisper drawers, door bins – including two gallon-sized ones and a clear one for dairy products – and a deli drawer. 

On the freezer side of the unit, you’ll find wired shelves, which don’t feel as high-end as glass ones, but do the job, nonetheless. You also get four-door bins, as well as a pull-out one at the bottom of the freezer. 

The included ice maker and through-door water dispenser are a nice touch convenience-wise, and more importantly, they don’t take up too much space.   


  • A total capacity of 22.1 cubic feet 
  • Multiple storage options in the fridge section 
  • The freezer features four door-bins and one pull-out bin
  • Comes with a through-door water dispenser and icemaker 
  • LED lighting in both sections 


  • Doesn’t have a filter change indicator 
  • The wired freezer shelves are fixed 

4. GE GSS25GMHES Side Refrigerator – Simple But Functional 

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This list is starting to look a bit like a round-up of best Frigidaire and GE side-by-side refrigerators. One more and we’re done, we promise!

First off, with 25.4 cubic feet of interior space, this GE refrigerator can comfortably accommodate all your groceries, both fresh and frozen: 

You’ll find adjustable, slide-out glass shelves, two crisper bins, and a deli drawer on the refrigerator side. The freezer, on the other hand, features wire racks, as well as a storage bin at the bottom. Both sides offer additional storage space provided by the multiple-door bins, too.

And while it may be relatively basic on the inside, the exterior is quite a conversation piece. It’s one of the rare few refrigerators we’ve tested that has a slate finish, meaning that it doesn’t “collect” fingerprints and smudges as easily as stainless steel ones do. 

Plus, it comes with a built-in water dispenser and an ice maker, which, by the way, provides both cubes and crushed ice, depending on what you need. 

Generally speaking, this GE side by side refrigerator has all the essentials – but not a lot of extras. Whether or not you consider this is a deal-breaker is entirely up to you. 


  • Has a 25.4-cubic-feet capacity 
  • Adjustable slide-out glass shelves 
  • Includes two crispers and one deli drawer 
  • Both sides have door bins for additional storage
  • Built-in water dispenser and icemaker 
  • The slate finish doesn’t pick up fingerprints 


  • No interior lighting in the freezer  
  • The freezer racks aren’t made of glass 

5. Avanti RMS550PS Side-By-Side Refrigerator/Freezer – Best Mini Side-By-Side Refrigerator

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There aren’t many options in the “small side-by-side refrigerator” category – but Avanti is undoubtedly worth considering. It’s the perfect fit for small kitchen spaces, studio apartments, rentals, and holiday homes. 

Considering that it offers as little as 5.5 cubic feet of storage space – 3.3 cubic feet in the fridge and 2.2 cubic feet in the freezer units – this is, by far, the smallest appliance you’ll find on our list. 

But despite being a mini side-by-side fridge, you still get to put the interior storage space to good use: 

The refrigerator section comes with two adjustable – and removable – glass shelves to give you maximum flexibility, which is a big plus in a fridge this small. And surprisingly enough, it even comes with a dedicated humidity-controlled veggie crisper for even better space management. 

Also, a set of handy refrigerator door bins isn’t something that you’d typically find in a “mini-fridge” – but this Avanti side-by-side refrigerator has three of them! 

The freezer unit is every bit as impressive, and the two fixed shelves offer a lot more space than you’d expect at first glance. 

However, it can’t quite compete with the rest of the bunch in terms of functionality. 


  • Compact side-by-side refrigerator for small spaces 
  • The 3.3-cubic-feet fridge has two adjustable glass shelves 
  • Features three refrigerator door bins 
  • Has a humidity-controlled crisper drawer
  • The 2.2-cubic-feet freezer has two fixed shelves  


  • Doesn’t have any advanced features 
  • Not a suitable choice for families 

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Side By Side Refrigerator? 

