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Best Electric Wok 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Electric Wok 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Electric Woks 2023:

  1. Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok
  2. Cuisinart WOK-730 7-2/7-Quart Electric Wok
  3. Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok
  4. VonShef 7.4Qt Electric Wok with Lid
  5. Sonya Shabu Hot Pot Electric

Woks are appliances with a pretty exciting and fascinating history. Seriously, it’s very hard to find a piece of kitchenware that has been with us for more than 2,000 years in a row. But, that’s how the things stand – people like their food stir-fried and woks make an essential ingredient in this delicious story.

Of course, with the history so long, one could only expect that woks have changed quite a lot during their run as a go-to dish for everything Chinese food. If you share this opinion, you are right. As time passed, woks have evolved and became more convenient.

Electric woks are the pinnacle of this thousands-year-long journey. So, if you have an itch for pan-frying, let us take a quick look at some of the most popular units you can find in the stores and try to find the best electric wok out there.

So, without further ado, here are our top five contenders.

5 Best Electric Woks In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok – Best Electric Wok Overall

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We rarely have an opportunity to use some product and wholeheartedly say the manufacturer has checked all the right boxes.

BEW600Xl looks exactly like that – although we have encountered some minor issues, we got a genuine impression that people from Breville genuinely did their best to make perfect electric wok.

What made us so impressed?

Well, let us start with a high-quality round-bottom stainless steel body covered with a non-stick coating on the interior side. It doesn’t take more than a quick look at this bad boy to see its target audience consists of people who genuinely enjoy cooking.

But, good things don’t stop here. The wok is also capable of hitting temperatures up to 425ºF, features two incredibly convenient handles that allow you to effortlessly move the unit around, and, of course, a detachable, dishwasher-safe bowl.

Everything you need for excellent portability and effortless maintenance.

Furthermore, the heat distribution is pretty awesome, and you can choose between 15 different heating settings.

On the downside, the bowl might be detachable, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to pull this off easily. On the contrary, setting the unit apart tends to be quite a chore.

But, minor issues like this don’t change the fact we are talking about one rock-solid performer.


  • Excellent design and durability
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Detachable bowl with a non-stick surface
  • 15 different heating settings


  • Detaching the bowl is incredibly hard

2. Cuisinart WOK-730 7-2/7-Quart Electric Wok – Best Premium Electric Wok

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Cuisinart is a name that requires no introduction in the world of food-lovers. As a matter of fact, this American manufacturer has earned quite fame by releasing a series of premium kitchenware products.

We are happy to report that WOK-730 puts yet another incredibly polished feather into Cuisinart’s already crowded cap.

This premium polish, however, comes at a price, and WOK-730 may end up out of range for an average food enthusiast. But, if you have a couple more dollars to spend, you will be glad to know that your investment will, at least, be well-rewarded.

Yes, this beautiful piece of kitchenware is made from incredibly sturdy stainless steel, features two die-cast handles, one massive domed lid, and a reasonably durable non-stick surface. The foundations for excellent performance are definitely there.

But how is the actual performance?

We have to admit; it’s quite good. With 450 degrees Fahrenheit to play with, you will be able to steer and fry whatever crosses your mind.

Throw into the equation the set of wooden spatulas, and you get one pretty well-rounded and worthwhile package.

Unfortunately, no product in the world is perfect, and this one is no exception. Namely, the whole thing is quite heavy, hard to dismantle, and, as good-looking as they are, the handles are not the most comfortable in the world.


  • Premium build quality
  • A package full of accessories
  • High working temperature
  • Detachable base


  • A bit too expensive
  • Somewhat clunky

3. Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok – Best Affordable Electric Wok

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Aroma Housewares AEW-305 is a true testament to the amount of value you can squeeze out of the tight budget with a lot of effort and a couple of smart compromises. Yes, this small wok does leave a lot of things to be desired.

But, on the other hand, all the essentials necessary for good stir-frying are there.

For instance, the body is made from pretty quality carbon and features the same spacious dimensions as the previous two contenders. Yeah, with a seven-quart bowl and a large domed lid on disposal, you will never feel like you are missing something.

Also, the bottom is round-shaped, so you will be able to put your culinary skills to good use, and the non-stick interior surface will make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. The temperature dial may not be stellar, but it provides enough freedom and versatility.

