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Best Utility Sink Faucet 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Utility Sink Faucet 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Utility Sink Faucets in 2023:

  1. Moen 8277 M-Dura Utility Faucet
  2. WEWE Utility Sink Faucet
  3. Central Brass 0465 Utility Faucet
  4. Delta 2131LF Classic Utility Faucet
  5. Ufaucet Utility Sink Faucet

Faucet – the most unexciting product man has ever made. When was the last time you got pumped about faucet shopping? Never? Yeah, us neither. 

But, just try to imagine your life without these things, and you may gain an appreciation for their mundane brilliance. A faucet just might be a man’s best friend. Households with a utility sink need to choose the tap for it carefully. A bad choice will lead to frustration and potential uselessness of the big expensive basin. 

Do you feel scared now? You should be! So, unless you want to ruin your life and the lives of everyone you love, check out our article and find the best utility sink faucet for your particular setup! We like to be dramatic, so expect this tone in the article.

5 Best Utility Sink Faucets In 2023: Detailed Reviews

The ancient Greek proverb says, “A crappy faucet leads to a crappy life”. We totally didn’t make this up. This simple, self-evident truth should be more than enough motivation for you to read the following reviews. 

We’ve searched far and wide to find the very best utility sink faucets, and now they stand before you, right there for the taking. We’re sure there’s something in there for you.

1. Moen 8277 M-Dura Utility Faucet – Best Overall

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In the world of sanitary equipment, Moen is a name that pours confidence into the buyer’s mind, and rightfully so. Knowing this, we had high expectations about the 8277 M-Dura faucet, and it lived up to them.

This is a deck-mounted model with sturdy brass construction and a chrome finish. The installation is relatively easy, and all the parts that you need are included in the package. However, some users found the instructions a bit vague, so this might be an issue if this is your first time installing a faucet.

The 8227 M-Dura has a two-handle design. The handles have hot/cold labels, and they’re big and easy to grip. The flow rate of the spout is around two gallons per minute when turned on to the max. Folks who need to fill buckets of water quickly will definitely like this.

The spout is curved and gives the user a lot of vertical room. It can swivel six inches in both directions, which can be helpful when putting in or taking out large objects in the sink. The spout’s threaded mouth allows you to attach a sprayer or hose if you like.

All in all, Moen 8277 is a durable and versatile model that’s likely to serve you for a long time. It’s a bit pricey, but you’ll get unquestionable quality and a limited lifetime warranty for your money.


  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Curved spout that can swivel
  • Threaded spout mouth for extensions
  • High flow rate
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Vague instructions
  • Pricey

2. WEWE Utility Sink Faucet – Best Stylish Faucet

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Those who are after a very modern-looking stylish model might be interested in this one. We present to you the WEWE utility faucet, so read on to learn more about it!

This single-hand deck-mounted tap sports a high arched spout. Besides looking amazing, this has some practical advantages, namely, maneuvering bulky items in the sink. On top of this, it’s got the ability to swivel 360 degrees, so you can turn it in any direction you want.

The faucet is made from a combination of brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy, and these materials comprise the base structure of all its elements. Some of the inner parts, like the valve and sprayer head, are made of ceramics and ABS plastic, respectively.

The exterior is covered with a brushed nickel finish, which gives it a sleek appearance and doesn’t require frequent polishing. It doesn’t stand out from the surroundings too much, so it can fit almost any kind of interior design.

The sprayer head is detachable, and you can pull it away from the spout. It’s got three settings, including stream, spray, and pause mode, all of which are useful in their own way.

If you install the faucet by yourself, pay attention to the factory connections as some users thought they were too loose. As with the previous product, the instructions are somewhat unclear.


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Brushed nickel finish doesn’t need frequent polishing
  • Convenient single-handle construction
  • Detachable spout head with three settings


  • Vague instructions
  • Factory connections may require adjustment

3. Central Brass 0465 Utility Faucet – Best Wall-Mounted Model

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If you want a faucet with a rustic design, you probably won’t find anything better than Central Brass 0465. This no-frills tap is perfect for folks who put simplicity and function above all else. Let’s take a closer look at it.

The faucet has a rough-looking cast brass finish, which really goes well with a farmhouse or cottage decor. It’s not a bad choice for industrial-themed cafes and restaurants either.

Central Brass 0456 is a wall-mount model, so it needs to be installed by an experienced person or a professional. Unless this is done right and precisely, the faucet might leak, and you certainly don’t want that.

It has two sturdy handles that turn smoothly and are easy to grip. There aren’t too many moveable parts in them, so they won’t break often (or ever). Since the handles rotate vertically, they may not fit all sinks, so be sure to keep this in mind.

As for the spout, it’s square-arched and set at an angle, but it won’t give you as much vertical space as an arched one, though. It can swivel up to six inches on both sides and has a thread for hose/sprayer attachment.


  • No-frills, durable construction
  • Cast brass gives it a rustic look
  • Versatile rustic design
  • Easy to install
  • Simple design – doesn’t break often


  • Handles may not fit some sinks
  • Might leak if not installed well

4. Delta 2131LF Classic Utility Faucet – Best Budget Option

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Utility faucets don’t need to be expensive to be good, and Delta 2131LF proves this. This budget-friendly product is more than satisfactory regarding both function and appearance. Budget shopper or not, we urge you to give it a chance!

This straightforward double-handle faucet will work with almost any utility sink. It is a deck-mounted model that can be set up easily and within minutes. Just stick to the manual, and you’ll be alright.

Brass is the material from which the base and some inner parts are made. Even though the faucet is advertised as a solid brass construction, a fair share of it is made from plastic. On the outside, it’s covered with shiny chrome that gives it a look of most modern taps.

