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Can You Eat Quinoa On Paleo?

Can You Eat Quinoa On Paleo?

Following a certain diet and eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be thin of depriving yourself of something you love to eat. Being on a healthy diet means including all kinds of nutrients that are beneficial for your health.

Nowadays, there are countless diets suited just for you, and people like to experiment by including some healthy ingredients that they have recently discovered. For example, you are following a paleo diet, and you have heard from a friend that quinoa is extremely beneficial.

What do you do – you buy some, come home and think for a second – can you eat quinoa on paleo?

If you are concerned about the nutrition concerning your paleo diet and how quinoa seeds affect it, continue reading this article, and we will explain everything shortly. 

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What Do You Mean By Paleo Diet?

If you are not already familiar with this, a paleo diet represents a way of eating only whole foods and avoiding any processed meals in your daily intake.

You should get accustomed to eating foods like meat, fish, eggs, seeds, and avoid consuming anything from sugar, soft drinks, grains to trans fats.

Some nutritionists promote this diet as a great way to lose unwanted weight and improve your health. 

Let’s be more specific about this. 

What do I eat on a paleo diet? You consume whole, healthy foods like all kinds of meat (beef, lamb, chicken), fish (salmon, shrimp), eggs, nuts (sunflower, walnuts, hazelnuts), and of course vegetables (broccoli, onion) and fruits (apples, oranges, bananas). 

What do I avoid on a paleo diet? This diet prohibits processed foods high in sugar (soft drinks, candy, ice cream), grains (bread, wheat), and trans fats (margarine).

This diet includes three meals a day, and there is no need for more. However, if you are in need of a quick snack, you can munch on some baby carrots. If you are a bit more hungry than usual, take out some beef jerky. 

Don’t worry; this diet can be followed even if you are used to eating in restaurants. When dining in a restaurant, order a fish or meat-based meal or ask for your meal to be cooked in olive oil, for example.

Sorry, No Quinoa In Paleo

All in all, quinoa is a healthy choice. It contains high levels of magnesium and fiber. However, quinoa is a type of grain, and the paleo diet doesn’t agree with that. Even though it is packed with nutritional benefits, this still can’t be included in the paleo diet. 

Quinoa belongs to a group of “pseudo-cereals,” similar to grains, and act like them in many dishes. This ingredient is packed with carbohydrates. Cooked quinoa contains 39 grams of carbohydrates – and this is just not acceptable for someone who is trying to lose weight. 

So, if you are strictly paleo, you will have to say goodbye to this food

But don’t be sad, you can replace this with broccoli rice or cauliflower. See, not all hope is lost!

A Little Something About Quinoa

Quinoa is also called “pseudo-cereal” – foods consumed as a whole grain but have botanical outliers. Nevertheless, quinoa is extremely healthy for you. This ingredient is practically made for people on a gluten-free diet.

This grain comes in black, red, and white. Thanks to its popularity, today you can find all kinds of quinoa products: quinoa flakes, flour, chips, pasta, even chocolate.

One cup of cooked quinoa contains:

222 calories
39 gr of carbs
8 gr of protein
6 gr of fat
5 gr of fiber
1 gr of sugar

This grain has numerous health benefits. Because it is rich in fibers, this food significantly prevents the risk of some types of cancer, and it boosts your digestive system. One study has shown that quinoa seeds that are cooked reduce the risk of a stroke.

This nutrient also helps you lose weight. Since it contains a considerable amount of fibers and protein, you will feel full after a smaller portion. 

Is There A Downside To Quinoa?

Like every other food, this can be dangerous in some way. Before including this in your dishes, check if you are allergic to this seed. If you are, this can cause some serious inflammation problems in the digestive tract and lungs. 

Also, this is not a good choice if you have asthma. 

Pregnant women are also not allowed this nourishment.

If you like this seed, take it in normal quantities. Don’t go overboard because this can cause some serious bloating.

Eat Quinoa On Paleo

A-One Week Paleo Menu

If we have got you interested in pursuing this type of nourishment, let us do you a favor by providing you with a seven-day meal plan according to paleo diet standards.

It is easy to follow, and it can do you more good than harm.


  • Breakfast – eggs and vegetables cooked in coconut or olive oil with some fruit. 
  • Lunch – chicken salad in olive oil.
  • Dinner – no bun burgers with vegetables.


  • Breakfast – bacon, and eggs. 
  • Lunch – no bun burgers with some vegetables. 
  • Dinner – salmon, fried in butter.


  • Breakfast – some meat and vegetables. 
  • Lunch – a sandwich with lettuce
  • Dinner – beef jerky with some vegetables.


  • Breakfast – eggs, and fruit. 
  • Lunch – beef jerky with a salad. 
  • Dinner – pork with vegetables.


  • Breakfast – eggs, and vegetables.
  • Lunch – chicken salad and nuts.
  • Dinner – steak and vegetables.


  • Breakfast – bacon, and eggs.
  • Lunch – steak and vegetables.
  • Dinner – baked salmon and avocado.


  • Breakfast – meat and vegetables.
  • Lunch – sandwich and lettuce.
  • Dinner – grilled chicken and salad.

Can You Eat Quinoa On Paleo – Conclusion

Nowadays, almost everyone is following some kind of diet they either enjoy or have been recommended by their nutritionist. But the point of eating healthy is not limiting yourself from the food you love and staying thin. It is about enjoying the dishes you prepare daily.

The Paleo diet is among the most enjoyable diets because it is based on eating whole foods and avoiding processed products. It is easy to follow, and it has numerous health benefits. 

If you want to engage in this type of nourishment, you will consume whole foods like meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and you will avoid any processed foods like dairy products, ice cream, grains, and trans fats. 

It has been discussed whether quinoa can fit into this diet or not. Although quinoa is a healthy choice and is packed with high levels of magnesium and fiber, this is a type of grain, and the paleo diet doesn’t agree with that – and therefore, you can’t eat this if you are strictly paleo.

This nutrient belongs to a group of “pseudo-cereals,” similar to grains, and acts like them in many dishes. It is also rich in carbohydrates. 

Cooked quinoa contains 39 grams of carbohydrates – and this is just not acceptable for someone who is trying to lose weight. 

You can still manage and replace this with cauliflower or broccoli rice.

This grain comes in black, red, and white. Thanks to its popularity worldwide, you can find all kinds of quinoa products: quinoa flakes, flour, chips, pasta, etc. There is even quinoa chocolate.

Quinoa seeds are good for you because they reduce the chances of several types of cancer and stroke. These seeds are also good for those who want to lose weight. Although this nutrient might seem extremely healthy, it can have some downsides. For example, quinoa seeds should not be consumed by allergic people, who suffer from asthma or are pregnant. 

The Paleo diet is still great with or without quinoa seeds, and we have a seven-day plan to prove it. During the week, you will be enjoying the beauty of meat and fish cooked in olive or coconut oil, a lot of vegetables, and tasty snacks.