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Best Food Steamer 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Food Steamer 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Food Steamers 2023:

  1. Aroma Housewares Food Steamer
  2. Instant Pot Duo Nova Steamer
  3. BELLA Food Steamer
  4. Rosewill Electric Food Steamer
  5. Tiger Corporation Steamer

Cooking is an activity that takes a lot of time and energy. After a long day at work, who really wants to spend a few more hours working in the kitchen? Because of that, many people decide on take-out dinner instead, which lacks nutritional value.

A healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular every day. However, there is a catch – if you want a nutritional lunch, you have to prepare it yourself. This is where technology comes in with food steamers.

A steamer is a piece of tech that will provide you and your family with nutritious meals. What’s even better, it will do almost all the work for you – all you have to do is place the food inside and turn it on. Check out our article for the best fat separators if you’re looking into diet improvements.

The market is full of food steamers varying in size and options of cooking, making it hard to decide. Which one is the best food steamer? Thankfully, we did the research, and here are our results:

5 Best Food Steamers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Aroma Housewares Food Steamer – Best Overall

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Aroma Housewares food steamer is the best steamer there is. Investing in this product means getting your money’s worth. This compact and elegant food steamer is guaranteed to complement your kitchen counter. It allows you to get creative as it has 12 different programs to use, the most important being food steamer, slow cooker, and rice cooker. If you’re in the mood for rice, veggies, or even a cake, this appliance has got your back. 

This Aroma Housewares steamer can cook rice and steam vegetables at the same time – just add the steam tray included in the package. This appliance is also equipped with a big capacity – you can cook up to 20 cups of rice at a time. All these attributes make this appliance a great buy, considering the time-saving and the convenience. 

Just like the steam tray, this product comes with useful accessories like a non-stick inner pot, a rice measuring cup, a rice spatula, and a great instruction manual. However, there is no way to check if your food is cooked well – you can’t see the food until the device turns off.

There is also a timer on the side which gives you control of the cooking process. With the timer function, you can program the appliance to start cooking at a different time – up to a 15-hour delay. Another useful feature is the keep-warm mode – it starts automatically when the food is cooked. All functions are easy to use, thanks to a user-friendly digital panel. Just place food in the belonging compartment, push the button, and the cooker will do the rest – that’s how simple it is.


  • Easy to use
  • Big capacity
  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual
  • Timer and keep-warm mode
  • Many other cooking options included


  • No way to check the food

2. Instant Pot Duo Nova Steamer – Premium Pick

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Instant Pot’s Duo Nova is one of the best steamers there are. This is our premium, high-end choice. The elegant, stainless-steel interior will make your kitchen shine with pride. This practical appliance not only steams food, but also serves as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, and warmer. 

Duo Nova Steamer acts as seven kitchen appliances, saving time as it prepares dishes 70% faster. 13 one-button settings like soup, slow cook, steam, yogurt, keep warm and many more make the process of food steaming or cooking even simpler. If you’re limited on kitchen space, this product might be perfect for you.

This appliance is also beginner-friendly; this upgrade of Amazon’s bestseller Instant Pot Duo is even simpler to use than its predecessor. Duo Nova is very easy to clean – all accessories are dishwasher-safe.

This model monitors pressure, temperature, and adjusts the time and heat as needed. An appliance like this will assist you in making tasty meals every time. This food steamer is equipped with a digital timer that counts down until your food is ready.

When buying Instant Pot’s food steamer you gain access to their app (available on iOS and Android) with thousands of recipes. The app also has a large community that you can be a part of – give and get advice from many fellow Instant Pot users.

Instant Pot Duo Nova comes in 3 different sizes: 3, 8, and 10QT, so you have a variety to choose from. Pick one that fits your needs best.

Another point we wanted to make while reviewing this particular model is that many people experienced poor communication with customer service. There is no option to call the customer service, complaints are only sent via e-mails or through the website. You should take this into account if you’re serious about buying Insta Pot Duo.