The two handles feature small blades that ensure a good grip, something that’s needed with slippery chrome. The spout is pretty short, and this is what most complaints are directed at. 

The good part is that it’s angled and swivels 360 sideways (if your sink allows it). Also, the spout’s mouth is threaded, but we don’t need to repeat why this is beneficial.


  • Sleek chrome finish
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Threaded spout mouth


  • Contains plastic parts
  • The spout is pretty short

5. Ufaucet Utility Sink Faucet – Best Faucet With A Retractable Head

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Last but not least, the final model on the list happens to be one of the most interesting faucets we’ve ever seen. The Ufaucet combines a contemporary design with versatility to provide you with the utmost convenience. 

This is a single-handle faucet, so you’ll always have a free hand while using it. The lever-style handle glides smoothly as you set your preferred flow rate and temperature. It contains the standard red and blue markers to indicate the temperature of the water.

Its flow rate is outstanding – 3 gallons per minute. This is significantly higher than what’s considered standard, and it’ll be able to fill any container in mere seconds.

Probably the main reason why people buy the Ufaucet is its retractable sprayer head. Pull it out up to 24 inches when you need to rinse something off thoroughly and slide it back into place when you’re finished. You can also choose between two types of streams – aerated and a strong cleaning rinse.

The biggest issue with this faucet is that the inner valves may rust over time, and you’ll have to keep an eye out for this. The Ufaucet is a deck-mounted tap, and it may leak if not installed properly, so unless you’re confident about your capabilities, get a pro to do it for you.


  • Great price for the value
  • Retractable sprayer head (24-inch hose)
  • Handle is easy to use
  • Contemporary design


  • Valves may rust
  • May leak if not installed well

What Is A Utility Sink Faucet?

You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out – it’s a faucet for utility sinks! You know, those big, deep sinks in which you can wash anything from your pets to king-size casserole dishes.

Since these sinks are so much larger than regular ones, they require a special kind of faucet. Also, the grunt work that they’ll be enduring requires them to be made of durable materials like metal.

Having a utility sink without a suitable faucet would, pretty much, render it useless. That’s why you need to be careful when purchasing a tap.

What To Know Before Buying A Utility Sink Faucet?

Not only do utility sink faucets differ from regular faucets, but they also vary among themselves. It would be wrong to think that just any model will fit your sink because it won’t.

To make the right choice, you’ll have to learn a bit about these things and we’re going to help you do it by describing all their essential features. You can read about them below!

1. Types Of Faucets


As the name implies, wall-mounted taps are fixed directly into the wall with the sink basin placed under. These models free up a lot of working space and tend to be very durable. They are an excellent pick for commercial use or intense home use.

It’s recommended that you leave the installation to professionals, as it requires tools and skills that not everyone possesses. For example, the wall needs to be cut into and then plastered afterward.

Wall-mounted faucets tend to be pricey, and you’ll probably need to add the installation cost to the initial price.


Deck-mounted faucets are installed in the back of the sink and are easier to set up than their wall-mounted counterparts. 

Even though most utility sinks come with pre-cut holes, it doesn’t mean that your faucet will fit them. More often than not, they’re too thin and require some adjustments during installation.

If you purchase a model with a low base, you’ll probably need a mounting block to be able to set it up.

2. Material And Construction

It’s crucial to buy a faucet made from high-quality, rust-resistant materials. Nickel, brass, and stainless steel are probably the best ones. When it comes to the inner-workings, ceramic is a good pick as it prevents mineral build-up and corrosion. 

In most cases, the simpler the construction, the more durable it is. However, simplicity sacrifices additional features and convenience, so you’ll have to figure out what’s more important to you.

3. Spout Thread

The spout thread will allow you to attach extensions to the faucets, such as a sprayer head or a hose. 

Of course, certain faucets come with built-in sprayers but if they don’t, it would be a good idea to purchase a separate one. These elements allow you to adjust the pressure of the water, which can be extremely useful.

4. Single Or Double Handles

Two-handle designs might be considered old-fashioned, but they’re still present among utility sink taps. They are less convenient than single-handle models as you’ll have to use both hands to adjust the temperature. Their advantage is the simple construction which is reliable and rarely runs into problems.

Single handle faucets offer greater ease of use and will save you precious seconds. The trouble is that they may require more maintenance. 

5. Design

When people hear the word “design”, most of them think about the appearance of the product. However, we tend to forget that design encompasses both aesthetics and function. What does this mean in terms of faucets?

Let’s take the spout shape as an example. Arched spouts not only look different than straight ones, but they also provide the user with more vertical room. Such models are, therefore, better for folks who need to wash bulky items in their sink.

On the other hand, straight spouts are usually sturdier, which will appeal to a different kind of customer. Always to consider the function together with the appearance.


Well, folks, the time has come to rinse off the unnecessary information and tell you about our top three products for today. We’re not sure if we used a good metaphor in the previous sentence. Oh well! Let’s check out the faucets.

  • Our favorite pick is, without a doubt, the Moen 8277 M-Dura. This faucet has got it all – function, looks, and durability – all three balanced out nicely. Believe us when we say that it’s very hard to be disappointed with this model.
  • WEWE is different from Moen but just as good. Its ultra-modern look will appeal to interior design buffs, and we’re sure that everyone will like its versatility.
  • Finally, we have a simple and rustic Central Brass 0456. As we said, this is a no-frills faucet that places emphasis on function. It’s not as versatile as the models above, but not everyone wants versatility.

To conclude, we’d like to remind you that you don’t have to agree with us on our top three picks. Go with the faucet you like the most!