But, this is the point where the drawbacks of this budget unit start to creep in. First and foremost, the heating base is not detachable, so expect to put a lot of effort into cleaning. Also, as reliable as the carbon here maybe, it’s not nearly as durable as the good old steel.

But, as we mentioned, cooking is effortless, and that’s what matters the most.


  • Excellent price-value ratio
  • Great design
  • A lot of cooking space
  • Great cooking performance


  • Hard to clean
  • Not the most durable wok on the market

4. VonShef 7.4Qt Electric Wok with Lid – Best Large-Size Electric Wok

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All of the units we have reviewed by now scored some pretty sweet dimensions. This one somehow manages to go one step further. Yeah, all the previous contenders featured seven-quart bowls. This one pushes the size to 7.4.

That doesn’t seem much, but in reality, it makes all the difference in the world.

But, the ample size is not the only thing this neat unit has working in its favor. The heating element is detachable, so you will be able to easily clean the unit and bring it directly from the table to serve the food from it.

The non-stick surface we have on display here is probably the best one we have yet encountered, and although it’s not the best in the world, the dial allows you to choose between four different temperature settings and push this giant to 446°F.

Finally, we have to give a special shout-out to ergonomic cool-touch handles that can be found on the sides of the bowl as well as on top of the good-looking glass lid. They are a pure joy to use.

What about the drawbacks?

Well, this unit may be very deep and round-looking, but its bottom is pretty flat, and that may turn down some cooking enthusiasts. The other thing we are not terribly excited about is the heat distribution. Spoilers ahead – it’s not that good.


  • Very affordable price
  • Durable non-stick surface
  • Excellent handles
  • Ample size


  • Poor heat distribution
  • Flat bottom

5. Sonya Shabu Hot Pot Electric – Best Compact Electric Wok

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Sonya Shabu is an incredibly neat and compact piece of kitchen equipment. Why are we putting an emphasis on compact?

Well, unlike the previous contenders that have all, one way or another hit the 7-quart mark, this one decides to stay at 5.3 (5L). But, we don’t consider this a huge disadvantage.

On the contrary – the unit still packs enough space, and smaller dimensions are only making it more energy and heat efficient. Seriously, this small puncher heats up lighting fast.

This can also be attributed to the excellent choice of materials. Stainless steel is known for great heat distribution, and the one we got here is top-notch. So, everything is great when it comes to construction.

However, we would lie if we told you the wok wouldn’t benefit from a bit more refinement. For instance, the handles feel rather small and tend to heat up rather fast. Also, the internal divider that comes in the package tends to let the fluids leak from one section to another. That kinda defeats its purpose.

But, these small quirks don’t take anything away from something we can’t resist than call one excellent small wok with compact dimensions, detachable bowl, glass lid, and tons of other useful features.

If you are not preparing the meals for the entire family, this might just be the wok for you.


  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Compact dimensions
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Detachable bowl


  • Handles are very impractical
  • A bit sloppy

Why Should You Buy An Electric Wok?

Best Electric Woks Review

Ok, now that we’ve covered our top five contenders, it is time to answer some important questions that might be crossing your mind right now. Like, for instance, why would you even buy an electric wok when you can just as well get away with the traditional stovetop unit?

Especially when you take into consideration that some gourmand purists tend to frown upon the very idea of electric woks.

Well, if we put this argument aside (the taste of your food will entirely depend on your culinary skill and nothing else), we can see that electric woks, actually, offer a lot of unique benefits you are not getting with traditional cooking pots.

First and foremost, we have to point out that electric woks don’t need to be seasoned. If you’ve ever used a stovetop carbon or stainless steel unit, you probably know this process is very elaborate and tends to eat quite a lot of time.

With electric woks, there is no such issue. The ingredients can be stir-fried without any preparation, and you don’t need to fear the food will stick to the surface.

The second thing we really like about electric woks is the sheer convenience. Since they always come with their own stand, you don’t need to worry about whether you are going to buy a round-bottom or flat-bottom unit.

Also, the electric woks save you a lot of precious stovetop space and can be used everywhere. Are you in for a round of stir-frying in your backyard? Sure, you can do that as well.