  • Automatic adjustments of cooking
  • Keep-warm mode
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recipe app access included
  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Additional cooking options


  • Unreliable customer service

3. BELLA Food Steamer – Budget-Friendly Choice

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BELLA 7.4 Quart Food Steamer made it to our list as the best value-for-money option. The price is significantly lower than our first two choices, but that doesn’t mean this product isn’t worth buying.

This appliance is equipped with two sizeable tiers, allowing you to cook different dishes at the same time. Cook an entire dish with sides with just a push of a button. Don’t worry about foods soaking up the taste of other vegetables inside, all dishes retain the original taste in the BELLA food steamer.

This BELLA food steamer can steam vegetables and other things as well. You can place meat, fish, tofu, and even dumplings inside the cooker.

This commodious steamer is very easy to use – it is equipped with just a few buttons. Steam baskets are dishwasher-safe, further ensuring ease of use.

When the appliance is turned on, it starts steaming in less than a minute, so the dinner never runs late. There are some additional features as well – after the food is done cooking, the steamer is turned off automatically. On the other hand, BELLA lacks the keep-warm option compared to other models in this article.


  • View food as it cooks
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Automatically turns off when done


  • No keep-warm option

4. Rosewill Electric Food Steamer – Simple Option

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The Rosehill Food Steamer is the budget-friendly option that deserves a place in this buying guide as well. Its very simple appearance and design are guaranteed to make meal-preparing an enjoyable experience. 

This food steamer comes equipped with three steam baskets. You can use each basket for cooking different foods or cooking larger quantities of a dish. The manufacturer recommends putting the food that cooks the longest on the lowest tier, as it heats the fastest. The appliance starts steaming within a minute of turning on, allowing you to start cooking immediately.

The additional features that deserve a mention in this review are the built-in egg holders used to boil the eggs and the rice bowl. An additional feature that comes with the Rosewill kitchen appliance is a timer with 1-hour increment settings. The timer can prove useful when you want to set it for less than an hour.

There is a water indicator as well, letting the user know when it’s time for a refill. The device turns off automatically when the water level is too low. Some customer reviews stated that the water container can leak a little when the device is cooling down after use.

Rosewill Food steamer is very easy to use and operate. All dishes and baskets are dishwasher-safe, giving you a hassle-free cooking experience.


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatically turns off when the water level is too low
  • Three-stack steaming


  • Timer can’t be set for less than 1 hour
  • The water container can leak

5. Tiger Corporation Steamer – Perfect Gift Idea

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Tiger Corporation Steamer is a great steamer of compact design. This is the perfect gift for someone just starting out in the kitchen. Many preset settings and cooking versatility make it a great buy, no matter how experienced in the kitchen the user is.

Originally, this appliance is a rice cooker, but it comes with a perforated tray for steaming food. There are four cooking settings like synchro-cooking, plain rice, brown rice, and slow cooking. The unique synchro-cooking option gives you the possibility of cooking rice and other dishes at the same time.

The Tiger Corporation kitchen appliance comes with good accessories like a spatula, a cooking plate, a measuring cup, and a cookbook. The cookbook even has recipes adjusted for the synchro-cooking mode, which makes the meal-preparing a pretty easy task.

The device itself is very simple to operate. Every mode is activated with just a push of a button. The inner pan is easy to clean and maintain because of the non-stick coating. However, the non-stick coating is not very durable, and nicks on the inner pan are to be expected within the first few months after purchase. Do remember this if you decide on a Tiger Corporation steamer.


  • 4 cooking settings
  • Easy to use
  • Cookbook included
  • Accessories included


  • The non-stick coating is not very durable

Things To Have In Mind When Buying A Food Steamer

Best Food Steamers Review

Investing in a food steamer means investing in your health. This appliance will help you prepare healthy meals without breaking a sweat. A good food steamer lasts very long and will serve you for many years. 

