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Best Electric Knife Sharpener 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Electric Knife Sharpener 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners 2023:

  1. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition
  2. Work Sharp Culinary E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener
  3. Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener
  4. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener
  5. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

A sharp knife is a must! It is an essential part of any kitchen arsenal as it is irreplaceable in many situations. Sharp knives enable you to cut through anything with ease and thus save your precious time and effort.

Unfortunately, even the most expensive knives of the highest quality will lose their edge eventually. No blade will stay sharp forever, and you need to be prepared for when that day comes! 

If you want to keep your knives sharp at all times with minimal effort on your part, you should invest in the best electric knife sharpener. It is the fastest and easiest option to keep your knives as sharp as a razor! In fact, if you sharpen your knives regularly, it will take you only about 30 seconds for a touch-up and sharpest possible edge!

A reliable electric knife sharpener will help you keep all your knives in perfect condition and ready to cut safely and efficiently. So, how can you find one that fits all your needs?

We will help you with a detailed buying guide and a few suggestions! Check out our Top 5 favorite electric knife sharpener models!

5 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition – Suitable for different types of knives and blades

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Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition is an electric knife sharpener best suited for those of you who need to sharpen different kinds of knives and blades. Besides being able to sharpen kitchen knives with a straight edge, this tool can handle a curved or serrated blade as well. It makes it highly versatile and practical.

This versatile tool features 6000-grit flexible abrasive belts that guarantee a sharp edge. A variable-speed motor allows you to set the speed anywhere from 1,200 sfm to 2,800 sfm to best fit your specific needs. The high-speed setting will enable you to sharpen even the very old, rusty blades and restore their function. The low-speed setting is appropriate for honing your knives.

An adjustable sharpening angle allows you to sharpen your knives to any angle between 15 and 30 degrees, and that makes this premium tool even more versatile. You can run it continuously for as much as one hour, so there is more than enough time to get any job done.


  • Extremely flexible 
  • Ultra-versatile too that can handle all sorts of blades
  • High-speed motor for different sharpening needs
  • 6000-grit abrasive belts
  • A duty cycle of one hour


  • Requires a learning curve
  • Expensive

2. Work Sharp Culinary E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener – A 3-stage hybrid knife sharpener

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Work Sharp Culinary E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener is a premium tool unique on this list since it comes in combination with a separate honing rod; this makes this sharpener a three-stage hybrid knife sharpener. Two slots are reserved for electric sharpening purposes while the honing rod allows you to fine-tune your knife blades for a perfect finish.

This is quite an expensive premium tool. On the bright side, it is also highly versatile and can sharpen almost all straight and serrated blades. As a result, you can use it on all popular types of knives. They will be as sharp as a razor quick and easy – within 90 seconds.

The flexible sharpening belts make it even more versatile. The built-in sharpening angle guides will sharpen the knives automatically, so there is no need to set the angle yourself. Still, the one feature that sets out this particular model is the in-built vacuum. It keeps your counter free from any sharpening debris. 


  • Comes with a separate ceramic honing rod
  • Flexible sharpening belts 
  • Built-in sharpening angle guides and a debris vacuum
  • Works wonders in only 90 seconds.
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Won the Innovation Award in 2020


  • Quite an expensive product

3. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener – Reasonably-priced elegantly-designed, 3-stage knife sharpener

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Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener costs far less than our previous two members of this Top 5 list but can nonetheless sharpen a variety of knives quickly and easily.

It is a three-stage knife. The first stage serves for coarse grinding needed to sharpen old, extremely blunt, or rusty knives. The second stage serves for precision grinding required to smooth out the blade. Finally, the third stage is responsible for honing needed to add the final touch to the sharpened blade.

There is no need to adjust the angles since all the three slots are already angled, You simply put your knife in each slot, one after the other, and that’s it. Both slots one and two feature Sapphirite wheels, while the third slot 3 has ceramic wheels.

