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Best Tortilla Maker 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Tortilla Maker 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Tortilla Makers 2023:

  1. KooK Cast Iron Tortilla Press
  2. Westinghouse Stainless steel Tortilla Maker
  3. Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Maker
  4. PETA Aluminum Tortilla Maker
  5. Eleganceinlife Cast Aluminum Tortilla Maker

Tortilla wraps, empanadas, pitas, chapati, roti, tostones – sounds delicious, right? 

If you want to make these mouthwatering meals at home, all you need is a tortilla maker! One good tortilla maker will make a huge difference in your cooking experience.

Tortilla makers are one of the most versatile kitchen devices you’ll find. They’re also very easy to use, don’t take up a lot of space, and they’re usually very affordable! Do you need more reasons to get one?

If you’re interested in finding the best tortilla maker on the market, take a look at our list of the top five, and our buying guide so you know what to look for. Let’s get into it!

5 Best Tortilla Makers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. KooK Cast Iron Tortilla Press – Best Overall

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Making delicious tortillas at home has never been easier thanks to the Westinghouse tortilla maker. Considering the price, the construction, and the performance, it’s undoubtedly one of the best you’ll find on the market. Plus, it’s so versatile, that you can use it not only for tortillas but also for patacones, tostones, empanadas, arepas, dumplings, mini pie shells, and so on! 

This is a heavy-duty tortilla maker which means it’s made of highly durable and strong materials, more specifically, cast iron. It’s very resistant to wear and corrosion because it’s usually enhanced with the addition of other minor elements, such as chromium. Although this tortilla maker looks heavy, it’s not too bulky. It’s also easy to use, move around, and store.

The KooK tortilla maker is one of the biggest on the market. It’s an 8-inch press that makes bigger tortillas compared to others. This makes it ideal for both home and professional use, in case you need it for a restaurant.

Thanks to the big handle, it’s very easy and convenient to use it. It’s also pre-seasoned with an organic flaxseed oil that makes it low-maintenance. Its cooking plates are non-stick so it’s easy to clean them afterward. Included with the tortilla maker you also get detailed instructions on how to assemble it and how to re-season the press. 


  • 8-inch diameter
  • Made for heavy use
  • Durable and resistant to wear and corrosion
  • Not too bulky


  • It’s a bit complicated to assemble

2. Westinghouse Stainless steel Tortilla Maker – Premium Pick

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Another great choice, although a bit pricey, is the Westinghouse electric tortilla maker. However, a bit above the average price is nothing compared to the performance and durability that you get from this device. The high-quality construction ensures you’ll have a good tortilla maker for years to come!

It works so well as a tortilla maker, but you can also use it to make pitas, chapati, roti, and all other flatbreads very quickly and efficiently. It’s an electric device, so it’s very easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of effort. All you need to do is turn it on, adjust the temperature using the thermostat knob and that’s it! Next to the knob, there are two light indicators, a green and a red one, that tell you whether the device is turned on or off.

Both the top and the bottom cooking plates are coated with a non-stick material, which means that your tortillas won’t stick to them, and it’s also very easy to clean the cooking plates afterward. Since the food doesn’t stick to plates, wiping them off with a soft cloth should do the job.

This tortilla maker has a stainless steel housing, which makes it very durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. The device has a beautiful Chrome finish that gives it a sleek appearance. Another great thing is that it’s not bulky, so storing it is a piece of cake!


  • Reasonable price
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Compact design


  • Selecting the right temperature can be a bit tricky until you get used to it

3. Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Maker – Budget-Friendly Choice

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Tortilla makers don’t have to be pricey to perform well. This one by Eleganceinlife is one of the best tortilla makers on the market and it comes at a very affordable price!

This is a manual presser, and they have one advantage compared to electric ones. With a manual tortilla maker, you can always expect a balanced press all around. This one is made of cast iron which is a strong and durable material. Thanks to the large handle, the weight is centered so you can always make perfect, evenly thin tortillas! The handle is also ergonomically shaped to give you a firm grip and full control. It’s very big so you can even use it to press down with both hands! 

The diameter of the press is 7.3 inches, which is a standard for this type of device. It’s enough to make delicious tortillas, empanadas, tostones, and more! This tortilla maker is created for heavy use, so it’s great to use at home and professionally.

Unfortunately, the press is a bit sticky, so it’s recommended to use parchment paper. It can be a bit annoying when a part of your tortilla won’t come off easily, so it’s always better to put paper and not worry about it! This way, it won’t get too dirty so it’s easier to clean later.


  • Very affordable price
  • Perfectly balanced for even, thin tortillas
  • Large ergonomic handle
  • Versatile


  • It’s a bit sticky so it’s necessary to use parchment paper

4. PETA Aluminum Tortilla Maker – Sleek And Shiny Design

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The PETA tortilla maker is a similar model to the previous two when it comes to design, but it’s made of different materials that make it a bit easier to use. It’s also durable, not too expensive, and has a stylish shiny look!

The material used to make it is high-quality aluminum. Aluminum is not the most common material when it comes to tortilla makers, but it’s one of the best. It can withstand a lot, so it’s made for heavy use, but at the same time, it’s so lightweight that you can easily maneuver it and move it around. Aluminum is also an incredible distributor of heat, so the heat is always evenly spread across the press. 

Because of the large handle and the heavy-duty aluminum construction, the weight is also distributed evenly for perfect results. Plus, you have full control of the handle so you can press down as hard or as gentle as you want. 

