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Best Ceramic Knife 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Ceramic Knife 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Ceramic Knives 2023:

  1. Coiwin Kitchen Cutlery Ceramic Knife Set
  2. Kyocera 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set
  3. Cerahome Ceramic kitchen Knife Set
  4. Gayle’s Kitchen 5 Piece Ceramic Knife Set
  5. Vos Ceramic Knife Set

If you want to upgrade your cooking, one of the most important steps is having good equipment! And this includes ceramic knives! Ceramic knives are essential tools of every cooking enthusiast and for a good reason. 

You may be surprised to hear this, but ceramic knives are actually harder and stay sharper longer than stainless steel knives! This is because they have blades made of zirconia, an extremely hard material.

The great thing about ceramic knives is that they don’t require sharpening so maintaining them is effortless, and they’re so versatile that you can use them for many things, including dicing and slicing boneless meat, fruits, and vegetables!

Ceramic knives usually come in sets, and there are so many options available. So, how to choose the best ones? Well, you’re about to find out! We’ve made this list of the best ceramic knives to help you to choose wisely! So, if you’re interested to find out more, keep on reading!

5 Best Ceramic Knives In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Coiwin Kitchen Cutlery Ceramic Knife Set – Best Choice

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With a Coiwin set of ceramic knives, you get everything you need. There’s a 6” bread knife, a 6” chef knife, a 5” utility knife, and a 4” fruit knife! Not only are all of the knives made of high-quality materials, but they also perform amazingly!

The high level of performance mixed with the simple, elegant design makes this set one of the best ones on the market. The great thing about ceramic knives is that they are super sharp, but at the same time very lightweight. They are much lighter compared to other knives, for example, stainless steel knives. This makes them easier and more convenient to use. The ergonomic, arched handles on these knives will make your entire experience even better!

Another amazing feature of ceramic knives is the fact that they have non-reactive blades. This means that they are rust-proof and resistant to stains, as well as oils and acids. All this means that the original flavor, color, and smell of your food will remain preserved after cutting.

When we said that these knives are super sharp, we meant it. They are made of zirconia, which is second in hardness, right after diamonds. Zirconia blades are harder than stainless steel and they are able to retain the sharp edge ten times longer than stainless steel! On top of all this, ceramic knives don’t need to be sharpened ever!


  • Versatile set
  • Sharp zirconia blades
  • Very lightweight
  • Protective sheaths included


  • The blade edge is too close to the handle which can be dangerous

2. Kyocera 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set – Best High-End Set

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Kyocera is a Japanese brand that focuses on producing only high-quality kitchen tools. Their proprietary advanced ceramic technology is well-known around the world and it makes them a leading expert in ceramic knives!

The Kyocera 3-piece ceramic set knife from the Revolution Series is one of the best high-end sets you’ll find. The set includes a 6” chef knife, a 5” micro-serrated knife, and a 3” paring knife. All of the blades are made of zirconia, an extremely hard material that’s capable of staying sharp for a long time.

The design and overall appearance of the knives are truly exceptional. The smooth and polished blades combined with the elegant black handles take the knives on another level. Another great thing about the blades is that they resist germs, acids, oils, and salts. Not only does the taste of your food remain the same, but it also makes the knives very easy to clean! Always make sure to wash them by hand with warm water and soap! 

Ceramic knives don’t stain or rust, so you’re guaranteed to always have beautiful knives that look the same as they did when you purchased them. Kyocera ceramic knives are also very lightweight, so it’s easy to maneuver them, and the risk of getting hurt is minimal. 

Unfortunately, with this set, you don’t get protective sheaths, which is a downside considering the price!


  • Blades made of Japanese zirconia
  • Extremely sharp and durable
  • Resistant to rust and stains
  • No need for sharpening


  • You don’t get protective sheaths for each knife

3. Cerahome Ceramic kitchen Knife Set – Budget-Friendly Choice

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Good ceramic knives don’t have to be pricey, and you can find some that are very affordable, like this set from Cerahome. Besides the high-quality materials, and the performance, a very unique thing about these knives is certainly the design! 

