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Best Crepe Maker 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Crepe Maker 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Crepe Makers 2023:

  1. CucinaPro Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan
  2. Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro – 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle – Non-stick Pancake Maker
  3. Salton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker
  4. Cuisinart CPP-200 International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus, Stainless Steel
  5. VonShef Professional Electric 12 Inch Crepe Pan and Pancake Maker

It is well-known that many delicious desserts come from France, and crepes are one of them. We are not surprised that these delicate, soft treats are a favorite for so many people.

Preparing crepes sounds like an easy job, and it relatively is. There are so many recipes you can find both online and in the old recipe books that will help you make the perfect crepe batter. The tricky part is to evenly distribute that batter to make a perfect, thin crepe. 

This is where the crepe makers come in. A crepe maker is an amazing device that will help you make perfect, mouth-watering crepes.

To save you from many hours of research, we’ve decided to make this list of top crepe makers.

So, if you’re wondering what is the best crepe maker on the market, keep on reading!

5 Best Crepe Makers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. CucinaPro Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan – Our Top Pick

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Making perfectly thin crepes and blintzes has never been easier. With CucinaPro electric crepe pan, you’ll be able to make delicious crepes effortlessly.

A full black exterior and a smooth cooking surface give this electric pan a sleek, powerful look. The material used to make it is high-quality aluminum that distributes heat evenly and has a non-stick feature, which is crucial when it comes to making crepes. 

This electric pan has a round shape and a 12” diameter, which is ideal for crepes. It also has an inclined rim to prevent spilling and making a mess.

On the bottom part, there are two light indicators, a green and a red light which show whether the device is plugged in or not. Below that, you can see numbers from one to five. These are the temperature settings and you can adjust them using the movable cursor which is located below the base.

With five different temperature settings, this electric pan offers optimal performance not only for making crepes but also for bacon, pancakes, eggs, and so on.

In addition to all this, with the CucinaPro electric crepe maker, you also get the batter spreader and some recipes for the basic crepe batter, mushroom crepes, and blueberry blintzes. 

Overall, CucinaPro electric pan is an affordable device that will help you make perfect crepes and, thanks to the non-stickiness of the cooking surface, it’s very easy to clean!


  • Large cooking surface
  • Non-stick and easy to clean
  • Five temperature settings


  • Some users don’t like that it has many plastic parts

2. Salton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker – Versatile and Portable Kitchen Tool 

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One of the most affordable crepe makers is this Salton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker. It is a simple, handy appliance that offers high performance when it comes to making crepes.

The smooth, black cooking surface has a 7.5” diameter, which makes it slightly smaller compared to other crepe makers. It is made of Teflon with a non-stick coating. In contrast to the cooking surface, other parts of this electric pan are white. 

This crepe maker has an easy-grip handle. On the handle, there is a red power button, which is the only thing you need to switch before cooking. The handle is very useful since it enables you to stabilize the crepe maker and you can also easily take the finished crepes off the pan to the plates.

Salton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker has automatic temperature control. It heats up in an instant with no trouble, and it cooks crepes efficiently and effortlessly. 

With this electric pan, you also get a batter tray and a spatula for flipping the crepes. One small downside of this crepe maker is that it doesn’t have an inclined rim as some do, so you have to know the perfect amount of batter which can go on the pan without spilling it. 

Besides crepes, you can use this Salton model to make pancakes, eggs, bacon, and soft tortilla tacos. All in all, it’s a multipurpose device that comes at a very reasonable price!


  • Automatic temperature control
  • Heat is distributed evenly
  • Easy-grip handle


  • Small cooking surface

3. Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro – 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle – Non-stick Pancake Maker – A Professional-Grade Crepe Maker 

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When it comes to quality and performance, this Morning Star Crepe Maker Pro is an absolute winner.

The pristine, elegant design and the power and heating performance make it a professional-grade kitchen appliance. The cooking surface has a 13” diameter and it’s made of premium aluminum with a non-stick coating. The edges are raised to prevent any spilling of the batter while making crepes.

