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Best Springform Pan 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Springform Pan 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Springform Pans 2023:

  1. MCIRCO 9 Inches Non-stick Springform Pan Round Leakproof 9 Inch
  2. Hiware 7 Inch Non-stick Springform Pan
  3. Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware, Springform Pan 9 Inch
  4. Wilton Mini Durable Non-Stick 4 Inch 3-Piece Set Springform Pan
  5. Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan 9 Inch

Who does not strike for perfection even when baking a sponge cake?

A perfectly shaped cake is not a myth anymore.

Sure using a regular cake baking pan will give great results at first glance.

But what will happen when the time has come to get the cake out of the pan? So many times, we invested a lot of hard work, and the results were a disaster! The days when you needed to cover the pan with excess flour or oil to prevent the cake from sticking to the walls of the pan are in the past.

How do you ask?

Well, by investing money in the best springform pan that your money can buy.

5 Best Springform Pans In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Wilton Mini Durable Non-Stick 4 Inch 3-Piece Set Springform Pan – Three Is Better Than One

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This Wilton three-piece set of four-inch mini springform pans is just too adorable. The size makes it ideal for individual servings of whatever dish you choose to prepare. But if you are in search of a big pan to bake large cakes, then you should avoid this set.

The fact that you can fit all three of them together in the oven in a single go and save a lot of time is a big plus if you ask us. Also, they will save you a lot of storing space since they are stackable.

The set is crafted from durable steel, which guarantees you that it will stick around your kitchen for years to come. The pans spread heat fast and evenly, every time. Each pan is coated with a non-stick scratch-resistant layer that will prevent food from sticking up to the pan after baking.

The non-stick coating also makes cleaning effortless. By nature, this pan is dishwasher safe. But we highly recommend you wash the pans by hand using lukewarm water and soap to prolong the lifespan of your pans. After cleaning, rinse it thoroughly and dry it off with a soft cloth.

In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will be happy to know that Wilton’s Limited 10-year warranty covers this set.


  • Great for individual servings
  • Made from durable steel
  • Coated with a non-stick scratch-resistant layer
  • Easy to store
  • Effortless cleanup process
  • Warranty


  • Not suitable for people who need a large springform pan
  • Hand wash recommended

2. MCIRCO 9 Inches Non-stick Springform Pan Round Leakproof 9 Inch – A Cheerful Baking Companion

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This springform pan features a delightfully refreshing red coating that will bring life into any kitchen.

The pan is manufactured from heavy-gauge steel to enhance durability. That also means that the steel core provides even and fast heat distribution. Now you can be sure your cake will be perfectly baked every time. The high-quality steel construction is resistant to high temperatures as well, and it can withstand up to 445°F. This kitchenware will last a long time.

The spring-latch does a good job of sealing the sides tightly, making this springform pan 100% leakproof. The honeycomb base texture contributes to even and quick heat spreading since it creates air pockets. This prevents the cake from overcooking or undercooking.

The Teflon red coating is non-toxic and BPA-free and makes your pan non-stick; the interior of the pan is non-stick as well. Unfortunately, the coating is not scratch-resistant, so go gentle when cleaning and avoid using sharp and abrasive cleaning utensils. Use only mild detergents and warm water. We must disappoint you and tell you that this springform pan can’t be used in a dishwasher.

The MCIRCO Company is a professional home and kitchen supplier, so in case you aren’t satisfied with your product, they provide a 6-month warranty for every purchase you make.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Attractive design
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • 100% leakproof
  • Features non-stick coating inside and out
  • Honeycomb base
  • Warranty


  • Not suitable for dishwasher
  • The coating is not scratch-resistant

3. Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan 9 Inch – The Pan That Fits Snugly

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A runny, thin batter is an absolute nightmare to bake since preventing it from leaking out of the space between the base and the wall of the pan is mission impossible.

