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Best Egg Cooker 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Egg Cooker 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Egg Cookers 2023:

  1. Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler
  2. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker
  3. Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker
  4. Cuisinart Cec-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker
  5. Powerdof ZDQ-702A Egg Cooker

Eggs are a staple of any healthy diet. If you want to lose weight, cooked eggs will provide enough protein to keep you satiated and away from high-calorie food.

Besides, a freshly cooked egg in the morning makes a quick and simple breakfast everyone enjoys.

Unfortunately, cooking an egg is not as easy as it seems, especially if you want to get it just the way you like it. 

If you want to avoid green egg yolks, you need to be careful not to overcook your eggs. On the other hand, undercooked eggs are a hazard to your health, particularly in the summer when salmonella roams. 

Luckily for you, there is a range of egg cookers created with the sole purpose of making the task of cooking perfect eggs almost effortless. You can choose from an array of different styles and sizes to best meet your needs and preferences.

Our choice of the five best egg cookers and our honest reviews should help you make an informed decision.

So, let’s not waste any more time and find the best egg cooker for you!

5 Best Egg Cookers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker – Quick & Efficient

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If you like to eat your breakfast as soon as you wake up, a quick and efficient Dash Rapid egg cooker might be just up your ally. It is super-easy to operate and versatile and offers excellent quality and price ratio.

With this unit, you’ll have no trouble cooking perfectly with ease. All you need to do is put up to six eggs in a designated place and choose an appropriate function. You can make both soft and hard-boiled eggs, but also poached eggs omelets.

When your eggs are ready to eat, a loud sound will get your attention. Therefore, there is no need to hang around the cooker. 

Besides, the Dash Rapid egg cooker will shut off automatically as soon as the eggs are done and keep them warm for you until you are ready to enjoy them. There is no need to cook separate breakfast for late sleepers anymore!

On the downside, not all plastic parts are BPA-free. If you can overlook that, you’ll get a stylish, colorful, and efficient cooker with a pone year warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Different color options
  • Several cooking options
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Automatic shut off
  • Loud alarm
  • One-year warranty


  • Plastic is not very durable nor BPA free

2. Cuisinart Cec-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker – High-capacity & Durability

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If you have a family to feed, you’ll need at least ten eggs each morning, and this is where the Cuisinart Cec-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker comes in handy!

You can choose whether you like your eggs soft or hard-boiled, or you can make up to four poached eggs. You’ll receive an omelet tray too. 

The Cuisinart Egg Central is straightforward to use as well as stylish. It will complement any kitchen decor. Being made from stainless steel, it not only looks modern and sleek but will also last for years to come. 

Stainless steel is undoubtedly a durable material, but it does have one fault – it gets really hot very quickly. You should, therefore, handle this cooker with care and keep it away from children.

This model comes with non-sleep feet for added stability and safety. You’ll receive a measuring cup, so there will be no need to guess how much water to add. 

The cooker has an audible alert as well as an LED light that will notify you when your eggs are done. The only thing you need to remember is to make a hole in the top of each egg. 


  • High capacity of up to ten eggs.
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Non-slip feet for added safety
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Blue LED indicator and an audible alert


  • The steel lid gets very hot

3. Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler – Egg boiler & Veggie steamer

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If you want to eat healthily, you need to base your diet on healthy proteins and vegetables. Cooked and poached eggs are an excellent way to start your day, but you should also rely on the numerous benefits of steamed food. The Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler can help you as it doubles as a veggie steamer

This versatile model looks very stylish too. It features a unique-looking base topped with a clear plastic lid. You can place the lid at an angle to put the food in more easily. 

When your food is done, an alarm will sound. You can load the cooker with up to six eggs or vegetables, push the start button, and go on to finish other chores around the house. Unfortunately, there is no omelet tray.

The good news is that all the non-electric parts of this egg cooker are dishwasher safe. You’ll have no trouble cleaning it!

You even get a water measuring cup to help you get everything right every time. All the plastic parts that come in contact with food are BPA-free. You’ll receive a one-year warranty too.


  • Doubles as a food steamer
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Loud alarm
  • BPA-free
  • 1-year warranty


  • There is no possibility to make omelets

4. Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker – Basic model suitable for travelers

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If you do not need bells and whistles and you simply want to enjoy cooked eggs wherever you are, the Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker is the right choice for you. It is a lightweight, compact model with essential functions, and you can easily take it with you even when you travel. 

The capacity of this unit is seven eggs at a time. The use is as simple as ever – put the eggs in the slots of the egg tray, add some water, and the cooker will do the rest. When the eggs are done, the unit will automatically shut off.

There is no alarm, and even though most people would consider that a disadvantage, it might be a blessing for young mums who do not want to wake up their sleeping babies. You can always set a timer on your smartphone too!

Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker can prepare boiled and poached eggs, but there is no option to make an omelet. The provided measuring cup makes it easy to determine the amount of water to add while practical handles on the sides of the egg tray allow for easy egg removal.