The bottom of this crepe maker is enhanced with non-slip rubber feet, which provides stability and it helps avoid any scratches on your kitchen counter!

Morning Star Electric Crepe Maker Pro has a 1000-watt capacity which means it heats up very quickly. The control temperature dial is located in the middle, just below the cooking surface. It gives you full autonomy to control the cooking temperature. Besides this, there are two light indicators that show not only the on/off status, but also let you know when the plate has reached the desired temperature set by the user.

With this crepe maker, you also get some recipes and crepe-making instructions as well as a batter spreader which is an essential tool for making thin crepes everyone is craving! 

If you need a portable, lightweight crepe maker that is also high-quality and durable, then this Morning Star model is a perfect choice for you. The only downside is the above-average price. 


  • Professional-grade crepe maker
  • 1000-watt capacity
  • Control temperature dial
  • Premium aluminum with non-stick coating
  • Easy to use and clean


  • It’s a bit pricey

4. Cuisinart CPP-200 International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus, Stainless Steel – A Multipurpose, Functional Device

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If you like crepes but are reluctant to get a device dedicated only to make them, then this Cuisinart International Chef electric pan is ideal for you. It is a multipurpose appliance designed to give you so many options.

The top cover and the exterior surface are made of high-quality stainless steel and the smooth, black cooking surface is manufactured from Teflon with a non-stick coating. It’s 8 ⅓ “ in diameter which is standard for this type of electric pan.

The base has two knobs that have five different temperature settings and time adjustments. There are two light indicators located between the knobs. One is a power indicator that shows you the on/off status, and the other is a ready indicator that lets you know when the device is heated to the temperature set by the user.

The top part has a secure lock feature, and this means it’s always tightly closed for optimal cooking performance. It also has a large handle which makes it very easy to open and carry without burning your hands.

The manufacturer made sure that the Cuisinart International Chef electric pan really is a multipurpose device. With the secure lid feature, temperature settings, and time adjustments, you can use this device to make crepes, pizzelles, tortillas, pancakes…

On top of all this, the Cuisinart electric pan is easy to clean. The cooking plates are reversible and dishwasher safe!


  • Very versatile
  • Many temperature settings and time adjustments
  • Easy to clean


  • Not exactly budget-friendly

5. VonShef Professional Electric 12 Inch Crepe Pan and Pancake Maker – Great Functionalities and Performance

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VonShef’s Professional Electric Crepe Pan is one of the most attractive crepe makers on the market. It’s very hard to resist its simple yet elegant design.

The 12.6” cooking surface has a sleek, black appearance and it’s made of high-quality aluminum that distributes heat evenly it also has a non-stick coating for easier cleaning.

The VonShef Electric Crepe Pan is equipped with a 1000watt heating capacity. The control panel has two very useful features – a temperature dial, and a light indicator. The cooking surface heats up quickly and the temperature dial offers you full control of the cooking temperature. The light indicator tells when the pan is heated up to the temperature set by the user.

With this electric pan, the chances of burning your crepes are minimal. This is because the pan automatically turns off once it reaches the desired temperature, and turns back on when necessary. This means you’ll always be able to make perfect crepes!

Thanks to its large cooking surface, the VonShef Professional Electric pan allows you to make an entire breakfast at once! You can make bacon and eggs together with small pancakes right next to them!

There are also some amazing accessories that come with this electric pan. A batter spreader, a ladle, an oil brush, and a wooden spatula will make your crepe cooking experience easy and efficient!


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Large cooking surface
  • Different temperature settings
  • Power and ready light indicators


  • Some users complained about the durability of the device

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Crepe Maker

Best Crepe Makers Review

If you love crepes, and you want to enjoy them often, then buying a crepe maker is a good decision. It’s a device that will save you time and effort and you’ll always be able to make delicious crepes for your entire family to enjoy. Like all decisions, this one also shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important to think of the best way to spend your hard-earned money.   

There are many key factors you should consider before buying a crepe maker. Things like size, versatility, storage, type, and so on are important to think about if you’re going to invest your money in a kitchen appliance like a crepe maker. 