Thanks to the different sharpening modes this tool offers, you can sharpen knives of different thicknesses. You can choose between three different settings: thin, medium, and thick. The thin setting is used for lightweight knives, the medium one for standard kitchen knives, and the thick setting for heavy-duty hunting knives.


  • Elegant design to complement any kitchen
  • Suitable for home and professional use
  • Cheaper than many knife sharpeners with similar features
  • Three-stage functionalities
  • Very easy to use
  • Works well with different types of knives


  • It cannot be used to sharpen curved blades or knives

4. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener – Features patented sharpening system and the automatic adjustment of the sharpening angle

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Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener is a high-quality tool from a highly popular and reputable Chef’s Choice brand. It is a three-stage knife sharpener capable of sharpening, polishing, and honing any straight-edged or serrated blade. Unfortunately, it does not work quite well for serrated blades.

This tool features diamond abrasives and a patented sharpening system. It sharpens your knives to an ultra-sharp 15-degree edge. The sharpening guides are quite flexible and thus allow for the automatic adjustment of the sharpening angle. The three-stage EdgeSelect sharpening system provides grinding, honing, and polishing functions. You only need to place a knife into the proper slot and let this tool do its job.

It is quick to use and will sharpen your knife in only one minute when you do it for the first time, and in under ten seconds when you resharpen it. This Chef’s Choice knife sharpener comes with a 3-year warranty for your utmost convenience. The price is on the higher end of the spectrum but well worth it.


  • A 3-stage sharpening, polishing, and honing system
  • An excellent choice for straight or serrated blades
  • Diamond abrasives 
  • Sharpen any knife in only a minute
  • Easy-to-use
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • A bit expensive 
  • Not the right choice for curved blades

5. Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener – Budget-friendly sharpener suitable for ceramic and stainless steel knives

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Even though the cheapest on our Top 5 list, Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener, should not disappoint any home user. This handy kitchen tool can be used to sharpen both ceramic and stainless steel knife blades. Unfortunately, it is intended for straight-edged kitchen knives only and thus cannot be used to sharpen serrated or curved knives, nor the hunting knives.

In accordance with its price, this electric knife sharpener features only a 2-stage sharpening system. The first slot provides coarse grinding, and the second one is intended for fine grinding and smoothing out the blade edge. The diamond abrasive slots are 600 grits and 800 grits. They provide an 18-degree and 20-degree bevel angle and thus guarantee a sharp edge to your knives.

This affordable tool is quite compact and easy to use too. As a bonus, the diamond wheel can be removed for an effortless cleaning after each use. The cartridge is removable as well for a more comfortable replacement. It is best suited for home use. 


  • Affordable
  • Removable diamond wheel for easy cleaning 
  • It can sharpen most straight-edged kitchen knives
  • Ideal for home use
  • Diamond abrasives for even the roughest blades
  • Compact and easy to use.


  • It cannot be used for sharpening curved or serrated knives 
  • No honing function

How Can You Choose The Very Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Review

Our Top 5 list is quite self-explanatory, and you should have no trouble choosing the ideal electric knife sharpener for your needs. Still, you should read our handy buyers’ guide too, as it will explain what are the things you should consider when you’re looking to buy a new electric knife sharpener.

Your shopping will be successful only if you have a good sense of what to look out for!

So, without any further ado, here are the things you need to consider when shopping for the best electric knife sharpener:

1. Type

There are a few types of knife sharpeners available on the market. The main difference is between the manual and electric knife sharpeners, but your mind is probably already set on electric ones since you are reading this text.

It is still good to know that both electric and manual knife sharpeners work with the same principles. They feature an abrasive surface; you should scrape against the metal edge of your knife blade to sharpen it.

When using a manual knife sharpener, you have to rely on the strength of your arms, but electric knife sharpeners feature spinning wheels that do the hard job for you. The abrasive is mounted on these wheels, and that increases the friction as you draw the knife through the sharpener making the sharpening process quicker and more effective.

2. Abrasive Material

There are different abrasive materials used for knife sharpening. They differ in the level of texture and grit level. 

