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Best Water Dispenser 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Water Dispenser 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 3 Best Water Dispensers in 2023:

If you want to stop using tap water you need the best water dispensers, and here you’ll find reviews for the top 10 water dispensers on the market.

Tap water is becoming increasingly unsafe in many areas, and there are things that all the water filters in the world won’t be able to help with. In cases like that, you need to use bottled water, but that can be incredibly inconvenient, especially when you need it to be hot or cold

The best way to deal with that problem is to get the best water dispenser that you can find! It just makes using bottled water so much convenient. 

They used to be so expensive that only companies could afford them, but these days they’re much cheaper, and a lot of people are getting one for their home. They offer a lot of different functions and can make your life so much easier. 

Today we’ll take a look at the best ones on the market and what they can offer so stay tuned!

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Water Dispenser 

Buying a water dispenser might seem easy at first, but there’s a lot more to consider here than you might think at first. Water dispensers have become quite complex in recent years, and since they’re not too cheap, getting the wrong one can cost you a lot. You need to make sure that you’re getting the right one.

That’s what we’re going to help you out with by telling you the most important things you need to consider when looking for the best water dispenser. 

1. Type 

There are a few different types of water dispensers depending on how you load the water bottles into them, and each one has its ups and downs. We wouldn’t say that any type is strictly better than others – it just depends on what you need.

  • Top-loading Water Dispensers – These are the most common water dispensers, and you’ve probably seen them at least once, if not hundreds of times. The bottle is loaded at the top and turned upside down, and the water comes out at the bottom. The upside of this design is that gravity does most of the work, and the water comes out faster – however, loading the bottle can be a bit difficult.
  • Bottom-loading Water Dispensers – Here, the bottle is loaded at the bottom of the dispenser, which makes loading much easier, and it means the spouts can be placed much higher for easier access. The downside is that the water flow will be slower, and they can take up far more space than any other type. 
  • Attachable Water Dispensers – Unlike the other two types, these water dispensers don’t need to have a bottle loaded into them. They are small, and they are attached to the top of the bottle. They’re also often called countertop water dispensers. Their largest upside is that they take up far less space than regular water dispensers, but they also have less functionality.

There are a few other types out there, but these three are the most commonly used ones and the ones you’ll probably see when you’re shopping for a water dispenser. 

2. Functions

Water dispensers don’t just dispense water nowadays – they can have a wide variety of other functions included in their design. 

The most basic functions that water dispensers have is cooling and heating the water. This is why they’re commonly called water coolers, even though that’s not quite the correct term for them. 

That’s not all though – water dispensers can offer much more than that.

Some dispensers have the ability to carbonate the water for you, which can save you a lot of money if you like to make drinks with carbonated water or just drink it straight up. 

There are also dispensers that include water filters and directly filter the water for you while pouring it, allowing you to stay healthier than ever. If you’re concerned about the effects of water content on your body, this is ideal.

There are other functions out there, including spouts with hoses, spouts designed for bottle-filling, self-cleaning and even ice-making. It just depends on what you want out of your water dispensers and what you can afford.

3. Capacity 

This is another big thing you need to keep in mind – which types of bottles can the water dispenser take and what’s the maximum capacity it can have? 

Refilling a water dispenser can be bothersome, especially if you use it a lot and it’s important that you get one which has a capacity large enough for your needs. 

Bonus Tip: You also need to consider whether the types of bottles that you need to use for your water dispenser are readily available for purchase near you. It can be a huge inconvenience if you have to travel miles and miles to get them. 

4. Build Quality

This is an often overlooked aspect of water dispensers, but it’s important to ensure that it’s made out of good materials – not just for the sake of durability, but also for the sake of safety.

You need to make sure that the materials are good and not prone to harboring bacteria and possibly mold. Stainless steel and other hygienic metals are usually good choices, while plastic is not a great choice, especially for the pipes.

As for the exterior, plastic is usually fine but if you need to make sure you take good care of your dispenser in that case. 

10 Best Water Dispensers In 2023: Detailed Reviews

Now that you know what makes a good water dispenser and you have an idea of what you might want take a look at some of the best water dispensers on the market and what we think of them! 