There are quite a lot of food steamers on the market. They differ in type, options, size, and many other details. Reading this article will help you find the right fit for you and your kitchen. 

1. Electric And Stovetop Steamers

First off, there are two basic types of steamers – electric and stovetop. A stovetop steamer is a kitchen gadget. It’s placed on top or inside a pot or pan filled with simmering water. The food is placed in the steamer, and, since the steamer is perforated, it allows steam to surround and cook the food.

A stovetop steamer can be: 

  • In the foldable form (often made from stainless steel);
  • In the form of a perforated pan (that is placed in the pan with simmering water);
  • Or in the form of a bamboo basket (used in a wok).

This is a great choice if you are looking to steam food without losing precious kitchen counter space. Every stovetop steamer can be stored within a pan or pot. This is also the budget-friendlier option if that is a characteristic you seek.

On the other hand, an electric steamer is a kitchen appliance. They come with perforated stacks or dividers so you’re able to steam cook a lot of food or a few different foods at the same time. The water is added to the chamber, which is then heated. The heated water produces steam that cooks the food. Cooking with an electric steamer is pretty simple since all you have to do is add water, add the food, turn the steamer on, and voila!

Some kitchen appliances, like rice cookers and electric pressure cookers, have the option of steam cooking and come with a perforated tray. You might be looking into products like that, to get the best value for your money. Also, an appliance that offers a few options of cooking rather than one is less likely to gather up dust on your counter.

2. Capacity

The next thing you should keep in mind when buying a food steamer is the capacity. Do you need more space to make food for a big family or large groups of people? If the answer is yes, always pay attention to this when browsing the supermarket aisles or the internet. A food steamer that is too small for your liking won’t serve its purpose.

3. Ease Of Use

An appliance that is difficult to operate or has a lot of parts to assemble can prove to be a bad investment. Cooking already takes a lot of time, buying an appliance should make your life easier. Ease of use is a thing to look for – if using the product is simple, it will serve you for a long time. A simple interface and an instruction manual are something to seek. Pick a product that will serve your needs without any stress.

4. Timer And Delayed Start

When thinking about investing in a food steamer, check out the description or the box for additional features. Those additional features are a timer, delayed start, or keep-warm function. Those are all designed to make your cooking easier, so you might want to look out for those functions when buying.

5. Extra Features

When you’re looking for a food steamer, you’re probably only thinking about the appliance that steam cooks the food. However, as we mentioned, many kitchen appliances offer steam cooking as well as some other useful features. You can buy a steamer that also cooks rice, pressure cooks, heats up the food, or serves as an air fryer as well. An appliance like that might be a better investment. That is especially true if you already struggle with storage space because it serves as many kitchen appliances, all in one. So, in the end, you don’t have to invest in more products if the need for them occurs.

The Best Food Steamer – Final Recommendations

After reviewing our top five choices, it’s time to reveal the best of the best. This was no easy task, considering the market offers so many food steamers. However, with no further ado, here are our favorite food steamers:

Best food steamer: Aroma Housewares Food Steamer

  • This is the best food steamer out there. Supplied with 12 cooking programs, accessories, and automatic settings, this is the best appliance to have in your kitchen. Say goodbye to long hours in the kitchen and welcome the Aroma Housewares Steamer!

Premium choice: Instant Pot Duo Nova Steamer

  • Duo Nova is the food steamer to have. Stainless steel exterior brings a dash of luxury to your kitchen counter. This model of food steamer will not only steam your veggies, but it will also do so much more. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was never easier than with Instant Pot Duo Nova!

Budget-friendly Pick: BELLA Food Steamer

  • BELLA food steamer is a great option if you’re looking for a kitchen appliance that will steam dishes at a reasonable price. This steamer has a large capacity and it’s easy for operating. Place various foods inside, push a button, and let BELLA take over the cooking for you!