The Nordic Ware crafted this baking pan keeping these issues in mind. It features a raised base that goes around the rim of the walls, which should prevent the cake batter from spilling out. The end result is a great springform pan that will hold your batter in place in 90% of cases. It will still fail to completely tame thin batter.

This pan is manufactured from heavy-weight, industrial-grade metal, making it super durable. This material also ensures even distribution of heat, allowing your cake to slowly bake until perfection. Usually, the spring latch can be a bit tricky to use but not with this model since it is effortless to latch and unlatch the spring once baking is done.

​The non-stick coating on the interior and exterior surface makes the cleaning process as easy as it can be. All you have to do is use a mild detergent and some soft cleaning utensil to remove any residue from the walls of the pan. Always make sure to thoroughly dry the pan since it is not rust-resistant. Never wash it in the dishwasher.

This springform pan is built to last, but in case you need it, this model is backed with a 10-year warranty.


  • Durable
  • Made from industrial graded metal
  • Features raised base to prevent leaking
  • Easy to latch and unlatch
  • Non-stick coating
  • Warranty


  • Not rust-resistant
  • Hand wash only
  • It still leaks a bit

4. Hiware 7 Inch Non-stick Springform Pan – Works Perfectly In Pressure Cookers

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Hiware is a company that has been crafting professional kitchenware for more than 20 years. This Hiware model of the springform pan is available in four different sizes.

The body is manufactured using premium-grade steel that is rust-resistant and ensures fast and even heat distribution for the best results. The pan is safe to be used in the oven, with temperatures as high as 450°F.

But that is not all it can also be used in a pressure cooker that has a capacity of 6 or 8 quarts. Why is this important? Well, this feature allows you to experiment with different baking methods allowing you to create various desserts and culinary treats.

The non-stick surface is free of any chemicals like BPA, PFOA, and PTFE. The non-stick coating is double layered to ensure your cake will come out of the pan with leaving no residue behind. The coating is not scratch-resistant, so make sure you don’t use the metal utensils and always wash the pan by hand.

Important notice: before using the pan for the first time, you must wipe the surface with oil.

The latch tightly closes the walls of the pan, making it leakproof and mess-free bakeware. But be aware that the spring latch is prone to rust, so maintain it well to prevent this. If you have any problem with the pan, the manufacturer will refund your money.


  • Durable construction
  • Suitable for use in a pressure cooker
  • Non-stick chemical-free coating
  • Leakproof
  • Full refund guarantee


  • Spring latch prone to rust
  • Hand wash only

5. Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware, Springform Pan 9 Inch – Excellent Performance

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If you have some extra money to spend, then you should consider purchasing the Calphalon springform pan. This pan is versatile; you can use it for baking cake, cheesecake, or even savory meals like lasagna and a deep-dish pizza. 

This pan features high-quality construction. The body is crafted from heavy-gauge steel, which is resistant to warping even at high temperatures. This pan can withstand up to 500°F, which is a great improvement considering that most other models can endure approximately 450°F. The core distributes heat fast and even allows your cake to create that delicious and tasty crust without burning.

The latch is strong and firmly attaches walls to the bottom of the pan bottom, preventing leaking regardless of how thin and runny your batter is.

The non-stick ceramic layer that has been used in this pan is also scratch-resistant. The layer in this pan is two times more effective than the non-sticky surfaces in older Calphalon models thanks to the innovative interlocking non-stick coating. You can be sure there will be no residue left behind the cake. What we love the most about this pan is that it can be washed in a dishwasher.

​There are a few recommendations on how to prolong the life of your Calphalon springform pan. Always let it cool off completely before washing it and never immerse the hot pan into the cold water. This purchase is risk-free since it comes with a full lifetime warranty.


  • High-quality construction
  • Resistant to warping
  • Interlocking non-stick ceramic coating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Leakproof
  • Warranty


  • Pricey

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Springform Pan

Best Springform Pans Review

Choosing the right springform pan requires careful and thorough thinking since we all have different kinds of baking needs. Some people need a bigger pan, while others need a smaller yet deeper pan. Therefore we made this list of basic features that you must consider before making a final decision.