1. Avalon Limited Edition Self Cleaning Water Cooler Dispenser

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Cleaning water dispensers can be a huge hassle, but it’s necessary to keep the water coming out of them as clean as it can be. But does seem like just a waste of time, we know.

Well, this water dispenser from Avalon is designed to save you time with its ozone-based self-cleaning feature which purifies and sanitizes the dispenser and gets rid of all the nasty germs which might be accumulating.

You will still need to do a manual deep clean once in a while, but not nearly as often as you need to with other dispensers. It’s also made mostly out of stainless steel, so it’s durable and quite hygienic, to begin with. 

It’s loaded with other great features as well, like three different temperature settings, allowing you to get your water just like you want it. It also has a built-in nightlight for when you get thirsty from those trips to the bathroom.

There’s also a child safety lock for ensuring that your little one won’t be burned by piping hot water.

Loading it up is fairly easy since it’s a bottom-loader, but that does mean that it consumes quite a bit of electricity and it’s not cheap, to begin with either. It also takes up a ton of space, so make sure you can fit it into your home.

There are a few other problems with it, mostly technical glitches – like the dispenser refusing to work and claiming the bottle is empty when there’s water left. 

Overall, it is a great water dispenser though, and all the extra features make it worth the price. 

2. Calogy Water Bottle Pump, Water Dispenser for 5 Gallon Bottle

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While water dispensers are much more affordable now than they ever were, they can still be quite expensive, both up-front and in the long run. 

If you’re on a budget though, but still want an efficient water dispenser, this is a good choice. 

It’s small, inexpensive and designed to be attached to the top of a bottle with ease. It can fit on standard 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6-gallon bottles without a problem and a few others as well, so you don’t have to worry about that too much.

It can leak sometimes, though, on certain bottles and you have to watch out for that when using it. 

The power source is fairly cheap too – it has a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged with a phone charger up to 300 times. 

The pump is decently strong, though it can struggle sometimes. Using it is straightforward – just press the button on the top once to start it and once again to stop it. 

Despite what you might think, due to the price, this is quite a well-made piece of tech, and it’s mostly constructed out of stainless steel with a silicone hose. The water coming out of it won’t have a nasty smell or taste, but there is a bit of plastic involved in the construction.

With all that said it is quite limited and it doesn’t do much except pump water – but if that’s all you need, it’s great.

3. Primo Countertop Porcelain Ceramic Crock Water Dispenser

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If you like your water dispensers to be nice and simple with no additional hassle attached, this one will fit you and your home like a glove. 

It works purely on gravity – you don’t need to use any power for it, and that’s a plus in some ways, definitely. However, that also means that it doesn’t have a heating or cooling function, but if you don’t need that it’s not a huge problem.

The body is made almost entirely of ceramic, and it’s not only hygienic, but super-easy to clean. You can just put it in the dishwasher and clean it without needing to put in an ounce of effort. 

It also comes with a wooden stand that you can place it on, but it works just as well without it, on the counter. It’s fairly small, so you should have no trouble finding a place for it. 

You will need to assemble that wooden stand on your own though, and use your own screws to do it, which can be a hassle. It also doesn’t sit level, and it’s just not that good, to be honest. 

The price is fairly reasonable all things considered and you get coupons for a discount on Primo water included – though you might not be able to redeem them. 

Overall, if you just need a simple, high-quality water dispenser at a reasonable price and one that’s easy to clean, this will be perfect for you. 

4. Primo Bottom Loading Water Cooler

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Bottom-loading water coolers are much easier to refill, and they have a much cleaner look overall, don’t you think? 

Loading this water dispenser is super easy, and it takes both 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles, and it’s easy to conceal them behind a tough stainless steel door. It all looks incredibly sleek, and it’s able to fit into almost any home. 

The water tank inside the dispenser is also made out of stainless steel as is the removable drip tray which can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. Cleaning this dispenser is not a huge hassle in general, and this just makes it easier. 

You can choose from three different temperatures with this dispenser, which includes cold, hot and roughly room-temperature. 