This tortilla maker has an 8-inch diameter, but it makes 6-inch tortillas. It also has a non-stick feature so you don’t ever have to worry about cleaning it. You can simply clean it with a damp or dry cloth and it’s good to go!

All things considered, the PETA aluminum tortilla maker is a great choice. Not only will it deliver perfect results every time, but it’s also very durable and easy to maintain!


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Heat and weight are distributed evenly
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • The handle can get a bit hot

5. Eleganceinlife Cast Aluminum Tortilla Maker – Lightweight But Sturdy

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Eleganeiclife is one of the popular brands when it comes to devices like tortilla makers and for good reasons. They have a wide range of different choices and models, all unique in their own way. This one is made of cast aluminum, a sturdy and durable material, ideal for this kind of kitchen device!

Cast aluminum is a great choice for tortilla makers because it is one of the best distributors of heat. It spreads heat evenly across the press without mistake, so it doesn’t have any hot spots. It makes sure that the tortillas come out perfect in every way! Aluminum is not as heavy as iron, so it’s easier to handle, and it requires less time and effort.

Aluminum is also durable, so you know you have a tortilla maker you’ll be able to use for many years. Plus, this one is very affordable, so you can get a high-quality device without having to spend a lot of money! 

The handle is very big and it’s cleverly shaped to be easy to maneuver. You can press down with either one or two hands, and you have full control of the pressure. Just be careful and make sure to always use kitchen gloves, because the handle tends to get a bit hot!

Don’t worry about cleaning this tortilla maker. Thanks to the non-stick coating, the mess is reduced to a minimum, and cleaning is a breeze!


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Sturdy aluminum body
  • Large ergonomic handle
  • Durable


  • The handle tends to get hot

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Tortilla Maker

Best Tortilla Makers Review

Tortilla makers generally aren’t very spendy, but there are a few things worth considering before you spend money. Make sure to check things like materials, size, and additional features.

1. Electric Vs. Manual

Whether you’ll choose an electric or a manual tortilla maker depends on your personal preferences. Both are great choices and both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Electric tortilla makers require minimal effort from your side, and all you need to do is put the dough on the cooking plates, close them and wait for the device to do its job. With manual tortilla makers, you have to use your hands to press down on the tortillas, so they require a bit more work but it’s nothing too difficult. 
  • Manual tortilla makers usually have a more sturdy construction and they have a large handle that works as a lever, distributing the weight evenly across the tortilla press, so you have perfect results every single time! 

In conclusion, you won’t make a mistake whichever one you go with, so just choose the one you think you’ll personally enjoy using!

2. Size

The good thing is that tortilla makers are not large and bulky. Sometimes they can be a bit heavy, depending on the material they’re made of. But most of them have a compact and lightweight design, which means it is easy to maneuver them as well as store them!

When it comes to the size of the tortillas, most tortilla makers have a diameter between 6 and 8 inches. This is also a feature that you should choose based on your needs!

3. Material

The three most common materials used to make tortilla makers are stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum. Stainless steel is popular with electric tortilla makers while most manual tortilla makers are made of iron or aluminum.

Cast iron is a very strong material highly resistant to wear and corrosion, which means it’s also durable and this makes it the number one choice for manual tortilla makers. 

Aluminum is not as heavy as iron, so it makes lightweight devices that are still very sturdy and durable. Aluminum is also an excellent distributor of heat, so the heat in tortilla makers is spread evenly for perfect results! Another advantage of aluminum is that it gives a slightly more elegant appearance compared to cast iron.

4. Additional Features

Besides the size and materials, there are a few more characteristics worth considering, like the handle, non-stick feature, and so on.

If you want a manual tortilla maker, you have to consider the handle. It’s important that the handle is large and ergonomically shaped to give you a firm grip and full control. Sometimes the handle gets hot so make sure to wear kitchen gloves!

Cleaning and maintenance are other important factors. Check whether the tortilla maker you want has a non-stick coating. This makes cooking a lot easier but it also means that cleaning is easy too. With a non-stick device, all you need to do to clean it is wipe it with a damp or dry cloth!

If you choose an electric tortilla maker, make sure it has some additional features like light indicators so you know whether it’s turned on or off, and a knob to easily adjust the temperature. 

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Tortilla maker is a versatile and handy kitchen device. You can use it for so many things from tortillas and empanadas to roti, chapati, and delicious pitas! Plus, most tortilla makers are reasonably priced and durable, so you’ll have an incredible kitchen tool to use for many years to come! 

We’ve reviewed our top five choices, and now let’s see what are the best of the best!

Best OverallKooK Cast Iron Tortilla Press

  • With the KooK cast iron tortilla maker, you’ll be able to make perfectly thin tortillas quickly and with minimum effort. It’s a sturdy and durable device ideal for both home and professional use, and on top of all this, it’s not too pricey!

Premium PickWestinghouse Stainless steel Tortilla Maker 

  • If you want an electric tortilla maker, you won’t find a better one than the Westinghouse tortilla maker. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel that’s very durable, and it’s so easy to use and clean. It was a bit expensive but totally worth it!

Best Budget-Friendly ChoiceEleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Maker

  • On the other hand, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, we highly recommend the Eleganceinlife cast iron, tortilla maker. It’s ultra-sturdy, durable, and capable of delivering perfect results every time! We guarantee you’ll absolutely love it!