Cerahome used zirconia to make these knives, which is amazing because zirconia is an extremely hard material, much harder than stainless steel, and stays sharp ten times longer than steel! This is the reason most ceramic knives actually don’t require sharpening.

The blades are polished to look sleek and elegant, but the interesting feature of the knives is the handles. Each handle has a very unique design with a hole in the middle, so you can hang your knives if you wish. The handles are also bright red which makes them quite stylish. 

Cerahome ceramic knives are not too big but not too small either. They are a perfect size that makes them very versatile and even older children can use them easily. In this set, you get 4 of the same knives and their sharp blades are ideal for dicing and mincing boneless meat, vegetables, and fruit.

Since the blades are resistant to rust, stains, and all kinds of harsh environments, it’s very easy to maintain and clean them. The food doesn’t stick to them so you can simply wash them with water and soap! On top of all this, you get protective sheaths included!


  • Very affordable price
  • Unique design
  • Sheaths included
  • Sharp zirconia blades


  • Some customers complained about the quality of the handles

4. Gayle’s Kitchen 5 Piece Ceramic Knife Set – Most Beautiful Packaging

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A beautiful set of ceramic knives can be a great gift for someone who loves to cook or even for yourself, especially when they come in a nice, decorative box like this one by Gayle’s Kitchen. If you’re looking for sharp knives with an elegant design, these are definitely for you! Plus, they come in 10 different colors!

In this set, you get four identical knives of different sizes, including a 3”, 4”, 5”, and a 6” knife. You also get matching sheaths for each knife and a matching vegetable peeler!

The great thing about these knives is that they have injection-molded handles. This means that the handles will never come apart or break because they are molded directly into the blade. In most ceramic knives, the handles are only glued to the blade, and there’s always a risk that the blade falls out and this can be a safety hazard.

The blades are made of zirconium oxide, a material substantially harder than stainless steel. They are also resistant to rust and stain, as well as acids and other harsh substances. All this makes the knives super sharp and extremely durable!

The simple black handles are ergonomically designed for both comfort and durability. They are also large enough to provide the perfect balance to each knife, so using them feels very natural and easy!


  • Decorative box
  • Sheaths and a peeler included
  • Zirconium oxide blades
  • Injection-molded handles


  • The handles can become a bit slippery

5. Vos Ceramic Knife Set – A Touch of Color For Your Kitchen

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If you are someone who loves colorful things and you think that basic black knives are boring, you’ll absolutely love this set by Vos! The set includes 3 knives in playful colors, colorful protective sheaths, and a peeler!

The knives come in sizes of 3”, 4”, and 6”. The blades are made of zirconia that reach 8.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. If you’re not familiar with this scale, it basically means that the blades are extremely hard and able to stay sharp for a long time. In fact, they’ll retain their sharpness ten times longer than stainless steel blades!

The handles provide the perfect balance to the knives, and thanks to the lightweight blades, the knives are very easy and convenient to use. The shape of the handles is designed so that it sits comfortably in your hand without causing hand fatigue even after prolonged use. 

Vos ceramic knives are ideal for cutting boneless meat, vegetables, and fruits. Because the blades are non-reactive, the knives won’t compromise the flavors and delicious smells of your food. They are also resistant to rust, stains, and all kinds of harmful environments, so you can be sure that the knives are durable and you’ll be able to use them for a long time! Just keep in mind that these knives are not dishwasher safe.


  • Colorful design
  • Sheaths and a peeler included
  • Sharp zirconia blades
  • Easy to clean


  • The knives are not dishwasher safe

Why You Should Use Ceramic Knives

Best Ceramic Knives Review

Ceramic knives have a good reputation for being one of the best and there are several reasons for this. 

First of all, ceramic knives are a lot more durable compared to stainless steel knives. The material used to make them is called zirconia, which is second in hardness only to diamond. At the same time, while it is very hard, it’s also very lightweight, three times lighter than steel. 