Both the heating and cooling are adequate, but the cooling seems to produce quite a lot of unnecessary noise, which is a problem most other dispensers don’t have. 

The room temperature option still dispenses fairly cold water though, which is not exactly what you want and makes it a bit useless as an option. 

The price is not low by any means, but it’s not too high either. You also get coupons for discounts on Primo water, just like you do with all Primo water dispensers. 

It is a great product for the price, no doubt about it – you just have to deal with those few sore points. 

5. Water Pump Dispenser BMK Electric Gallon Drinking Bottle Water Dispensing Pump

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While this is a relatively simple water dispenser that you can attach to your bottle, it does have a few functions that you might not expect from something that’s seemingly this simple. 

For a start, it dispenses water at quite a quick rate, and the pump inside it is stronger than you would think. 

It is powered by a 1500mA rechargeable battery that lasts for quite a while and can easily be recharged using a phone charger. 

It can be used for most bottles and fits mouths between 2.40’’ and 2.75’’ and can fit bottles of up to 5 gallons. There’s no leaking or dripping either, which can be a problem with attachable water dispensers. 

One of the best upsides of it is that it’s fairly noiseless. Most other dispensers which use electricity are quite noisy while being used but this one is super-quiet, and you can use it day and night without worrying. 

It’s quite functional too, and it has options for using it with one hand, and you can have it dispense water constantly. 

To top it all off, this isn’t a dispenser that’s too expensive, though it is a bit more high-priced than some similar products. However, it makes up for that by offering a 100% money-back guarantee, which makes it rather safe to try out. 

We would suggest giving it a shot if you’re the least bit interested, for sure. 

6. Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler

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If you want a water dispenser that can be called water cooler and live up to the name, this is probably the one you want.

It is able to cool water down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and easily maintain that temperature without turning the compressor on too often. And you can bet that this will significantly extend the lifespan of the dispenser. 

That’s also good because the compressor is really loud when it does turn on, and you want to avoid that as much as possible. It’s one of the loudest water dispensers we’ve ever used.

The design itself is fairly robust, and it’s definitely able to last for a long time. The dispenser is mostly made out of steel with some plastic on the outside. 

It is compatible with both 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles, and there’s no leakage or anything like that no matter which bottle you choose to use.

The water flow is super fast no matter what from both the hot and cold water spouts. 

Setting it up is easy as is using it and you don’t have to worry too much about that.

The price is not bad at all, and it’s quite affordable when compared to similar water dispensers. It’s worth trying out for sure, especially if you like your water to be colder than ever. Just make sure that you can deal with the noise it makes. 

7. Primo Stainless Steel 1 Spout Self-Sanitizing Bottom Load Hot, Cold and Cool Water Cooler Dispenser

Image Credit:

Primo is already well-known for making high-quality water dispensers, and this one is no exception to that rule. It’s one of their best so far and here’s what it’s all about.

The best part about this dispenser is just how reliable it is at doing its job. The water pressure is always consistent, all the three temperature options always deliver water that’s consistently hot/cold, and it works almost completely noiselessly. 

Since it’s a bottom-loading dispenser, it’s fairly easy to load up, and you don’t have to be a strongman to do it. It also looks incredibly nice and sleek, and the bottle doesn’t ruin the look at all since it’s hidden away.

Using it is fairly easy as well since it only has one spout and if you need to get the type of water you want, you just make the necessary settings and pour it.

The water flow is steady, consistent, and quite fast, so there definitely aren’t any problems on that end. 

It also has a self-cleaning function based on ozone, which purifies the entire water dispenser and makes it more germ-free. You will still need to do some manual cleaning from time to time, but less than with other dispensers. 

It’s just a great and reliable water dispenser that doesn’t have a lot wrong with it and which will definitely be able to last for years to come.

8. Vitapur VWD2236W Top Load Floor Standing Room Cold Standard Taps, White water dispenser

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Top-loading water dispensers are simply classic, and you can’t mistake that trademark look that reminds everyone of the usual workplace conversations and gossip. 

They have their problems, but they are also able to dispense water much better than bottom loaders due to gravity working in their favor, and that’s the case with this one as well. 

