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Best Knife Block 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Knife Block 2023: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Knife Blocks 2023:

  1. Shenzhen Knives Bamboo Wood Knife Block
  2. Styled Settings Magnetic Knife Block
  3. Laxinis World Universal Knife Block
  4. Coninx Magnetic Knife Block
  5. Noble Home & Chef Knife Block

Having a knife block on your kitchen counter is a great way to have all of your favorite knives neatly organized and within easy reach. Putting your knives on a display like that is a nice way to bring a touch of elegance into your kitchen!

You can choose from so many options. From wood and bamboo, horizontal and vertical blocks, to countertop or in-drawer models, the options are incredible! So, how are you supposed to choose the best one?

Take a look at our buying guide and our top choices and see what is the best knife block on the market. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

5 Best Knife Blocks In 2023: Detailed Reviews

1. Shenzhen Knives Bamboo Wood Knife Block – Best Overall

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Shenzhen Knives is a brand well-known for their top-notch knives, but they also make other kitchen tools like knife blocks. This particular model is a universal block with 20 slots. It has 19 slots for knives and an extra slot for kitchen shears or a sharpening rod.

The block has a two-tier design with slots for larger chef knives on the top and slots for smaller steak knives on the bottom. The horizontal slots are a better solution than vertical because they put less wear on the blades and they are angled with a wider opening for easier handling. 

There are two sizes available, and you can choose between large and extra-large. This is a large model and it’s enough for home use, whereas an extra-large one would better suit a professional kitchen. The large size measures 5.25” x 11” x 8”. 

The material used to make this knife block is real bamboo. There are a lot of advantages that come with bamboo. It’s environmentally conscious, it has natural antimicrobial properties and it’s very easy to clean. Thanks to the antimicrobial properties, your knives will stay safe and clean and you can be sure there won’t be any bacteria growing in the bottom of the slots!

To further improve the already sturdy construction, Shenzhen Knives added four rubber feet that prevent it from sliding all over your kitchen counter. 


  • 20 universal, horizontal slots
  • Bamboo construction
  • Antimicrobial feature
  • Rubber feet provide stability


  • Takes up unnecessary space if you don’t have a lot of knives

2. Styled Settings Magnetic Knife Block – Premium Choice

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The introduction of magnetic knife blocks was a revolutionary step when it comes to kitchen tools and utensils because it’s such a smart, simple, and elegant way to store your knives. This model by Styled Settings doubles as a knife block and a utensil caddy!

The 2 in 1 design is very handy because it keeps all of your kitchen utensils in one place. Plus, since it’s a magnetic block, the knives will look well organized instead of looking very messy. The ultra-strong magnets are embedded into the wood and the magnetic force is strong enough to hold knives of all sizes and weights. The great thing about this knife block is that it features magnets on both the inner and outer walls!

The beautiful black wood gives this block a very elegant design that fits into any modern kitchen style. It will elevate the appearance of your kitchen countertop, especially if you have a premium set of knives. Not only does it look nice, but it also saves you a lot of space. With this knife block, you can free up your kitchen drawers and have more space for other things!

The block has four rubber feet that keep it stable at all times. It’s not dishwasher safe, but you can easily clean it with water because it doesn’t have hard-to-reach deep slots for knives. 


  • Double-sided magnetic walls
  • Can support knives of all sizes and weight
  • 2 in 1 design
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s a bit pricey

3. Laxinis World Universal Knife Block – Budget-Friendly Choice

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Universal knife block by Laxinis World has a very unique and compact design, and it is one of the most universal blocks out there. Because of its design, it can fit all kinds of knives with blades up to 8 inches. It’s also a great place to keep kitchen shears and other similar kitchen tools. 

This knife block is a real space saver. With dimensions of 4.5” in width, and 9” in height it can hold up to 12 knives! The great thing about this knife block is that it’s so affordable and you can even buy two of them if you have more than 12 knives. They will look neat side by side on your kitchen counter and even if you have two, they won’t take up a lot of space!

It features a weighted bottom that keeps the slim block from tipping over and ensures stability. The stability is further enhanced with the anti-slip feature of the bottom part that keeps the block in place when handling the knives. It also has drain holes on the bottom that prevent the mold from growing and keep the knives safe and clean. 

The outer construction of the block is sturdy and durable because it’s made of stainless steel, and the inner part is made of plastic for increased functionality and ease of use. 


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Universal knife holder
  • Smart design that prevents mold
  • Affordable price


  • Only fits knives that are up to 8” in length

4. Coninx Magnetic Knife Block –  A Mix of Style and Functionality

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Another amazing magnetic knife block, but this one doesn’t have a utensil caddy. Instead, it has a significantly larger magnetic surface that can support knives of all sizes and weights. 

The Coninx Magnetic knife block is the perfect mix of stylish and functional. It’s made of bamboo wood, which is a 100% sustainable material completely safe to use in the kitchen with food. It also has an antimicrobial feature so it prevents the development of bacteria and germs. The magnets are embedded into the wood and together they make a strong and sturdy knife block.

The beautiful color of bamboo will look great on your kitchen counter, and the strong magnets can keep all your knives in place. The stability of the knife block is improved with the anti-skid felt pads on the bottom. So even if your countertop is slippery sometimes, you can rest assured that the Coninx Magnetic knife block will stay exactly where you put it!