Best Side By Side Refrigerators Review

The fridge isn’t one of those household appliances that would typically leave you in awe. More often than not, refrigerators don’t look that unique at first glance: 

It’s a big, bulky, cold “box” that takes up a lot of space and is there for the purpose of keeping your food and beverages cold. 

There’s a bit more to them than meets the eye, though. The best side-by-side fridge, for example, with two full-length vertical doors – one for the refrigerator and the other for the freezer unit – comes with a couple of undeniable advantages over their French door and top-freezer counterparts

  • They are a much better fit for tight spaces and smaller kitchens. 
  • They have a freezer unit that’s easily accessible and organized. 
  • They have a more elegant, built-in look thanks to full-length doors. 
  • They are typically more affordable than French door fridges. 

And we’ve barely scratched the surface there! 

Anyhow, here are a couple of things to pay attention to when picking out your new fridge! 

1. Food Preservation 

Who wants to spend hundreds – and sometimes, thousands – of dollars on a fridge if it’s not capable of handling a task as basic as keeping your food cold and preventing it from going bad? 

Food preservation is the primary purpose of having a refrigerator in the first place. So, understandably, you want to be sure that it does what it’s supposed to – and does it well. 

That’s why your search for the best side-by-side refrigerator should always start with the basics – the fridge’s cooling abilities

Your new refrigerator and the accompanying freezer unit have to be able to hit specific temperatures and humidity levels and, more importantly, maintain them at all times. Otherwise, it won’t be of much use in terms of keeping your food fresh. 

That one is non-negotiable. 

2. Storage Options 

The setup of your fridge’s interior space dictates how you’ll be using it for food storage. The best advice we – or anyone can give you here is to try and find a balance of storage space and flexibility; whether or not all your food fits in the fridge depends on it! 

The built-in, adjustable fridge shelves and stationary bottom drawers – the so-called crisper drawers – as well as fixed door shelves are pretty much standard, regardless of the model you get. 

Extra storage, on the other hand, is a whole different story. The possibilities are endless and vary from brand to brand: 

Some refrigerators will come with humidity- and temperature-controlled compartments, extra-deep storage compartments, and spill-proof shelves. Some more expensive options might even have door-in-door storage so that you can access frequently used items without opening the entire fridge. 

3. Available Space & Counter Depth 

You’d be pretty shocked at how often we see people buy a new, beautifully-designed fridge, only to realize that it doesn’t fit their kitchen. 

That’s why it would be best that you take a moment to measure everything – the height, the depth, and the width – of the space you have available in your kitchen, especially if you have a precise cutout and need the fridge to fit in between the kitchen cabinets. 

On that note, we recommend leaving a couple of inches in the back and above the refrigerator, if possible, as it helps with proper air circulation. 

Either way, it’s always better to be sure about the space you’re working with, than to have to go through the frustrating, time-consuming process of returning a recently purchased refrigerator.

4. Through-Door Water & Ice Dispensers

The through-door water dispenser and ice maker are pretty handy features to have integrated into your side-by-side fridge – no one’s here to deny their convenience. But before you purchase a refrigerator with this additional functionality, be sure to factor in how it will impact the appliance.

Here’s what we mean by that: 

  • First off, the ice maker will most likely take away from the available space in the freezer section. And second, the maintenance costs, such as regular filter replacements, are bound to add up over the years. 
  • Again, these features are more than welcome – as long as you’re ready to make some compromises and spend a bit more long-term, that is. 

Final Verdict 

So, after reading all that, are you ready to take your pick, or do you need us to give you that one final nudge? 

As we pointed out already, the Frigidaire FFSS2615TS 36 Inch Side by Side Refrigerator gets our vote as the best side by side refrigerator

However, if you’re worried that our top pick may not be able to handle your bulk grocery shopping, then the GE PSS28KSHSS Side Refrigerator might be a much better fit for your family. 

And if both of these seem way too big for you, we suggest that you give Avanti RMS550PS Side-By-Side Refrigerator/Freezer a try, instead!