The speed of the water flow is quite good, and you can easily fill a bottle or glass with either cold or room-temperature water. 

Another problem that top-loaders constantly have is leaking, but this one has an anti-leak support collar that makes sure that no leaks happen at all. It can be used with both 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles, and it works equally well with both.

While you can get cool water from this dispenser, it’s not quite cold, though. It is colder than room temperature, definitely, but not as cold as if it was in a fridge. 

Despite the cooling not being too great, the compressor is excessively noisy, and it can be quite a problem, especially if you’re not used to it, and you need some peace and quiet in your home. 

Still, this dispenser does work quite well, and it’s made mostly out of stainless steel allowing to t be both durable and hygienic. If you need a decent water dispenser at a fairly affordable price that will have great water flow, this one is worth a look. 

9. Aquverse A6500-K Hot/Cold Bottleless Water Cooler

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One of the largest limitations for water coolers is that you need to find the right bottle to attach to them – otherwise, they’re almost useless. 

However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and this water dispenser from Aquaverse is definitely one of those since it doesn’t use bottles at all. 

What’s that all about?

The way it works is fairly simple – you can use it either by hooking a water line to it or by filling its reservoir manually. The latter can be quite a hassle at times, but it’s at least guaranteed to work each time, and you don’t have to buy a specific bottle.

However, that’s not the only unique thing here – this water dispenser also uses an Everpure 2HL water filter and a complete filtration system to ensure that your water remains as pure as can be.

There are separate tanks inside of it for hot and cold water, and it can reach some outstanding temperatures – 38 degrees Fahrenheit for cold and 185 degrees for hot water. 

Don’t worry, though – your little ones can’t burn themselves due to the child safety lock. 

The fill rate is incredibly fast, and it can fill 16 ounces in 8 seconds – impressive, to say the least.

The construction is durable too, and it’s mostly made out of stainless steel. It doesn’t take up a lot of space either – much less than bottom-loader and top-loader coolers. It’s a great alternative, even though it does cost quite a lot. 

10. Flexzion Water Bottle Dispenser for 5/6 Gallon Jugs

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Here’s another attachable water dispenser that works incredibly well for the money and that’s difficult to pass up on.

The water flow is incredibly good here, and it is able to pump water at impressive speeds. 

The build quality is good too, and except the outer shell, there is no plastic in the construction – it’s stainless steel with a hose made out of silicone.

While it does say it’s made mostly for 5 and 6-gallon bottles, it can easily work for any crown top bottle. Fastening it is fairly simple, and using it is even simpler – just press the button to make water flow and press it again to stop. 

It can be powered in two different ways – either by using a power chord or by inserting 4 AA batteries into a battery box that connects to the dispenser the same way the cord does. 

Be careful when setting up the battery box since the dispenser does leak sometimes and if any water gets in there you’re not going to have a great time, that’s for sure. 

While this dispenser definitely won’t be the most amazing thing you ever got, it’s still incredible for the money, and you’ll rarely find something this affordable that works so well. 

Final Thoughts – The Top 3 Water Dispensers Available

If you’re looking to start living free of tap water, finding the best water dispenser is an important step in that journey, and we’re here to help you make it.

As always, here are our top three picks to help you get started:

Best Overall Value – Avalon Limited Edition Self Cleaning Water Cooler Dispenser

For the best water dispenser out there right now, we’ll have to go with this offering from Avalon. It offers everything you would want from a water dispenser at a reasonable price, and most of the extra features it has are just great and incredibly useful. It’s difficult to argue with the amazing value proposition here. 

Best Budget Option – Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler

This is definitely the best option for the budget-minded among you since it does most of the things that other water dispensers can and it also cools water incredibly well, while not costing a fortune. It’s definitely worth the money too. 

Premium Pick – Aquverse A6500-K Hot/Cold Bottleless Water Cooler

If you’re not afraid to spend a little bit extra money on a water dispenser, this offering from Aquaverse is definitely the product that you should be looking at. With its bottleless design and great filtration system, it’s definitely one of the best choices out there.