But that’s not all. Zirconia blades are capable of staying sharp ten times longer than stainless steel blades! This means that ceramic knives actually don’t require sharpening! This is an incredible feature because you don’t ever have to worry about your ceramic knives becoming dull!

Because they are so sharp, ceramic knives can cut paper-thin slices of food. They are a great addition to your kitchen!

Last but not least, ceramic knives have non-reactive blades. They are resistant to rust, stains, oils, acids, and other harsh environments. The density of the blades is very high, close to the nanometer level. This means that there are no pores on the surface and the taste and smell of your food won’t be compromised during cutting!

Things To Consider Before You Buy Ceramic Knives

1. Blade Material

Zirconium oxide, or simply zirconia, is the number one material when it comes to ceramic knives. Blades made of this material are extremely hard and durable, and most importantly, they are incredibly sharp. 

Zirconia blades are a lot harder than most other materials, but what’s even more amazing is that they can stay sharp for a really long time. This is the reason why ceramic knives don’t require any sharpening!

There are some manufacturers of high-end knives that treat their blades with an additional hot isostatic pressing step that makes them even more durable!

2. Blade Length

Ceramic knives most often come in sets, and this is very convenient because you either get a variety of knives or you get a few of the same knives for a reasonable price. 

Some sets contain knives of different sizes, from 3” to 6, 7”. This is great because each knife has a dedicated purpose, so one good set covers all your needs. Sets that have a few of the same-sized knives are also great because they are usually not very big and you can use them for all your meals.

3. Handle

Since most ceramic knives are quite affordable, they don’t have extravagant handles. Instead, they usually have simple handles made of plastic or similar material that’s not extremely strong but it goes the distance. Besides, ceramic knives are not intended for heavy use, so they don’t really require ultra-strong handles.

When it comes to ceramic knives, the shape of the handle is a bit more important than the material. The handles have to be ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in your hand without causing hand fatigue.

Some manufacturers go the extra mile and make ceramic knives with injection-molded handles. Instead of gluing the handle to the blade, they mold the handle directly into the blade. This is a great safety feature because there is no risk of the handle falling off! 

4. Cleaning And Maintenance

Unfortunately, most ceramic knives are not dishwasher safe. However, washing them by hand is very quick and easy. The food doesn’t stick to the zirconia blades, so they are rarely very dirty which means that warm water and soap will clean them in no time. 

When it comes to maintenance, as we already mentioned, ceramic knives don’t need to be sharpened, so maintaining them is also very easy. If you take good care of the handles, with such durable blades, the knives should last you a long time!

5. Accessories

More often than not, you get some accessories with ceramic knives. Sometimes it’s a beautiful decorative box they come in and in which you can keep them. What you usually get are protective sheaths for each knife in the set. This is very useful because the edges of the blades are very sharp, so putting sheaths on your ceramic knives is a smart idea. This reduces the risk of getting hurt to a minimum, especially if you have little kids around! Besides sheats, sometimes you also get a peeler for fruits and vegetables!

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Ceramic knives will be a great addition to your kitchen and we’re sure you won’t regret buying them! Now that we’ve seen our top five ceramic knives on the market, time to choose our favorites! Let’s take a look at our final recommendations.

Best OverallCoiwin Kitchen Cutlery Ceramic Knife Set

  • You will definitely not find a better set of ceramic knives than this one by Coiwin. All the features of the knives are amazing, including the extremely hard and sharp blades, and beautiful, elegant handles! Plus, the price is very affordable!

Premium PickKyocera 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

  • Is there a better choice when it comes to knives than a high-end Japanese brand? We don’t think so! Kyocera 3-piece set is an incredible choice. With the sleek zirconia blades and elegant handles, these knives are truly a premium pick. The knives are a part of their Revolution Series, and as the name says, they are quite revolutionary!

Best Affordable OptionCerahome Ceramic kitchen Knife Set

  • Cerahome knives are proof that ceramic knives don’t have to be expensive to be good. These surprisingly affordable knives are exceptionally sharp and have a very unique design. The performance and the durability of the Cerahome ceramic knives set will not disappoint you!