So, the steel pots may have some advantages (e.g., better heat distribution), but electric woks are definitely a worthy addition to your kitchenware collection.

Types Of Electric Woks

Electric woks look like pretty simple appliances, but they all have a lot of features that set them apart. But, the most important characteristic we can, at the same time, use to split all-electric woks into two distinct groups is the type of their build.

Or to be more precise, are they coming with a detachable heating element (base) or not. Usually, this is the moment when we do a short breakdown and point out the advantages one group has over the other and vice versa.

This time, though, we are going to skip this because the woks with removable bases are the clear winner here. Why, you might ask?

Well, they are easier to maintain (the pots can usually be cleaned in a dishwasher), and feature better mobility (the pan without the base is more convenient to carry around). Also, since you can split the units into several smaller parts, they are, at the same time, easier to store.

If there is one area where woks with non-detachable heating elements come out as winners, it is their price. Since they are cheaper to manufacture, they can more often be found in the lower price segments.

Things To Consider Before You Buy An Electric Wok

So, the type of body was the most prominent feature we used to set different electric woks apart. As you can guess, the story doesn’t end here. As a matter of fact, electric woks are throwing a lot of different buying considerations in front of inexperienced buyers.

But, we’ll keep the story short – here are the most relevant mentions.

1. Material

Electric woks are made from a wide variety of different materials. All of them have their distinct sets of pros and cons. However, when we take into account things like durability, weight, ease of maintenance, and heat distribution, stainless steel comes out as a preferable option.

The other notable mentions include the likes of:

  • Aluminum – light and cheap but not too durable
  • Ceramic – Even heat distribution, looks great but heavy and brittle
  • Copper – One of the most efficient kitchenware materials. Not the most durable option on the market.

2. Interior Surface

Most of the modern electric woks feature an interior surface covered with a non-stick overlay. So, this may sound like an obvious entry on your wishlist. However, if the non-stick coating is not quality enough, it will soon start peeling and cause more damage than good.

So, if you are concerned about eventual health implications, this might have you can go old-school and skip materials like Teflon altogether. Or at least use utensils made of wood or heat-resistant plastic.

3. The Shape Of The Bottom

When we take a look at their bottom, we can see that most of the woks out there can be divided into two major groups – the one with the round and the other with a flat bottom. The difference between the two may seem minor, but they do exist.

Namely, round bottom woks feature lower heat at their edges when they are in use. Moving the food across these different temperature areas may be a bit challenging, but it makes the essence of good stir-frying. So, this option is primarily aimed at professionals.

The flat-bottom pans are easier to maintain, and they are oriented more towards beginners.

4. Heat Settings

This one is fairly simple – the broader the temperature range, the heating base is able to produce the better. But, just to set some minimal expectations, you should know that efficient stir-frying requires at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature.

5. Ergonomic Design 

Last but not least, electric woks are pretty heavy and bulky units. Any kind of small ergonomic touches that will make them easier to use is more than welcome. What do we mean by ergonomic touches? Well, things like cool-touch handles, non-slip base, etc. The more you get, the better.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Finally, we are at the very end. So, it’s time for us to pass the judgment and proclaim the best electric wok currently sitting on the market. And what a fierce competition this was. Seriously, all of the units we reviewed deserve to find a way to your kitchen based on one merit or another.

But, after long consideration, we decided to put a spotlight on these three products.

Best Overall: Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok

  • As we already pointed out in the review, Breville BEW600XL is a product that checks all the right boxes. You have the excellent build quality, exceptional performance, and solid design. Everything you need for a great stir-frying experience. What’s even more important, this wok features the shortest list of drawbacks, and that matters a lot.

Premium Pick: Cuisinart WOK-730 7-2/7-Quart Electric Wok

  • This wok costs a small fortune. However, its value and performance make this investment more than worthwhile. What do you get for the money? A lot of room for cooking, excellent design, and a premium stainless steel body. What else could you ask from one electric wok?

Budget Pick: Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok

  • Aroma Housewares AEW-305 is a product that knows what features need to be sacrificed to reach the lower price without compromising the core performance. And this bad boy works like a charm. So if you operate on a tight budget and don’t mind switching stainless steel for a considerably more fragile carbon, this might just be the wok for you.