1. Size 

Crepe makers come in a variety of sizes. A standard crepe maker has a cooking surface of about 10 inches. This will give you average-sized crepes, which are great for everyone. 

On the other hand, if you want to make smaller crepes, perhaps for your children, then you should consider buying a crepe maker with a 7-8 inches diameter. Crepes of this size will still be large enough, but also not too big if you or your kids cannot eat a lot.

The largest crepe makers have a 12-13 inches diameter. These are usually professional-grade crepe makers, but they can be great for home use if you like large crepes. You can also use a pan of this size to make an entire breakfast at once, for example, to cook bacon and eggs together. 

However, these large crepe makers take up more space, so if storage room is a problem for you, then we don’t recommend getting a crepe maker of this size since the smaller ones will also do the job perfectly!

2. Temperature Adjustment

If you have ever tried to make crepes, you must know how delicate they are and that the cooking temperature plays a big role. If you don’t get the right temperature, you can easily burn your crepes. 

Therefore, it’s crucial that the crepe maker has a feature for adjusting the temperature. In case it doesn’t, it should have an automatic temperature adjustment. Without this, the whole crepe-making process will be very difficult and tiring.

3. Versatility

In general, crepe makers are not extremely versatile. When you see a crepe maker you may think that you will be able to use it only for crepes and nothing else. But this is not necessarily true. Most crepe makers can be used for pancakes, bacon, eggs…some can be even used for soft tortillas

There are some electric pans that are so versatile due to their design. In this list, we included one of those pans. In case you wish to buy an electric pan that will be great not only for crepes but also for food like sandwiches, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and pizzelles – we got you covered. 

4. Type

We are sure you know of the good old, traditional ways to make crepes, for example, a stovetop pan. 

Nowadays, with the advanced technologies that make our lives easier, it’s not a surprise that electric kitchen appliances are becoming more and more popular! 

An electric crepe maker is one of those devices that will make your entire cooking experience safer, easier and healthier. 

They are designed to be simple and easy to use, so you can make crepes in no time and effort. With most electric crepe makers, all you need to do is press one button and let the device do its job. 

5. Accessories

Most crepe makers don’t come with a lot of accessories. However, one accessory that should be included with all crepe makers is a batter spreader. It spreads the batter evenly and it is an essential tool if you want to make soft, thin crepes. 

In addition to the batter spreader, sometimes you also get an oil brush, a ladle, and many recipes and crepe-making instructions.

6. Cleaning And Maintenance

Another important thing to consider is the cleaning of the crepe maker. Of course, you don’t want to buy an appliance that requires a lot of time and effort to clean. The good thing about all the crepe makers on our list is that they have a non-stick cooking surface, which means they are extremely easy to clean since crepe batter will never stick to them!

Some of those cooking plates are reversible and dishwasher safe. Even if they are not safe to put in the dishwasher, cleaning them is not difficult. All you need to use is a soft sponge and some warm water and dish soap, and your crepe maker will be perfectly clean!

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Crepes are delicate and soft treats and making them requires some skills, like spreading the batter evenly and setting just the right temperature. With a crepe maker, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. 

After carefully selecting and trying out many crepe makers and delicious crepes, we can, with confidence, recommend our top picks:

Best OverallCucinaPro Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan

  • You can’t go wrong with CucinaPro Crepe Maker. It has a large cooking surface, five different temperature settings, and a non-stick cooking surface for the best crepes! On top of all this, it comes at a very affordable price!

Our Premium PickMorning Star – Crepe Maker Pro – 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle – Non-stick Pancake Maker

  • This Morning Star Crepe Maker Pro deserves to be a premium pick because it’s a professional-grade crepe maker, with amazing functionalities: 1000watt capacity, adjustable temperature feature, a large non-stick cooking surface, and it’s made of premium, durable materials!

Best Budget-Friendly ChoiceSalton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker

  • Salton Cordless Electric Crepe Maker is a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a crepe maker. It offers almost everything as the other crepe makers do at an affordable price! Even though the cooking surface is small compared to others, it will help you make perfect and delicious crepes!