  • A coarser grit level materials are best suited for rough surfaces and sharpening at high speed. They are used to restore a dull blade to an adequate level of sharpness.
  • Finer grits, on the other hand, are much slower and remove less material from the blade.

These finer gritted abrasives are not intended for major sharpening tasks but rather to fine-tune your blade edge and make it the sharpest it can be. Therefore, you should use them in the final stage of the sharpening process to polish the knife edge and make it smooth.  

What Abrasive Materials Are Used For Electric Knife Sharpener Wheels?

  • Most electric knife sharpeners feature either a diamond abrasive or a Sapphirite sharpening wheel.
  • Diamonds might be the girl’s best friends, but when it comes to knife sharpening, they do a man’s work. Being made of the hardest material, diamond abrasives are best utilized for coarse grinding. They are not the best option for precision grinding as they can damage the delicate blade edge.
  • Sapphire abrasives do the same job but are less aggressive and still perform the job well than diamond ones.

3. Abrasive Belt

The very best electric knife sharpeners should have abrasive belts. An abrasive belt will provide you with tons of flexibility and an opportunity to sharpen all sorts of blades. Therefore, you will not be limited to straight knife blades only. 

4. Sharpening Stages

A majority of electric knife sharpeners feature either two stages or three stages. What are the sharpening stages?

The number of sharpening stages actually represents the number of slots you have available to sharpen or polish your knife blade. 

Three-stage sharpeners most often offer you the possibility for coarse sharpening, honing, and polishing. Thy thus guarantees the utmost precision. 

Honing is the process of straightening the bent or misaligned blade edge. It should be done more often than sharpening; for the best results, you can hone your knife before each use and after every washing. 

Two-stage sharpeners are less complicated to use but do not provide as much precision as the three-stage ones. Home users will do just fine with a two-stage sharpener while professional users have to go for the three-stage sharpeners.

5. Angle Guides

Knives can be used for different purposes. You should sharpen the blade to a certain angle, depending on what you plan to use it for.

Most electric knife sharpeners can sharpen your blades only to a 20-degree angle or a few specific angles. A 20-degree angle is the most common angle for American-style kitchen knives.  

In fact, the majority of kitchen knife blades require to be sharpened at an angle between 15 degrees and 25 degrees, and that means you can manage with any basic electric knife sharpener. 

If you want a sharpener that can offer you more angles than this, you should buy a manual sharpening stone. When using a sharpening stone, you have the freedom to adjust your angle by hand. It requires a lot more effort but enables you to fit the angle to whichever needs you may have for each blade.

6. Compatibility 

Most electric knife sharpeners are designed to work with any straight-edged blade and all the regular kitchen knives. If you want to be able to sharpen curved or serrated blades, make sure that the electric knife sharpener you buy is up to that task. Be prepared to pay more, too, as only a few premium products are capable of sharpening all kinds of knives.

When Is the Ideal Time To Sharpen Your Knife?

How can you tell when the right time to sharpen your knife is?

You will definitely notice that a knife is less effective. Sometimes, it will be enough to hone it, but on some occasions, that will not be enough to improve the performance of your knife. If honing does not make a noticeable difference, it is high time to sharpen your knife blade.

The two signs that should ring a bell are:

  • You can’t cut cleanly and quickly as usual.
  • Cutting through reasonably sturdy vegetables requires more pressure.

Our Final Thoughts

It is now time to sharpen your mind and choose the best electric knife sharpener for your home or business. If you have carefully read our buying guide and checked out all the products on our Top 5 list, you should be quite capable of making an informed decision you will not live to regret.

In essence, if you are on a low budget, you cannot but choose the Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener. Do not worry, though; it is a reliable and effective electric knife sharpener that will not disappoint you.

If you are a professional user, you should best choose between the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition and Work Sharp Culinary E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener. They are more-less in the same price range and made by the same reputable company. The main difference is that the Culinary E5 sharpener comes with a separate ceramic honing rod. You can decide whether it is an advantage or not.

Basically, you cannot go wrong, so choose one product from our list and make your knives like new again!