1. Design And Color

Springform pans come in many various shapes such as rectangle, square, circle, star-shaped, heart-shaped, and more. Make sure you select the design that will meet your requirements. For example, if you are purchasing a springform pan for making cheesecakes and tarts, the best solution for you is the round one.

Picking out the right color is important too. We do believe that this sounds strange to you, but let us explain. The color plays a vital role in the heating of the pan, which, in the end, affects the entire baking process.

When preparing a cake that needs to be baked slowly, make sure to use a pan that features a lighter color since they reflect heat; therefore, they require a bit more time for baking. On the contrary, dark-colored pans absorb heat, and they should be used for baking cakes that require quick heating.

2. Size

Depending on how big you want your cake to be, you will choose the size. The size usually ranges from 8 to 11 inches. If you plan to make multiple storied cakes where the size of the layer decreases as you go higher, you can always buy a set that includes pans of varying diameters.

3. Base Material 

Springform pans are made from various materials, and each material provides some advantage, which the other material doesn’t. The material also affects durability. If you bake regularly, make sure you buy the one that features sturdy and durable construction.

  • Metal – Pans made from metal such as anodized aluminum or stainless steel are very durable. Unfortunately, they are prone to scratches, so avoid using metal utensils or cutting the cake into them. Also, the low-quality models tend to leave a metallic taste in the cake occasionally.
  • Silicon – These pans offer more versatility for baking since it is the most reliable when talking about leaking. They are suitable for baking desserts like puddings. But be aware that it’s quite difficult to achieve the perfect crumb in these pans. And never ever cut the cake in them!
  • Glass – These pans are a great option for runny desserts like the silicone ones. The great thing is that they don’t get damaged if you decide to cut the cake in them. Also, they do not retain flavors, so they will not affect the taste of the cake.

4. Nonstick Coating

If you expect your cake to come off the pan neatly without a trace of resistance, then you need to invest in a pan with a non-stick coating. The non-stick surface is usually made from silicone or Teflon. When using the non-stick pan baking cakes that are prone to cling to the pan will be as easy as it can get.

Also, the pans with non-stick coating are effortless to clean since there is almost no residue left on the surface. Some models are suitable for dishwashers, and some can only be washed by hand, so be careful when making a final decision.

5. Price And Warranty

Price always plays a prominent role when making a final decision. If you decide to go for the expensive model, always make sure that it is backed by some kind of warranty. Some manufacturers offer the same features, but better warranty conditions than other ones, so do your homework before opening your wallet.

Closing Remarks

Springform pans are a great option for beginners as well for more experienced bakers. It would give your cake that “I just arrived from the bakery” look even if this was your first try. Let’s be honest, who does not want to be in possession of a convenient cooking assistant like this.

Best Overall Value: MCIRCO 9 Inches Non-stick Springform Pan Round Leakproof 9 Inch

  • This MCIRCO springform pan is an all-purpose addition to your kitchen since it is perfect for different methods of cooking. It features durable construction that can easily handle high temperatures, it will not leak, and you can be 100% sure it is made from non-toxic material that is food graded.

Best Budget Option: Hiware 7 Inch Non-stick Springform Pan

  • If you prefer making desserts that require delicate handling in your pressure cooker, then the Hiware Springform Pan is a must-have accessory in your kitchen. We didn’t have a hard time deciding which model is the most budget-friendly considering all the features this product offers and the price tag it carries.  

Premium Pick: Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware, Springform Pan 9 Inch

  • Baking a perfect, evenly browned cake with the delicious crunchy crust is one of the simplest things to do from now on thanks to this perfect little kitchen helper. It might cost a bit more than you wanted to spend on it, but if you want reliable and durable bakeware, you must pay the price for it.