  • Compact and portable
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Easily removable egg tray


  • No alarm
  • Cannot make omelets

5. Powerdof ZDQ-702A Egg Cooker – Versatile & Time-saving machine

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The Powerdof ZDQ-702A Egg Cooker is yet another versatile model that allows you to prepare healthy meals throughout the day. Namely, this egg coker doubles as a steamer and will enable you to boil eggs and steam food at the same time!

You can use this versatile machine for cooking a wide range of dishes – quickly and efficiently. It is suitable for large families too, as you can cook the eggs on both tiers and prepare as many as fourteen hard or soft-boiled eggs at once.

Alternatively, you can load the bottom tier with seven eggs and place your favorite vegetables or even meat or fish on the top level. The steam will cook all the food simultaneously, and you’ll have a wholesome meal in minimal time.

You’ll receive an egg rack with a handle, as well as a poaching tray, measuring cup, and a bowl. The base is made from stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. 

There is no alarm to alert you when your food is done, but thanks to the automatic shut-off function, nothing will get overcooked. 


  • The capacity of up to 14 eggs
  • Two-tier design for simultaneous cooking and steaming
  • Easy to use
  • Durable stainless steel base
  • Automatic shut-off


  • No timer sound alert

How Can You Find The Best Egg Cooker? A Buying Guide You Can Trust

Best Egg Cookers Review

There are many things you need to consider before you buy an egg cooker, or you risk getting one that will not serve you well. If you want to avoid buying yet another appliance that will sit in the corner of your kitchen unused, look into the following features:

1. Capacity

All egg cookers can cook multiple eggs at the same time – that is their main advantage. Still, their capacity can be quite different and ranges from six to as much as twenty-four eggs at a time.

You might be tempted to cook more eggs today and use them over the next couple of days, but we would not recommend it even though we agree that it would save you some time and effort. Namely, hard-boiled eggs will spoil faster than raw ones, and you should not risk your health. 

If you are not going to use large quantities of boiled eggs often, it is best to stick to a compact egg cooker. Therefore, if you are single and live alone, buy a model that can cook a few eggs. Of course, large families require large egg cookers too!

2. Controls

Typically, egg cookers are simple machines with a few basic controls. Some models are slightly more complex, but that is all in service of making your life simpler. It might take you a few minutes more to figure out the controls, but you’ll be able to control and monitor the cooking process more easily later on.

3. Extra Cooking Options

Some egg cookers will only cook eggs in their shells, but most contemporary units can also make poached eggs or even omelets. Logically, the later ones tend to cost more, so if you only need to cook eggs, you can save your money by purchasing the most basic models. You should still make sure that you have an option to choose between soft and hard-boiled eggs.

4. Design & Style

Most egg cookers look almost the same, even though there are small differences in their size and portability. Yet, even though they have the same shape, egg cookers come in a range of different colors that you can match to your kitchen.

Of course, the style & color of your egg cooker will not affect its performance, but they can increase your satisfaction!

 5. Material

Most often, egg cookers are made of plastic, but for a few extra bucks, you can find stainless steel or aluminum models. There are also combinations of these materials.

Typically, the lid is made of plastic, as it is light, transparent, and does not get very hot to the touch. The all-plastic models look cheap and are not very durable.

If you opt for a plastic egg cooker, at least make sure that it is free of toxic chemicals like BPA. Plastic parts will come in contact with your food, and you want to avoid chemical leaching at all costs.

Steel and aluminum egg cookers are more stylish but also more durable than plastic ones. You need to handle them with care, though, as these materials get really hot. They are not kid-friendly at all!

6. Alarm

Egg cookers are meant to make your life easier, and that means that you should be able to complete other tasks around your kitchen while you wait for your eggs to be done. This is why the best egg cooker must have an alarm that will let you know when your eggs are ready! A

7. Auto Shutoff Function

For your utmost convenience, the best egg cooker should feature an auto-shutoff feature. Such cookers shut off when the eggs are done and, as a bonus, keep your eggs warm and fresh until you are ready to enjoy them.

8. Safety Features

As we have already mentioned, specific models get hot very quickly, and you have to handle them with care. Features such as durable heat-proof handles and steam vents in the lid will help you stay safe and avoid accidents, so be sure to look for them when shopping for an egg cooker.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Egg Cooker?

Finally, you are ready to choose the best egg cooker for your kitchen. Remember to consider the capacity and ease of use so that you can feed your loved ones with minimal time and effort invested. 

Our top choice would be the Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler as it doubles as a veggie steamer and allows you to enrich your diet with valuable vitamins and minerals.

We also highly recommend the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker as it features both the alarm and an auto-shutoff function, allowing you to spend your time the way you want.  This model is also compact and lightweight and thus allows you to enjoy your favorite egg dishes almost anywhere.

Speaking of the egg on the go, we must mention the best egg cooker for travelers – Flexzion Electric Egg Cooker. It is the best option for people who want to be able to enjoy their favorite breakfast anywhere on the globe.