The great thing about this block is that it has a large surface, so it can support even the longest of knives. If you have a long sushi knifecarving knife, or chef knife, you can keep them all on display thanks to this incredible magnetic knife block!

When it comes to cleaning, the block is not dishwasher safe. You can use a soft cloth and a bit of warm water to clean it!


  • Large magnetic surface
  • Made of bamboo
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Stable, durable and strong


  • No magnets on the back or the sides

5. Noble Home & Chef Knife Block – Quality Craftsmanship

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The knife block from Noble Home & Chef is a great choice if you prefer to organize your knives horizontally instead of vertically. This is a knife holder that you can put on your kitchen counter but it’s designed so that it can also fit into any kitchen drawer. This way you can have an ultra-organized knife drawer!

The in-drawer knife block is made to fit 99% of all standard kitchen drawers. If you have a special-made drawer, check the dimensions to make sure it will fit. The dimensions of the knife block are 17 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 2 inches in height! 

The block has 12 slots for knives and one slot for a sharpening rod. There are 6 slots for smaller steak knives and 6 slots for larger knives like chef knives and so on. The slots for large knives are conveniently separated so there is enough space for big handles! The knives are completely protected, and they don’t slide so there is no possibility that they will jam or block your drawer.  Even if you put the block in a drawer, it’s very easy to take the knives out thanks to the carved slots. 

The material used to make this knife block is high-grade Moso bamboo. It’s an eco-friendly material that’s completely safe to use with food and kitchen utensils. 


  • Premium Moso bamboo construction
  • Fits into most drawers
  • Made for 12 knives
  • Doesn’t jam or block drawers


  • It takes up more space than a vertical knife block

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Knife Block

Best Knife Blocks Review

Before you choose which knife block to get, you have to consider some things. Don’t just buy the first one you see because you may regret it later. Even though knife blocks aren’t that expensive, it’s still a good idea to choose carefully so you don’t waste a dollar.

1. Storage Method

Knife blocks come in a wide range of styles and designs so ask yourself how you want to store your knives. Do you want to put them on display on a kitchen counter or in a drawer? Do you prefer to keep them vertically or horizontally?

There are a lot of knife blocks that are intended to go on top of your kitchen counter. That’s a nice way to display your knives and it’s also very convenient because they are within easy reach when you need them. 

Next, you have to choose whether you want a block with slots or without. It all depends on what kind of knives you plan to put in the block, so pick the one based on your needs. If the slots are too small for your knives, go with the slotless one. 

That’s not all! In recent years, a more and more popular choice is a magnetic knife block. Magnetic knife blocks are a great way to keep your knives well-organized.

If you prefer to keep your knives in a drawer but you still want them to be neatly organized, a good choice for you is in-drawer knife blocks. They are horizontal blocks that will make sure your drawers are always nice and tidy. Most of them fit 99% of standard kitchen drawers. 

2. Material

The most popular material when it comes to knife blocks is definitely bamboo. It’s an eco-friendly material great for people who are environmentally conscious. It’s also strong, durable, and has incredible antimicrobial features. It also looks very elegant and fits into most kitchen styles.

Besides bamboo, other popular materials are different kinds of wood and sometimes stainless steel. Wood and steel are both strong materials that give a nice, elegant appearance to many kitchen tools. 

3. Storage Capacity

It’s important to consider the capacity of the knife block you want to buy. Make sure to check how many knives you have and plan to put in the block before you buy it. If the block doesn’t have enough slots, you may have to get another one, and on the other hand, if it has too many slots, it can take up a lot of unnecessary space.

4. Knife Compatibility

When you make sure that it has enough capacity, also check whether the knife block is compatible with your knives. If the block has slots that don’t fit your knives, it’s a complete waste of money! So, to avoid making such a mistake, check the size and depth of the slots, or get one that doesn’t have specific slots!

5. Cleaning And Maintenance

Knife blocks have to be cleaned from time to time, and this can be a bit of a drag sometimes, depending on the material and the bulkiness of the block. This is why a lot of knife blocks are made of bamboo. It has incredible antimicrobial features that make cleaning a breeze because the block never actually gets really dirty. 

Most knife blocks aren’t dishwasher safe, but there are some that are. If this is a crucial point for you, find the one that’s safe to put in a dishwasher. However, with most knife blocks, all you need is warm water and a soft cloth to clean them easily and completely!

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

All in all, buying a knife block is a great idea if you like to have all of your knives organized in a neat way. We’ve told you about our top five, and now let’s see what knife blocks are the best of the best!

Best Overall: Shenzhen Knives Bamboo Wood Knife Block

  • Everything Shenzhen Knives makes is guaranteed to be of premium quality, and it’s no different with this knife block. The bamboo construction is elegant and sturdy, and it has 20 universal slots that fit most knives! On top of all this, it’s surprisingly affordable!

Premium Pick: Styled Settings Magnetic Knife Block

  • From the sleek design to the premium materials, we absolutely love everything about this knife block by Styled Settings. It’s a magnetic knife block that also has a utensils caddy, so if you’re looking for a way to clean out your kitchen drawer and organize your utensils, this is the best choice for you! 

Best Budget-Friendly Choice: Laxinis World Universal Knife Block

  • If you’re looking for the best affordable knife block, look no further! The Laxinis World knife block is a universal block with strong stainless steel construction that makes it ultra-durable. It fits knives of all sizes and it’s the ultimate space saver!